The global spread of this COVID-19 virus concerns us deeply. This may be the first time Feed The Hungry has dealt with a pandemic as pervasive as COVID-19, but we have certainly faced our share of challenges over the years: drought, famine, war and terrorism.

In the midst of every situation, God has provided through generous friends like you to lift the hearts of the suffering and to save lives in desperate times. And He has always cleared the way for food to get to those who need it most. I thank God for you! You are answering the cry of those who pray, “Lord, give us this day our daily bread.”

Millions of meals that were to be shipped from Italy to Zimbabwe and Kenya were delayed. All over the world, schools that distributed food closed, leaving local partners working harder to serve meals to the children in alternative ways.

With schools shut down by the virus, our task of feeding poor children is challenging. Instead of children coming to school, we are going to them in their homes. Instead of serving bowls of food to children at school, we are knocking on doors and handing bags of dry foods to families for them to mix at home.

God has us here to help those in need because it is likely life will get even harder for these impoverished communities. With God’s help and your partnership, we will continue to do all we can.

Feed The Hungry has always been sustained by hope, and we have not been disappointed. For more than 30 years, through good times and bad, God has provided for the hungry through the generosity of friends like you.

Because you care, children all over the world are still being fed, even in the midst of a pandemic, economic hardship, persecution and famine. It is really amazing. God has blessed us — and them — and we are grateful.

The children are being fed — as well as entire families. At the same time, our teams are talking with the families and finding their needs are not only physical … they are also spiritual.

The gift of food that you provide is opening the door for the gift of Jesus who brings everlasting life.
Your donations have increased through these hard times. Instead of hunkering down and holding tight, you decided to boldly give more to help others in their troubles. Thank you!

Thankfully food is still getting through to our partners across the world, even though many of the schools are closed. Local ministry teams in each nation are adapting, using alternative means to prepare meals and distribute the food to the children.

I have said this before, and it bears repeating…

We all continue to pray for a return to normalcy. But in these most desperate places served by Feed The Hungry, we pray for more than that. When “normal” means famine, poverty and persecution, we ask God for wonders, healing, comfort and peace.

We are not sure what will happen in the future. But we will always find a way to get the food to them!

Thank you!

Stefan Radelich
Feed The Hungry