Nicaragua is one of the largest of Feed The Hungry’s feeding programs because of strong leaders and ministries that have a heart to serve like Ken & Kendra Doutt. At the height of Covid-19 impact across her adopted nation, FTH was able to share over 3 million meals to hungry children and families in need.

Facebook post from Kendra on 1st November 2020


Driving down that lonely, deserted dirt road for hours with no homes or businesses in sight. Suddenly we came upon an old man all alone walking very slowly with fire wood strapped to his back. I thought to myself where did he come from and where is he going? He must have been walking for hours from the nearest town underneath the beating sun with no shade around and no water to be found. It took everything within him to put one foot in front of the other to continue his journey. He looked weak, fragile, extremely tired.

We stopped the truck and offered him a ride since the next town was still quite a long drive. We shifted people around and put the youth in the back of the truck so that he could sit comfortably the rest of the trip.

There he sat in silence. I listed to the rise and fall of his breathing. He was so, so weary. All I could think was where did he come from? The journey was so long.

As we arrived to his destination on the side of this dirt road you could see a very tiny, humble shack that was falling apart off in the distance. As we helped him get out of the truck a young boy came running from the shack to help him.

We gave him a bible, then a bag with 20 pounds of food. The most common and sought after grains in Nicaragua.

Tears began to fill his eyes, and between his tears he said… “I left early this morning and walked two hours towards town looking for food because my family hasn’t eaten in days. I passed out several times in my journey and just couldn’t continue on. I was able to collect fire wood along the way but no food, none at all.”

I said “We just want you to know that Jesus loves you and He is hear for you. He has never abandoned you.”

Then I took the Bible we gave him out of his hands so he could accommodate the wood on his back and he quickly grabbed it out of my hands and said “Mine, that’s mine!!!! It is clearly this God you speak of that has sent you to my side. He is the reason my family will not go hungry another day.”

Then the uncontrollable tears began to fall from his eyes. He was trembling so hard. He was overwhelmed by the provision of our God. As I hugged him, I couldn’t help but cry and smile at the same time because I could feel His suffering but also His relief.