I was hungry and you fed me…
Matthew 25:35-40

A few weeks ago I was pleased to announce on our website that we are feeding more children than ever…
We are now feeding 311,363 children everyday through the FULL LIFE feeding program.

At the time of writing we have 20 large shipping containers, filled with food, steaming across the oceans heading to our feeding program hubs. Representing almost 5 million meals, on arrival they will continue the crucial job of keeping enough food in the hands of those who need it most. In fact, by God’s grace, the last critical supply of food from Europe cleared the ports before the lock-downs were enforced. Just in time…

We estimate that all children in our feeding programs are supported with enough food to last them through this immediate COVID-19 crisis. We believe that we can continue to feed them throughout the rest of 2020 – but to accomplish this we will be relying on your faithful and generous support.

While you and I prepare for an uncertain future because of the corona-virus here at home – overseas, thousands of children face certain death by starvation if we don’t continue to feed the hungry.

Now more than ever, every cent counts. Every dollar you spare, will feed 5 children a hot and nutritious meal! Your support today, will ensure there is food tomorrow, for hungry children all over the world.

Voice for the Hungry

Benjamin Evans
FTH Australia