Peggy is the wife of Peter Sumrall and has been privileged to travel to foreign lands and see first-hand the work of FTH in action.

I’m back home in South Bend, IN, having returned from our FTH food distribution in Kampong Thom, Cambodia. On the flight over, I realized that I had no idea what to expect in Cambodia; a country of 14 million people who live in an area the size of Missouri (or Tasmania)… and, they’re 95% Buddhist! All I can say is …. How soon can I go again?

What impressed me the most? Each day, FTH went into the villages to cook and distribute food. I came to appreciate the Cambodian people, not as victims of the poverty that surrounds them, but as a hopeful, loving, somewhat shy and proper, people who are hungry, not just in their belly’s, but in their Spirits as well. As you would expect, the children touched my heart in a special way.

Too, I am always thrilled when FTH can distribute food in the villages in conjunction with evening meetings with our friends at Victory Christian Center, Billy Joe and Sharon Daugherty. FTH distributed 7,000 food vouchers the first night of the meeting … a meeting that drew 20,000 people in total. Surely, the largest Christian event to ever take place in Kampong Thom! Each FTH voucher was redeemable for 30 pounds of food … food that FTH supplied through your donations. Just to give you an idea of the size of the FTH Cambodia campaign — we delivered 4 containers with over 200,000 pounds of food. That’s enough to feed 35,000 people for a month!

Thank you to our partners for touching the lives of these families. You are making a difference!

Doreen Sparman is the Director of our Canadian office for Feed The Hungry. FTH Canada helped send a container of dehydrated soup mix to this Cambodian outreach.

What impressed me most about Cambodia was the discipline of the children. During our feeding program we never had a problem of shoving or fighting to get ahead in the line – it was always very orderly and very respectful.

The children even shared their bowl of rice with each other! I was told that these children have to be out in the fields working by 8:00 in the morning. Their schooling doesn’t begin until 5:30pm, after their day of work is done! If they want to go to church, they have to get up extra early for a 7:00am service so that they can be ready to go out at 8:00am.

That kind of commitment is amazing to me, and yet it is just normal to them and they don’t believe there is anything special about it. I learned a lot from these little children!”

Thank you!