“What you do to help us is amazing!” say refugees fleeing ISIS

We have a God-given opportunity right now to share the Gospel with Syrian and Iraqi refugees who’ve fled from ISIS into the Kurdistan region of Northern Iraq. Their hearts are wide open to hear about Jesus – because they’ve seen the outpouring of love from Christians like you.

Thanks to your help, we’re now giving them Arabic Bibles – to plant the Word of God in their lives – along with food packs of bulgur wheat, beans, oil, soup mix, baby food, dried fruit, nuts and more.

We asked two of the men receiving these gifts how your support was bringing relief in their crisis:


Basman, from Iraq, is a young Christian father (pictured above) who was forced to flee with his family when ISIS invaded Mosul and confiscated everything. Basman says they’ve been camping on a construction site in Kurdistan for months, because “we don’t have choices. It is very difficult”. He’s still looking for work, so they must rely on “just the people who help” for food and clothing.

But Basman’s very grateful for your generosity. He says, “Thank you! The aid is [so] good.” And he asks, “Please pray for my family!”

wordpress-fieldreport-2015-03-adriehAdrieh, from Syria, is Kurdish, and he lost both his home and livelihood when ISIS began fighting in his village of Kobani, and bombs were exploding all around them. Living in the Erbil Refugee Camp in Kurdistan and unable to find work, he says:

“What you do to help us is amazing! I respect you people because the other people in the Middle East, they [attack with] many weapons… They don’t know God, they don’t know Jesus, they don’t know Muhammed, they don’t know anything. Before, we would cry about the weapons destroying our people. We now have 4,000 women suffering under the persecution of ISIS, and no one understands. Now we cry about ourselves. We’ve had enough. This is too much.

“But I thank you because you help Kurdish people from your heart. I thank you very much for your help and your feeling. I feel as though you feel our pain.


Please pray that the food, aid and Arabic Bibles you’re giving will bring peace, healing and hope to many refugee men, women and children – so they can rise above the desperation around them in God’s strength, and know how good a full life feels.


Field Report Volume 19 Number 3
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