Check out these photos of the children who received your Christmas cards, an update on our Full Life program, Take Away Hunger Day 2021 highlights, and a word from FTH President, Stefan Radelich.

G’Day from Australia!

I hope you will enjoy an armchair tour of the world in this Field Report.

I wish we could show you every country, every village, where your support is bringing good food and God’s Word to hungry children, but it would fill a book. Maybe someday! But right now, we have God’s work to do.

You are a vitally important part of this work. With 400,000 boys and girls to feed, we rely on generous partners like you to keep the meals coming and provide essential care beyond the feeding lines. Thankfully, it still costs only 20 cents a day to feed a child. That small amount can be the difference between life and death. Think of all the lives you are saving!

You are doing great things for God’s Kingdom.

Thank you for partnering with Feed The Hungry in this new year.

Because a full life feels good!

Stefan Radelich
Feed The Hungry