The Sumrall Family Scholarship helps students like Violet fulfill their dreams of higher education and successful careers. Feed The Hungry pioneered the program in Nicaragua and Uganda for the 2020 school year, with 40 students having received scholarships who can apply toward Secondary, Post-Secondary or Vocational Training. The program will expand into Zimbabwe and Kenya as we head into Christmas 2020.

The three days Violet spent hiding under a bed from armed South Sudanese soldiers, were the most terrifying of her young life. She had already lost her father and her aunt, who had both worked for the Vice President, a rebel in South Sudan. Violet and her remaining family members attempted to flee the country with little more than the clothes on their backs.

Her uncle came to get the family from their hiding place; and South Sudan’s Minister for Security and Defense vouched for them. The family made their way to a refugee camp in Uganda. “Even along the way,” Violet recalls, “people were hunting for us.”

Violet was finally safe in Uganda, but her troubles were not over. “In the refugee camp it was difficult, because we would go to school very early in the morning without eating.” Food was not provided during the day and Violet only had a small meal in the evening.

Her life changed when Feed The Hungry began a feeding program at her refugee camp in 2014. “That was the start of me being able to have dreams,” Violet says.

Thanks to your support for Feed The Hungry, today Violet is a healthy 16-year-old with a goal. “I want to be an accountant,” she says. “I want to study hard and fulfill my dreams.”