House Rules for Social Media Interaction

The Feed The Hungry Facebook page is for you.

We invite you to join the conversation, connect with us and others, and keep up to date with all our news from the field and share with your friends and family.

FTH believes Christians have a biblical responsibility to respond to the injustice of world hunger with acts of kindness and mercy that glorify God and affirm His love for a hurting world. FTH exists to empower God’s people to act on this responsibility by operating food logistics and advocacy programs that feed BODY, SOUL and SPIRIT.

We want the Feed The Hungry Facebook page to be a vibrant community, where everyone can feel comfortable, treating each other, our guests and staff with respect and courtesy – even if engaged in the sharing of diverse opinions or participating in rigorous debate.

To ensure that everyone coming to our page enjoys a positive experience we ask that you do not post any comments or share media content [such as photos and videos] which fall into any of the categories below:

  • If it is unlawful
  • If it violates laws regarding harassment; discriminations; racial vilification; privacy or contempt.
  • If it is defamatory
  • If it is abusive, offensive, or obscene
  • If it is otherwise inappropriate, off topic, repetitive or vexatious
  • If it is compromising the privacy of any person or containing inappropriate personal information. For example your full legal name, date of birth, phone numbers, email address, home address, or workplace address
  • If it is intentionally misleading
  • If it is an infringement of intellectual property including copyright
  • If it is seeking to endorse commercial products or services
  • If it seeking to directly solicit financial transactions for third parties

If your posts fall into any of the above categories or if Feed The Hungry otherwise deems it inappropriate for our social media communities it will be hidden or deleted from the view of other users without prior notification.

Feed The Hungry does not endorse the views and material contained in the contributions of members of the public. Feed The Hungry is not responsible for the content, availability or performance of external sites linked to the Feed The Hungry Facebook page.

If you find any content or comments posted on our Facebook page which you believe is not in accordance with these House Rules please contact the office.