It’s finally springtime and for 100 boys and girls in an orphanage in the small Romanian town of Brosteni, that means ‘blessed relief ’.

Winters are brutally cold in the Carpathian Mountains, and children in the orphanage and surrounding town suffer greatly during those months. Fortunately your gifts to Feed The Hungry continue to nourish these beautiful children during the harsh winters.

Without your support, this orphanage would have closed long ago, leaving countless boys and girls to fend for themselves. Because you care, they are learning about Jesus and experiencing His love every day.

Some children, like Ciprian, seem to need a little extra love. He and his siblings came to the orphanage, scarred physically and emotionally from years of abuse and rough living. Ciprian was a challenge to the staff in every way imaginable, but they did not give up on him. In the past six months, he has made tremendous progress. In fact, this once aggressive and bitter little boy is now at the top of his class … and his ready smile charms everyone!

It’s painful to think what could have become of Ciprian had he not come to the orphanage. It’s fairly certain he would have scraped by on the streets, committing theft or other crimes to survive. Worse yet, he may not have survived at all.

Other young people blossom easily and fully at the orphanage. Simona came when her mother, suffering from cancer, could not care for her. Simona graduated from high school, got a good job in a dental office and is studying to become a nurse. To everyone’s joy, she also declared her commitment to Jesus Christ and was baptized.

Thank you for helping children flourish through all seasons, even the harshest!