peteDear Friend,

I wish you could’ve been with me when I recently met the many Syrian and Iraqi ISIS refugees you’ve been helping with food, aid, and Bibles.

We told them about you! And together, we planted the Word of God in their hearts.

As we distributed The Story of Jesus booklets and food packs on your behalf to these traumatised refugees, we told them, “You’re not alone. The people we represent—the people who made these gifts possible—are praying for you. They are concerned. God is concerned.”

We saw one man sit right down on the dusty curb-side to read his copy of The Story of Jesus, drinking in the message of Jesus that you helped send to him. And we spoke to many other refugees like Adrieh who was deeply moved as he told us, “What you do to help us is amazing!”

Thanks for showing the love and grace of our amazing God!

Friends like you are also helping to give food for today and hope for tomorrow to over 100,000 of the world’s most vulnerable children through our Every Child Every Day feeding program. You’re helping to feed desperate kids in 21 countries like Philippines, Romania, Haiti, North Korea, China, Cambodia, Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, Thailand, and more.

Together, we’ve started feeding 1,000 kids in Tondo – so they can find a full life … as Diana did. She grew up in Tondo but says, “When I met Jesus, that really changed my life.” And now she’s doing her dream job as a teacher!

Please pray for these kids – and that together we can continue and grow this feeding program to help more kids in Tondo… and beyond!

I’m so grateful for your partnership!

You’re helping many hungry, hurting people all around the world… like refugees in Iraq fleeing ISIS… and desperate children in 21 countries like the Philippines… find life to the full in Jesus!






Field Report Volume 19 Number 3
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