Front Cover - Feeding ChallengeRight now, in many poor countries worldwide, there are thousands of children who are desperately hungry and in need of our help. That’s why we’ve just launched our 2016 Feeding Challenge—and why we want to invite you to take part!

Our goal in 2016 is to feed 50,000 more hungry children, like two little boys who were battling to survive in Uganda—Joel, just 2 years old when we found him, and his brother Santos, age 4.

After their father died, Joel and Santos were abandoned by their struggling mother. Severely malnourished, they were taken to the hospital where one of the boys was found to be HIV-positive as well.

Thanks to caring friends like you, Joel and Santos were immediately enrolled in our feeding program and given three highly nutritious meals each day with close monitoring. After a few months, these two brothers could run around and were known as “the most playful boys in the hospital.”

Joel and Santos were also enrolled in kindergarten, where they learned how to read and write while enjoying nutritious meals of corn porridge, protein-rich beans, rice, and fresh eggs. Now Santos dreams of inspiring other kids by being a teacher, and Joel looks forward to helping others by working as a mechanic!

You’ll read in Mark 6 about when Jesus saw the crowd of 5,000 and “had compassion on them.” Jesus not only filled their hungry minds and souls with His love and truth, but He also cared about their need to be fed. So he told his disciples, “Give them something to eat” (Mark 6:37).

We want to show Jesus’ love and care to 50,000 more kids through our 2016 Feeding Challenge. So thanks for praying about how you can be a part of giving more kids like Joel and Santos the gift of a full life!




Field Report Volume 20 Number 1
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