How we provide life-saving meals, Take Away Hunger Day 2023, and short testimonies from children in Uganda who now have a future and hope!

Give us this day our daily bread

On the 24th August 2023 Christian Radio stations across Australia held our first TAKE AWAY HUNGER DAY with a simple goal to feed 100,000 hungry refugee children for a month with a donation of just six dollars. Inside the enclosed quarterly newsletter, ‘The Field Report’, you will see that the goal was not only reached but far exceeded through your acts of kindness.

Thank you for your generosity and help to answer the needs of hungry children in Uganda who literally pray daily “Our Father who art in heaven…. give us today our daily bread” because they don’t know where their next meal is coming from.

And now we can provide more than a meal to these hungry children, we can unlock a good future. Hot and nutritious meals provided in a school environment means they have access to food and an education. Healthy diets means children can grow up big & strong, and importantly they have the capacity to concentrate and learn at school. With good grades they can seek a good job and unlock a good future.

Working with local Christian ministries, churches and men of God, like Pastor Solomon Mwesige, means the good news that Jesus loves them and wants to heal their hurts and provide eternal life, is shared. Take Away Hunger day means feeding the hungry: body, soul & spirit. That sounds like a full life, and a full life feels good.

On behalf of the thousands of children fed through your generosity, I want to express my sincere appreciation to all the organisations who worked tireless behind the scenes to help host Take Away Hunger Day this year. This has been a wonderful partnership of multiple community based organisations who gave their expertise to ensure that over 100,000 children would be fed in Jesus name!

Voice for the Hungry,

Benjamin Evans
CEO, Feed The Hungry
(Australia & New Zealand)