Profile: Armanda da Roza
Position: Director of Feed The Hungry Hong Kong (2007 – Present)

Armanda came on board with Feed The Hungry driven by a calling to serve the poor and needy, Armanda says the most rewarding part of her role at FTH is seeing people laugh again.

Armanda recalls a time when she was in the field at Sichuan after the Great Earthquake of 2008. Feeling as though another earthquake or after-shock was coming, FTH staff and the medical team cleared out a local hospital and set up the patients in their beds out on the street, the whole team spent the night sleeping outside. The next morning everyone was laughing happily as they realised there was no earthquake. As joyful as that moment was, Armanda says she had never seen so many wounded people before.

“The issue of hunger has changed over the years as rising prices of food continue to increase, and the poor cannot afford healthy or nutritious food. The challenges in some of the third world Asian countries are hard to overcome, while we are supplying food to the needy, we run into many difficulties because of political issues, government policy, religion and logistics. While it can be disheartening, we can only do our best and let God do the rest!”

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