On August 29, a violent 7.2 earthquake hit southwestern Haiti, the worst disaster to hit Haiti since 2010. Tens of thousands of homes were destroyed and many killed or injured. Two days later, tropical storm Grace arrived to this troubled land.

Susie is a Feed The Hungry partner in the capital of Port-au-Prince. She and the children from the orphanage she runs packed sacks of rice, beans, oil, shelf-stable milk, along with candles and matches.

With all her heart she wanted to make the five-hour trip to deliver the food to the people most affected. But, the roads are horrible and dangerous. Desperate gangs are known to hijack food along the way.

They prayed, and before long, they heard they could tag along with a convoy of heavily armed police trucks heading that way.

Three of the older children travelled with Susie to give out the food but suffered uncontrollable vomiting during the rough journey. Nevertheless, when they arrived, they threw themselves into giving out the food in 47°C heat.

In 8 hours they gave out 300 sacks containing enough food to feed a family for 10-14 days. All this time the people waited patiently for the food. They hugged the children and thanked them for not forgetting them … a formative moment for these orphaned children. The grateful locals said this was the first help to get through to them since the earthquake some two weeks earlier.

photo collage of supplies being received