Update on the Ukraine war, including the impact of the Church, the reality of the refugees, and what you can do to help.

The Church has joined the war, armed with food, kindness & hope/

The people of Ukraine are suffering. For $15 you can feed a refugee for a week!

Your gift will quickly deliver food to refugees fleeing the war. Most are women and children. They left loved ones and possessions behind. They need food and kindness.

Already over 500+ tons of food and aid have arrived for dozens of partner churches in Ukraine, and nearby Moldova, Romania and Poland. Church members cook meals and invite families into their homes. They pray with them and help them find hope in Jesus.

Food and kindness at times like these are great gifts. Please do what you can to keep the supply of food going. If you send $15 or $30 or more … you will be answering the prayer of many crying out to God.

Thank you for caring. May God bless you.

Always for the Hungry,

Photo of Stefan and child

Stefan Radelich
Feed The Hungry

P.S. The stream of refugees seems endless. But you can help, one family at a time, with food, kindness and prayer. For God is near the broken-hearted…