Boxes of meal packs being unloaded from a truck that has the Feed The Hungry logo on its side

Last year aid cuts due to COVID have forced South-Sudanese refugee children in Uganda to the brink of starvation. An already dire situation has now intensified, with thousands more children at risk in refugee camps – through no fault of their own. They’re desperate for emergency food and searching for a brighter future.

Thanks to the generous support of Australian Christian Radio throughout Christmas 2020 well over 9,500 children received a hot and nutritious meal for an entire month!

But it’s more than a meal; children received a brand-new hope and the promise of a future – through nourishing meals, education, and the opportunity to know Jesus, which means one thing…

You’re providing thousands of the world’s hungriest children the chance to live a full life. And a full life feels good.

FTH Director, Ben Evans (left) with the radio team after TAHD
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