Even after restrictions ease, hunger will not. In fact, famine is likely to worsen in the coming months. In Chad, says Jean-Claude, drought and locust infestations threaten crops. “It’s a harsh environment,” he explains.

“Your gifts are bringing many into the kingdom of God,” Jean-Claude says. He tells us of a Muslim woman whose three children attend a school with a feeding program. “When she saw her kids were getting food from Christians without making any discrimination, she was so touched. She asked, ‘How can Christians give food to Muslims without asking us to convert?’ We said, ‘It’s just the love of God.’” Jean-Claude hopes to start a Bible study in this grateful mother’s home. She has not converted yet, but is “a seeker of the Truth.”

Jean-Claude Noah, coordinator for Field Operations for Living Word Missions, says parents now come to the schools and pick up a week’s worth of fortified rice meals to cook at home.