We hope that by improving a few functional features on our site, that it will be a more enjoyable experience to browse through these pages, and find the information you’re after, with speed and ease.

If you glance to the top of the site on the right hand side above the menu, you’ll see the Aussie flag, which confirms that you are on the Australian FTH website. All donations taken on the Australia website are made in Australian Dollars. If you click on the word “Australia”, a drop down menu will appear with the option to go to one of the other Feed The Hungry websites from around the globe. When making a donation we¬†encourage you to¬†do so¬†on the website that correlates with the country you reside in!

We have simplified our top navigation to include buttons to our most common locations of the website. We have removed the animated menus for ease of navigation. A sitemap is now located in the footer for access to all areas of the website.

We have replace the rotating banner animation with the ability to glance at three important stories at the same time. Simply click the picture to navigate to the story for more information. Hovering you mouse over the image will animate a coloured box to head read the description.

We’ve also made it easier than ever to sign-up to our newsletter. All you have to do is scroll down to the new sign up section, in the bright blue rectangle, enter your details, and that’s it! You will be added to our email recipient list, it’s that simple!

If you scroll to the bottom of the every page, for convenient browsing,¬†you’ll find an extended menu, with different options, and our most frequented pages, to help you find what you’re looking for when¬†searching for something specific.


If viewing the site on a mobile device the bottom navigation is moved to the top right hand corner. This new feature now gives you the missing access to the full site on your mobile device.


Happy browsing!

Feel free to get back to us with any comments or suggestions you may have that can make this site an even more enjoyable experience. Contact us here.