Dear Friend,

As you know, there’s a lot of darkness in our world right now. And kids in crisis desperately need someone to turn on the light… the Light of Jesus Christ.

That’s why I’m so grateful for the way you’re helping to bring fullness and hope to kids in some of the world’s spiritually darkest places.

As you’ll read on page 1, your prayers and gifts are helping to rekindle hope in refugee children in Uganda, like 4-year-old orphans Rebecca and Salomo. They’ve both lost their parents, but now someone like you cares enough to feed them and tell them that Jesus loves them.

Together, we’re turning on the Light so kids like this can say, “in the day of my disaster… the LORD was my support… he rescued me because he delighted in me” (Psalm 18:18-19).

I wish you could’ve been with me when I visited Iraqi refugees recently. Some families were huddled in tattered tents, others slept in construction sites or anywhere they could. Many were Christians, battered, but still believing.

Thanks to friends like you, we’re now expanding our efforts to help 45,000 more innocent victims of ISIS through our new Iraqi EOFY campaign. Please pray as together we feed and care for our Iraqi brothers and sisters, and show God’s love in action.

You know, as a friend and supporter of Feed The Hungry, you’re doing so much more than sending humanitarian aid to those suffering in Iraq or Nepal. You’re giving people in crisis something to live for. When you give, you say, “Here’s food for your body… and hope for your soul.”

So thanks again for all you do to help people in Iraq… Uganda… Nepal… and around the world know just how good a full life feels. I’m deeply grateful for you.

Because a full life feels good,

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Field Report Volume 19 Number 2
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