The Devil’s only power, really, is persuasion. He can show you a picture and try and persuade that it’s real. He can show you a picture of you sad, broken and alone. It’s up to you whether you’ll accept his suggestion, or whether you will trust what the Holy Word of God says.

The Devil will take you into a valley of death, and try to convince you to stay, but it is the Lord, our good shepherd, who will always lead you out of that valley into green pastures beside the still waters.

You, and only you, have to develop a tenacity to never quit, no matter what life throws in your face.

Lester Sumrall said this of himself,

“I am not a person with unequalled abilities. My abilities seem equal to others. If there is a quality in me that is stronger than in others, it’s a determination like the apostle Paul to finish this course, to keep the faith, and simply not to quit!”

You have to look yourself in the mirror and say,

“I am not a quitter. I will never quit. In fact I hate quitting.
I will never quit, I’m going to finish my course!”

Leaving a Legacy

In the bible (Psalms 91:16), God promises to satisfy His followers with long life, and our prayer is the same for all supporters of Feed The Hungry.

Proverbs 10:7 (Amplified) also seems to say that we can leave a memorial for future generations,
that will be a source of blessing.

Many of us have experienced what a full life feels like – and it feels good. But for many people in our world, this simply isn’t the case.

You can leave a legacy that can change that.

You can leave a powerful gift that will impact generations to come through a legacy gift to FEED THE HUNGRY.

Your gift will not only help maintain the programs already in existence but will help us establish new centres and increase our outreach work long into the future.

You will help feed thousands of children, provide education and shape the future of their world.

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leaving a legacy gift and
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