Just weeks after Central America was ravaged by Hurricane Eta in November, an even more devastating storm made landfall.

Kendra Doutt, our Director for Nicaragua, was already providing critical aid to thousands of families whose homes and livelihoods had been wiped out.

Then Hurricane Iota, described by Kendra as “the worst hurricane Nicaragua has ever faced,” packed a second punch from which this nation still struggles to recover.

Massive flooding destroyed bridges and houses. Mudslides wiped out entire communities. Kendra reported, “The children have no clothes, no shoes and no sense of security. They are fearful, anxious and suffering, with nowhere to call home.”

But Feed The Hungry was there to provide hundreds of thousands of pounds of food and clothing, along with truckloads of bottles of clean drinking water and metal roofing sheets.

Churches and other organizations, including the National Assemblies of God Church and Mahanaim Ministries, donated goods and partnered with us to give aid to those who survived the ravages of Iota. And for Christmas, thousands of children received sturdy, new running shoes. In all, 17,000 pairs of shoes were donated!

“Together, we are much stronger,” Kendra says. “Please pray that God would use our Nicaraguan team to bring comfort and hope during these devastating times. Nicaragua is suffering and we all need your prayers.

Thank you for giving. May God multiply and bless the efforts of so many who have gathered to make this possible.”

Collage of adults and children in Central America, some holding bags of clothes or food. Houses that have been reduced to their frames are in the background.