Deb and Child Action Lanka workers standing together in a row.

Focused on ensuring that vulnerable children everywhere have a chance at a better future.

Child Action Lanka commenced 16 years ago, operating out of a tin shed with just eight street kids on the streets of Kandy, Sri Lanka.

From these humble beginnings they now work with nearly 2,000 vulnerable children across the country, in eight different districts under the leadership of founder, Debs Edringsinge.

The journey of Child Action Lanka has been amazing, every step of the way.

Many people have seen the stories that have come out of Child Action Lanka. Children have gone from living on the streets and not having anything, to having a life of fulfillment.

For Child Action Lanka, the vision is to have a future of equality and wellbeing for every child.

The leaders of Child Action Lanka understand the opportunities that children are missing out on, because of the lifestyle they’ve been born to, so they strive to create equality for them.

“While it’s great to expand,” says Deb, “being able to play a small part in transforming the life of a child is what has really been our goal.“

“We’ve had kids who’ve grown up to become nurses, teachers, architects. But most of all, it is being able to see a child going from living on the streets to not going back to that place”, says Deb. “They are able to contribute to society instead of being the next set of gangsters. We’ve been able to show them a different kind of life.”

Child Action Lanka operates through three holistic components that children need to thrive – education; health and nutrition; and child protection.