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The refugee crisis in our world continues to escalate. Not only are refugees flooding into Northern Iraq, but the ongoing war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is forcing thousands of refugees—many of them children—into Uganda.

Thanks to you, however, these traumatised kids are finding more than just shelter and a warm meal when they arrive at the three refugee camps in Uganda that Feed The Hungry serves. They’re also learning about Jesus’ great love for them, and many are accepting Him for the first time!

God is truly multiplying the “loaves and fish” that friends like you give to feed and care for more than 27,000 kids like these in Ugandan refugee camps…

fthaust-fr-v19-no2-04-rebeccaFour-year-old orphan Rebecca Tumusifu’s parents and other family members were killed by M23 rebels who stormed her village to abduct young girls and boys. Little Rebecca escaped, but she was left alone and terrified for days. Finally, a woman found Rebecca cowering in a bush, and she carried her across the border into Uganda. They finally reached the Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement where Feed The Hungry is currently feeding over 14,000 kids, thanks to friends like you.

fthaust-fr-v19-no2-05-solomonSalomo Ndijeye, also just four years old and orphaned by war, is a little boy still haunted by the sounds of bombs and bullets. His parents were shot dead in their Congolese village, victims of the bloody war between M23 rebels and government soldiers. Tiny Salomo escaped with his grandfather, and after walking for days without food, they crossed into Uganda and are now getting meals and comfort through Feed The Hungry at the Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement. Salomo still battles to sleep at night, but he is described as “a very humble, obedient boy who always likes sharing and helping other children.”

Despite all they’ve been through, refugee kids like Rebecca and Salomo are finding the love of Jesus and hope for a full life, thanks to your support. But please keep praying for these kids and many more like them pouring into Uganda. They need our ongoing love and care so they can know how good a full life feels.

Field Report Volume 19 Number 2
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