Dear Friend,

As you read this month’s Field Report, I want to encourage you with this: Even though ISIS is still rampaging through Iraq, Jesus is still being lifted high by our battered but brave brothers and sisters in Christ!

And right now we have a “divine moment” to show the love of Christ to refugees who don’t yet know Him as their Savior and Lord.

I know… because I was in Kurdistan, Iraq, just last month to see what more you and I can do to help the Iraqi and Syrian refugees living in makeshift shelters there after fleeing from merciless ISIS soldiers.

I spoke to dozens of these refugees through an interpreter… and their hearts are so open to the message of the gospel right now and it’s why I’m asking you to give generously.

Your support of our Iraqi summer campaign will help us send 300 tons of food and relief supplies to serve as a powerful building block demonstrating God’s care, kindness, and concern for 45,000 desperately needy Syrian and Iraqi refugees.

Many of these refugees have already accepted Christ, and they were forced to flee their homes because they love Jesus. One refugee woman found her husband murdered, shot in the face five times, before fleeing from ISIS with her children.

She says that after she worked through her anger and grief, she’s forgiven the men who killed her husband, and she wishes she could meet them to tell them about Jesus. Doesn’t this widowed mother deserve to be shown the same love from us?

Thank you for whatever you can give to our Iraqi summer campaign today, to show Jesus’ love to these refugees while we have such an open window of opportunity.

Pete SumrallBecause a full life feels good,

Peter Sumrall,



Field Report Volume 19 Number 2
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