FilipinoYour support helped launch our Every Child, Every Day feeding program in the Philippines last year —where we now feed over 4,750 children who’d been scavenging through garbage for food.

You’re helping to give many hungry children living in Manila’s worst slums a nutritious, hot meal every day, plus a chance for a better education to save them from being stuck in the slums. Most importantly, you’re helping them learn about Jesus.

An old proverb states, “Empty bellies have no ears.” With your help, we’re feeding kids before they go to school so they can concentrate and learn the skills they need to escape extreme poverty.

Currently, we’re feeding kids in two slum areas of the notorious Tondo district. One is called “Aroma” and the other is named “Happy Land”—yet the latter is anything but happy. In both places, with no sewers and no running water, the people survive by scavenging through trash for whatever they can recycle and sell. The average income for a family in these areas is usually around $1 to $2 a day. Often people are forced to eat whatever food scraps they can find.

We’re partnering with a local church that Dr. Lester Sumrall, founded back in the 1950s. Every day, volunteers from the Cathedral of Praise (COP) get up at 3 a.m. to start cooking the meals. Youth teams help serve the meals to the children and begin street ministry to the people living in both Aroma and Happy Land. Medical teams from COP also provide check-ups for the kids and basic medical help.

One reason we’ve launched our 2016 Feeding Challenge is to expand our Every Child, Every Day feeding program in the Philippines. We’re aiming to reach thousands of additional kids in crisis each day. That means more kids will hear about Jesus so they can escape the despair of living on a trash heap.

Please pray for support to flood in so that thousands more Filipino kids can find hope for a full life and a brighter future in Jesus. Thank you!



Field Report Volume 20 Number 1
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