Blue monochromatic world map with photos of the children and their families that you support!

Thanks to you, over 430,000 boys and girls in 30 countries around the world know what it feels like to have a full life, through the Every Child Every Day feeding program. They’re growing strong, healthy and happy. Along with food, many also receive a Christian education and are part of a local church. They grow up knowing God loves them and cares for them. Many will grow up to help others just as you helped them.

Let’s take a look back at where you made the biggest impact in 2022.

Photo of young child from Afghanistan

It could very well be the worst place on earth, especially for women and children. Six million people are on the brink of starvation. Two of three people regularly go hungry. Your gifts of food, medical care and the Gospel, mostly to women and children, saves lives and plants seeds of Christian hope.

Photo of a couple of children from Burma crouching outside
Myanmar (Burma)

Harsh military rule has driven close to 75,000 people into the forests. Many are Christian. These hardy people survive on the food and medicines you provide as well as whatever they can forage. Church people carry the food into the country from Thailand, giving hope and inspiring courage.

Photo of young girl from Honduras

In remote mountain villages, children frequently die young. We meet mothers reluctant to name their babies, fearing they will soon die. They remain detached until the child shows they can survive. Those who survive are smaller and weaker than they should be. Your support helps Jalinta (pictured here) and many other children to thrive.

Photo of teen from Malawi

Here in one of the poorest countries in the world, orphans like Levison and his sister Janet fend for themselves. Working incredibly hard for very little money, they often went hungry until you helped bring daily meals to their village. Now they go to school regularly and have hope for a much brighter future.

Photo of food being handing out to children in Nakwanya

Formerly a “forgotten town” in Uganda, Nakwanya is now a thriving community with its own church, clinic and school. Order, industry and hope are coming to this once miserable area. Children and their families benefit from the nutritious daily meals you provide. No longer forgotten, this is truly a miraculous place.

Photo of young woman and child from Nicaragua praying together.

More than one million children live in poverty here. Some survive by scavenging for food on garbage dumps when they should be going to school. You helped Feed The Hungry ship 20-ton containers of free food to these children, freeing them to get an education and grow stronger and livelier, knowing they’re precious children of God.

Photo of four Romanian girls smiling

In the dead of winter, the northern Romanian mountains get very cold. But the children at Bread of Life orphanage are warm and well-fed, thanks to your support. In fact, they have learned from your generosity, sharing any extra food with their hungry senior neighbours who would otherwise struggle through the winter.

Photo of boy from Uganda

Not all orphans have someone looking out for them … and they are too young to look out for themselves. Abandoned children like Alex (pictured here) live wild in groups and beg and scavenge to stay alive. You provide food to orphanages where they receive a Christian education and a loving upbringing.

Photo of mother and child from Ukraine, holding supplies like packet of nappies and box of baby formula.

Six million refugees and counting … and so far, you have helped deliver more than 2.25 million kilograms of food and supplies to get them through their trials! People who were afraid and hopeless found comfort and encouragement from the material and spiritual aid you provided through churches and missionaries.

All of the food you send is personally delivered to those in need by Feed The Hungry church and missionary partners. Nothing is lost along the way. Wherever you supply food, the church grows. Food is the little key that opens a big door for the Gospel. Thank you!