How is it possible to feed a child for a month for $6?

Working with partners! With your help, Feed The Hungry delivers food to church and missionary friends in 25 countries.

Local Christian churches, ministries and schools come together to feed the hungry and ensure that food is distributed to some of the world’s most vulnerable people. Nutritious food is packed, boxed, shipped, trucked and arrives as a life-saving meal for hungry kids. All that can be done for just $6 for each child, providing them with food for a whole month!

Your gift helps get the food to where it’s needed most.

Each lifesaving meal provides …

Essential nutrition – everything a growing child needs.

Rice on its own provides empty calories, but these supplemented rice packs have been specially developed by nutritionists to sustain and grow young bodies.

They contain fortified vegetables, vitamins, minerals, soy and rice, so that each meal has everything a growing body needs for the day.

Where do your donation dollars go?

Financial breakdown of donations to Feed The Hungry: Feeding hungry children (87%) and Fundraising and Administration (13%)

Want to feed a child?

With $6 you can feed a child for a whole month.

With $60 you can feed 10 children for a month.

How can you help?