Carlos Saavedra is our partner in Honduras. Their country has been shut down for months and the unemployment rate is out of control. Carlos has assumed the role of taking care of local pastors because they are very unsure of what is to come and he is trying to keep them encouraged.

Carlos is hoping to bring in doctors to use the lower floor of his church building to use as a future clinic. Carlos is also partnering with a local pastor to plant corn seeds that are being sent from the US. Fortified Rice Packs are continually being delivered to La Mosquitia. Many in the country are seeking God for the first time!

There is fear and anxiety. Some are finding it hard to trust- hoping that God will provide for their needs Carlos’ church is using Facebook live to broadcast services. Feeding in El Progresso neighbourhoods has been happening at volunteers from schools have been serving their local neighbourhoods. 1,000 children are being fed.

When asked why he does what he does, Carlos responded, “I am doing what God has placed in my heart to do!”

Prayer Points:

Protection for the programs. In his interaction, he wants to avoid Corona Virus. Also asked for safety
from desperate people.