Date: August 10, 2007
From: David L. Meyer

Wow! What a night! In all my years of missions, I have never experienced what just happened here in Cambodia.

Right before Delirious?, Darlene Zschech & Joyce Meyer (my mom) were about to hold an indoor blow out service for about three thousand people, several men from a local government office came and tried to shut the meeting down.

They were able to successfully get the power shut off, even though they had no authority to do so. We decided to take the meeting outside. Joyce had to climb the fence just to get into the courtyard and the crowd went crazy.

We all proceeded to worship God, led by Darlene Zschech and Martin Smith, and hear words of encouragement from Joyce—all through a bullhorn!

God works all things out. He is absolutely sovereign! It was truly a historic moment for the church of Cambodia!

This story was original posted on the Joyce Meyer Website.