Feeding the Hungry at Home

Incident: During the week starting September 9, 2013, heavy rain caused catastrophic flooding throughout 17 counties of Colorado.

Impact: Over 17,000 homes were damaged or destroyed across an area the size of Connecticut. Piles of water-soaked sheetrock, carpeting, furniture, and treasured family possessions lined the streets after the floods. Few, if any, homeowners have flood insurance since the mountainous region isn’t a flood plain. And as a result, many families have suffered an insurmountable financial hit.

Intervention: Your support meant Feed The Hungry, in partnership with Resurrection Church in Loveland, was able to provide emergency supplies for displaced families. And with many families losing everything, we were able to be there for the heartbroken survivors, providing emotional and spiritual comfort.

Thanks to friends like you, we were also able to provide emergency help to many more in need across our country in 2013, including giving:

  • continued support to victims devastated by Hurricane Sandy
  • over 112,900 pounds of supplies to survivors of the Moore, OK tornado disaster
  • support for communities affected by tornadoes in Midwest U.S. in November
  • 5,132 Boxes of Love during our Thanksgiving and Christmas outreaches

Feed The Hungry is also supporting families in the U.S. through local food pantries, dream centers, and church community programs. In 2013, we sent over $5 million worth of food and supplies throughout the U.S., bringing support and encouragement to the body of Christ. Thank you for helping your fellow Americans by providing for their ongoing needs and showing them God’s love in word and deed!