Since the civil war started in South Sudan in 2013, close to 400,000 people have died in the conflict – and from the hunger that came with it.

Church leader Bishop Bernard Oringa says, “Without support from Feed The Hungry, almost every citizen would have migrated to Uganda or Kenya.”

Bishop Bernard and other church leaders remained in South Sudan through the war, to care for the Church and encourage it to care for those in desperate need. They used the food you supplied to keep young people coming to school. They fed huge numbers of orphans and widows left without a means of support.

The church grew through these years as people were drawn by the love of God. They heard the Gospel, and many turned to Jesus Christ for a new life.

Now, Bishop Bernard is preaching hope for his young and wounded country.

He has called upon the Church to build upon the peace agreement signed between the government leaders in 2018, saying, “Everybody must see that peace
starts from home.”

The Bishop urged refugees living in Uganda and Ethiopia to return home and participate in rebuilding the nation and restoring agriculture. He said they should not fear what they hear in the media.

“Peace is already present in the country, especially after signing of the peace [deal]. People are learning to live in peace.”

At the same time, he appealed to the leaders of the country to shun tribalism and promote love and unity.

The Bishop is a peacemaker who knows and loves his country. You are supporting him and other church leaders to feed the hungry and build the church in this troubled land.