Dear Friend,

When Feed The Hungry first heard about the COVID-19 pandemic, we knew we would face challenges in the various countries where we have feeding programs. We did not realize how serious these challenges would be or how long they would last.

The lockdown continues in many places, keeping people inside trying to survive on very limited resources.

Where restrictions have eased, we see that jobs have disappeared, giving the poor no opportunity to earn wages and provide for their families.

What is most alarming now is the prospect of famine, especially in Africa. Many African nations teetered on the brink of famine before the pandemic, suffering from drought and political unrest. Recent locust swarms have decimated what little crops remained, pushing them over that brink. On top of that, we expect many African countries will not be
able to import food as they usually do because the producing countries
are keeping the food for their own citizens.

Through it all, we trust God has and will continue to hear our prayers and make things work out for the best for those who love Him.

Your continued compassion has kept the food β€” and the Word of God β€” reaching hungry children in schools, churches and orphanages and we are very grateful to you. You are saving lives.

We all continue to pray for a return to normalcy. But in these most desperate places served by Feed The Hungry, we pray for more than that. When β€œnormal” means famine, poverty and persecution, we ask God for wonders, healing, comfort and peace.

You are part of saving many. Thank you for standing by the children during such a time of need!

Because a full life feels good,

Stefan Radelich
Feed The Hungry