Iraq-2015-12-12The world watched in horror this year as ISIS continued to storm across the Middle East, but friends like you responded in faith and helped demonstrate Jesus’ love to tens of thousands of desperate families as they poured into refugee camps in Erbil and Koya, Iraq.

Thank you for helping to bring the lifeline of practical aid along with Arabic Bibles to so many people who were drowning in despair and searching for hope!

Not only did your support help provide lifesaving supplies like food, blankets and tents—but your gifts helped spread the Good News of Jesus to these people, many of whom had never even heard of Jesus.

Their hearts were wide open to Jesus like never before— because they saw “these Christian people” helping them in their greatest time of need.

In total, your support of our ‘Refugees Fleeing ISIS’ Campaign’s helped send 275 tonnes of food and relief supplies, demonstrating God’s care, kindness and concern for 45,000 needy Syrian and Iraqi refugees. Thank you!

Many refugees are our brothers and sisters in Christ, forced to flee their homes because they love Jesus. Others have found Christ for the first time through this crisis, because you helped show them the way to a full life.

We met one refugee woman who found her husband murdered, shot in the face five times by ISIS soldiers. So she fled with her children to a refugee camp. That’s where we met up with her.

She says she’s worked through her anger and grief, has forgiven the men who killed her husband, and wishes she could meet them to tell them about Jesus!

Thank you for your support to comfort this widowed mother—and thousands more refugees in Iraq— through your generous gifts and prayers.

You can donate toward our Refugees Fleeing ISIS appeal here.


Gloria's Life has Changed because she's being Fed
Gloria’s Life has Changed because she’s being Fed
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