As you know, we believe God has called us to reach 50,000 more of the neediest children in 2016. And the children in spiritually dark Haiti – where voodoo and witchcraft abound – are certainly some of the most

When you walk into most classrooms in Haiti, you first notice the beautiful smiles of the children. But then you see how thin most of them are. Some children look much younger than their age because of years of poor nutrition. And many have a hard time concentrating because they’re distracted by hunger.

But now, faithful friends like you are stepping in to feed 3,200 Haitian children at school through our Every Child, Every Day program. Your support helps to fill their tummies with good food, so they’re able to learn their school lessons – and learn about Jesus.

This wonderful new opportunity has come about because of the faithfulness of Pastor Jephthe Lucien and his congregation at Jerusalem Baptist Mission Church in Haiti.

For more than 15 years, Pastor Lucien has preached the Gospel and planted house churches throughout Haiti. In the midst of this very difficult place, he’s lived by the biblical principle, “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good” (Romans 12:21).

As Pastor Lucien and his congregation have followed God’s commandment, they’ve been able to establish 22 small schools where some of the poorest children in Haiti can learn about Jesus, as well as other subjects.

But feeding the children is more than this local congregation can support. So, with the help of friends like you, Feed The Hungry is giving these kids a nutritious meal every school day. The food you’re helping to provide gives them hope and opens their hearts to God’s Word.

So, thank you for helping to change the lives of 3,200 children so they can rise above the spiritual oppression around them. Together, we’re helping these precious Haitian children experience the fullness of God’s love!



Field Report Volume 20 Number 2
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