Thanks to you, many needy senior adults received a box of food during the Final Four in Dallas this past March!

Each year, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) reaches out to support those in need in the region where the Final Four is held. This year, thanks to your support, we were able to work in partnership with the NCAA to give food boxes to over 2,500 families in Dallas, Texas.

A number of those who received packages were from the Jubilee Park & Community Center, which runs programs for the elderly, serving hot fresh meals to over 200 senior adults each day. As a special gift during the NCAA Community Days, many of these seniors were provided boxes containing staple foods that would help provide for their needs during the week.

Candace Thompson with Jubilee Park said, “This is a wonderful blessing for a number of our seniors who were not going to have food for a month. With the current economic situation, we have seen more and more families struggle, so this kind of support is more important than ever.”

Thank you to the NCAA and supporters like you for helping many young people, families, and elderly citizens know how good a full life feels during the Final Four each year. We are truly grateful!