Cambodia: COVID-19 Update

Cambodia has been spared the kind of rampart infections that are evident around the world with less than 300 case in total recorded. However the nation has been under strict lockdowns causing imminence financial hardship on a country struggling to develop out of decades of poverty.

In late September South East Asia has been hit by the annual cyclone season with multiple deaths and mass evacuations.

Pastor Sokhon Khan and the Evangelical Mission Association have led disaster relief operations in the centre of the country.

“It is very sad news for me and it is probably to you all as well when you hear about this, starting from early October 2020 and continue till now and onward; there has been a huge flood in few provinces as above mentioned and affected very strongly to villagers.

Houses have been damaged; people have to force to leave their property to live in safe places for a period of time. While exiling the victims, there were some persons drawn and died and few others have to be sent to hospital to be rescued and till now they are still in emergency room. Their crops have been destroyed. Moreover, they don’t have food to eat. Now they are really hungry, some of children getting sick and starving. They force themselves to get some wild plants to eat because they don’t have food.

They are strongly appealing for help if not it will be dangerous to their children and old people. Though there are some help from government but it has still huge need for them. Therefore, on be half of them, I would like to really beg you to help them as soon as possible, so we can rescue their lives and show them that we are Christians, we love and care for them all situations. Please help us to help them.

Your help is really meaningful those people’s lives as the phrase says that; “Love with Action” or “Action is louder than Word”.

There is a good news from this kind of worst situation. Last year in 2019, we helped in 1 district of Rotanakiri province, and those villages had never allowed our missionaries to preach the gospel in their communities but after the natural disaster (flooding) and you all had helped them through our ministry, from that time they let us get into their villages to preach the good news and churches have been planted there. So it will be the same this time, I believe strongly that if we can help them, the good news will happen in those villages. I hope and trust that you can help us to help them during this time of need.” – Email report from Ps Sokhon Khan