Profile: Daniel Skokan
Position: Director of Feed The Hungry Czech Republic (2004 – Present)

For Daniel one of the most rewarding parts of working at FTH has been getting to see a child that was fed by Feed the Hungry, become an adult and taking care of his own family 25 years later.

His drive and motivation are summed up in a quote by Irene Gleeson; when asked about need, she pointed to an iron fence that had little children climbing on it with their little fingers, looking into the campus desiring to get in, Irene said “You see, we can do more.”

Daniel recalls being on a hill above Kitgum one afternoon in Africa and watching the school kids leaving the campus in their red t-shirts, then seeing a small lake of a red colour nearby that was going out in different directions like streams of a river dividing itself into smaller brooks, flooding the valley with red coloured dots, being reminiscent of the Blood of Jesus, His life and blessing spreading over the region.

“Feed The Hungry has grown into a more effective and cost-cautious organisation that is more focussed on its mission and going forward with the vision than ever before.”

Regional Fundraiser for: Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland
Visited: Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, South Sudan, Slovakia, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia

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