Dear Friend,

It’s easy to look at our world today and become discouraged, isn’t it? All you have to do is turn on the news and you’re riddled with images and messages about Ebola, ISIS, and countless other issues that seem, well, a bit scary.

But in my time of serving the poor around the world, I’ve see that crises often give us some of the most precious opportunities to show the love of Christ to others.

Now you and I know the devastation we’re seeing in the world today is a direct result of mankind’s fall. Without sin in the world, these things simply wouldn’t happen. But as believers, we have the opportunity to meet and overcome evil with good!

Take Violet, for example, a 13-year-old girl from a war-torn South Sudan (see page 3). I personally can’t imagine the horrific things she’s experienced at such a young age. And I’m sure she doesn’t like to recount them. But Violet now insists on sharing her story so others may know what’s happening, inspiring them to help other children just like her.

She wants to take the evil done to her and use it for good!

I firmly believe that as followers of Christ, we have the solemn responsibility to meet evil with good anywhere we can. Where there’s hopelessness, we share hope. Where there’s injustice, we bring justice. And where life is empty, we give a full life.

I’m so thankful as I look back on 2014. That’s because your prayers and gifts have been so instrumental in meeting evil with good in places all over the world. What an amazing year it’s been!

Thank you for your partnership to help show children and families around the world how good a full life feels. I’m grateful!


Because a full life feels good,

Peter Sumrall,



Field Report Volume 18 Number 3
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