April Tornado Update
Thanks to your gifts and prayers, Feed The Hungry was able to provide vital aid right after tornadoes struck the Midwest and South in April.

Many suffering families affected by the April outbreak of tornadoes across Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Iowa have gotten the critical supplies they need – thanks to an outpouring of timely support from friends like you.

A total of 80 tornadoes over a period of four days led to entire neighborhoods being reduced to rubble, families torn apart, and 35 lives lost. But thanks to your gifts and prayers, we were able to provide vital aid when it was needed most. Together, we supplied affected residents with fresh water, energy-rich drinks, nourishing snacks, and practical household cleaning supplies to help families get back on their feet.

Jesus said his followers are to be known for their love of others, so thank you for reaching out with compassion to those across our country who desperately needed your help!

For your prayers:

Please use the points below as you pray for those who are recovering from the impact of this disaster:

  • Pray for those who are grieving after losing loved ones, that they will find peace in God at this difficult time.
  • Pray for those who lost their homes, that they will find the help they need to rebuild and start their lives again.
  • Pray for local churches in the region as they minister to those affected by the disaster and share God’s love with them.