Update on Sri Lanka, our distribution partner Child Action Lanka, and conversation between our CEO, Ben Evans, and Child Action Lanka founder, Debs Edirisinghe.

The hand of hope to the next generation.

I feel like there are not enough pages in the world to show all the smiling faces from my recent trip to Sri Lanka, but I have tried to show you a few in the latest edition of the Field Report. Travelling with our friends from Child Action Lanka, I visited sites from Kilinochichi, to Batticaloa, Nuware Eliya and Kandy.

Sri Lanka, known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean, has been left reeling by a series of poor decisions by it’s government, leaving the nation vulnerable and un-prepared for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now things like milk, a basic need for a child, have become a luxury. Most children are just not going to be able to have it anymore. Recently a lady said, “I can’t remember the last day I had milk in my tea”.

When you know how important the cup of tea is in Sri Lanka, you realise people are missing out on very basic things. It’s a very hard time for them right now.

Your generous response to our Sri Lanka appeal means that in the middle of this mess, God’s light is shining through our friends Child Action Lanka.

Matthew 5:13-16 reminds me time and time again, it’s not my morals, or my fancy sermons that matter to a lost & hungry world, rather it is our good works that shines a light to the world. After all, hungry bellies have no ears!

So thank you partners, supporters, and friends of Feed The Hungry… your acts of kindness will not be forgotten.

Voice for the Hungry,

Photo of Ben Evans (FTH Aust. Director) serving a rice meal to a school child in Africa.

Benjamin Evans
Feed The Hungry