Take Away Hunger Day is your chance to help children in desperate need.

For $6 you can take away hunger for 1 refugee child a whole month! Providing them with an education and the opportunity to know God’s love.

The healthy future of a hungry child starts with a full tummy.

~ Benjamin Evans
CEO, FTH Australia
& New Zealand

  • We will help you, don’t worry! We will take care of you. May God bless you. Jesus will protect you forever. Just remember that God is with you. Always remember that. We will give you the things you need, even enough food.
    ~ Lara (7 years old), Rockdale NSW
  • I have two children of my own. I can’t imagine what it would be like for a parent to see their children go hungry. God has given us so much it is good to be able to share.
    ~ Marise, Flagstaff Hill SA
  • I love the story of Jesus feeding the 5000… May He take my little and make it Big
    ~ Dale, Saratoga NSW
  • Our 3 1/2 year old son William warmed our hearts when he asked us (Mum & Dad) to put on his wish list to Santa to give food and water to hungry kids. Thank you for helping us fulfill his wish!
    ~ Oxenford QLD
  • I have 7 grandchildren and I could never imagine them going without food. Children never choose the situation they are in. It is our responsibility as human beings to help them.
    ~ Reena, Hillbank SA
  • My first time donating anything to Life FM! I have 3 children and a grandchild and I could not imagine what it would be like if they were not fed. Thank you for helping out.
    ~ Sue, Noarlunga Downs SA
  • I had a Hungry Jacks breakfast wrap this morning, went to a movie and had ice cream last night all came to about $30. There are 6 people in my family so giving $6 from each of us!
    ~ Shireen, Magill SA
  • Thanks 1Way FM for all the work you do supporting Charities like this one!
    ~ Lisa, Spence ACT
  • This money is from Jesse 7 years old and Nate 8 years old. We would like to end world’s hunger one child at a time.
    ~ Michaela, Southport QLD
  • Janice and Maurice would love to give all their money in the piggy bank to feed the hungry. They are able to feed 4 kids, and I will make up the rest.
    ~ Reenie, South Plympton SA
  • As a dietitian, I loved hearing on Pulse 94.1 how the rice is fortified with the nutrients and as a Christian I loved hearing that at the time of feeding the kids, there is an opportunity to share the gospel. Please continue sharing the gospel.
    ~ Rachel, Figtree NSW
  • We sat around the dinner table and told them how $6 can feed these kids for a month. 10 year old Toby wanted to help a classroom of 100 and said he wanted to give half his money ($100) and the family covered the rest.
    ~ Luke, QLD
  • God bless you and keep you, and give you wisdom and strength to reach and feed those who need it most. I especially appreciate that each child is reached with the gospel as well as having a full tummy!
    ~ Barry, Kawana QLD
  • I would spend $6 a day on coffee and decided to spend the money on the children instead. You’re doing an amazing job!
    ~ Jessica, Pacific Pines QLD