Praise Ijalasi is our partner in Malawi. While most of the country has been shut down due to Covid 19, Praise and his team have been able to travel around the ministry area providing relief for some of the most vulnerable in the Blantyre District.

Schools have been closed, so feeding efforts have focused on child headed homes, widows and HIV/AID initiative groups.

Praise is hopeful that the country will soon be released to resume normal living.

With a population of almost 20 million people there have only been 184 deaths from COVID-19. He said that churches have been full of people seeking to understand God’s love. Pastors are reporting a significant spiritual hunger that has developed during the challenges that Covid 19 presents.

Praise Ijalasi, our director in Malawi, launched a campaign to bring meals and the Word of God to his community.

He built relationships with tribal leaders in 20 local villages, who in turn take the food to orphans and people at risk.

He reports 400 of those reached turned to Christ! One of those was a witch-doctor and healer, who transformed his back yard into a church when he gave his life to Jesus.

Prayer Points:

Protection as Praise and his team make the trips between feeding centres, travelling into the valley to assess the needs around other areas. Pray for travelling safety and protection from desperate people.

“On Thursday and Friday I was invited by the State House for orientation on Thursday before having an audience with the First Lady on Friday. I was invited to meet the First Lady for her to appreciate more of our work in the community.

It was pleasant to learn that the impact of our work, passion and commitment to serve is noticed in the corridors of the state. Her Excellency was so happy to hear more of what we are doing for the Kingdom of God. She asked for partnership as her passion is serving underserved in the community too.

We agreed to be sharing notes and partner in various ways as long as the partnership will benefit the Kingdom of God through service to the people and non-political involvement.

She also emphasized the point to say the First Couple releases the fact that God had put them there to serve God and Malawians for the Kingdom of God come down. It is therefore their challenge to work with more Christian organisations that are really doing it and value integrity in their work.

FTH Director Praise Ijalisi (Red Tie) with her first lady of Malawi, Monica Chakwera