“As a dietitian, I loved hearing how the rice is fortified with nutrients. As a Christian I loved hearing that at the time of feeding the kids, there is an opportunity to share the gospel.”

Rachel, Figtree NSW

“Money is tight this time of the year for our family, but I hope that even this small amount will be a blessing and feed families in Uganda.”

Genevieuve, Glenwood NSW

“I was once a Sierra Leonean refugee. I lived in a refugee camp with my children, and know exactly what hunger feels like. Thank you for the great work you are doing.”

Iris, Albion Park NSW

“This money is from Jesse (7) and Nate (8). We would like to end world hunger, one child at a time.”

Michaela, Southport QLD

In 2022, Feed the Hungry worked with these amazing radio stations. Together with Aussie givers we raised enough to feed 9,894 children for a whole month.