Photo of two rows of children dressed in their blue and yellow school uniform, with Paster Kwame in Togo

After years of ministry, Pastor Kwame has learned an important lesson: When opportunity knocks, fling the door open! It’s often the Holy Spirit delivering just what you need, when you need it most.

Pastor Kwame first experienced this as a child, growing up in Africa. His family was not Christian, but clung to animistic beliefs that everything from rocks to plants to animals had a spirit. In fact, his grandparents were both respected witch doctors in their village. But when his uncle visited from the city, hoping to have his failing eyesight restored, God cracked open a door that brought young Pastor Kwame to a vibrant relationship with Him.

“My grandfather wasn’t able to heal my uncle’s eyesight,” Pastor Kwame recalls. “But a man in the village was preaching the Gospel and my uncle was saved. He became a pastor and led me to Christ.” Pastor Kwame’s grandfather proved harder to reach, but his grandmother accepted Christ as her Lord and saviour at the age of 97!

Today, as a minister in Togo, Pastor Kwame sees many opportunities for bringing more souls to Christ … especially through his partnership with Feed The Hungry in our Every Child Every Day program.

Photo of people seated in chairs eating from rice bowls, a woman and child in the foreground and smiling.

“God has opened doors for us in Togo,” he says. “Feed The Hungry is vital to us in evangelisation. Two churches have started as a result of this outreach. Children from all backgrounds — animistic, Muslim — come to eat. It might be the only food they have all day. They are becoming smarter and healthier.”

These children go home and share what they have learned about Jesus Christ. Pastor Kwame reports that many Muslim women come to church, but not their husbands. “There is a relationship between Muslims and Christians, but we don’t have fellowship with them yet,” he says. “But I have Muslim friends, and I build a bridge to draw them to Christ.”

Pastor Kwame tells us he plans to open another food distribution center in northern Togo, which is primarily Muslim. He prays for further growth of the Every Child Every Day program in the coming months — and he will be ready to open the door to that opportunity.

“I would like to send food to Ghana and Benin, if possible.
It would make a lot of difference. A lot of people would be nourished.
If we can triple it, praise God!”