10/1/07 – 2006 Year in Review

The FTH office has just released a copy of the latest ANZAC edition of the Field Report. This newsletter gives a brief review of projects completed by FTH through 2006. This four page newsletter in PDF format is ready for download by clicking here.

15/1/07 – Typhoon Durian – Video Report

FTH Relief coordinators the Cathedral of Praise church in the Philippines have put together a 6min video report of their ongoing relief operations in the Bicol area of the Philippines – where over 500 people were killed.

FTH & COP are conducting ongoing relief operations.

15/1/07 – ACCTV shows Two new LeSEA programs in February 2007

Joining the cutting edge live music program Live from Studio B, will be two additional programs created by LeSEA Broadcasting:-

  • The Harvest Show – A dynamic one hour magazine style talk show with segments including healthy living, “Harvest Pick” book reviews, inspirational music, international news, author’s corner, interviews and stories about Christianity around the world.
  • Bible Prophecy Unraveled – With over 50yrs experience, Dr. Hilton Sutton teaches end-time prophecy without doom & gloom, and will actually inspire hope, joy, and victory as he sets believers free from an unbiblical fear of the future.

The shows are scheduled to begin broadcast in February 2007 check with the Australian Christian Channel. Check the ACCTV website for correct scheduling times.

For more information about the Lester Sumrall Evangelistic Association (LeSEA) click here.

31/1/07 – Partner Letter Released – North Korea

The February appeal letter has just been released, highlighting an opportunity to feed school children in North Korea.

Can you feed 8000 children today?

It’s easier than you think…

Click here to read the Feb letter.

1/2/07 – ACCTV – New LeSEA Broadcasting shows launched

The Australian Christian Channel is now broadcasting three programs produced by LeSEA Broadcasting: The Harvest Show, Live from Studio B, and Bible Prophecy Revealed.

27/2/07 – Hope For Darfur – Newspaper Article

Chuck Strantz (graphic artist for LeSEA) and Stefan Radelich (FTH international Director) were recently interviewed by a local USA newspaper on their return from a recent trip to Sudan’s Darfur region where FTH is involved in distributing food.

Chuck shares his experiences on the trip including washing the feet of the village head, and winning the hearts of little children who had never seen a white man before.

You can read the article here for free until 6/3/07.

1/3/07 – Hope For Darfur – A widow named Hajja

While at our Gir church distribution site, a widow named Hajja showed up with bucket in hand as the church team was unloading 20 tons of sorghum.

She was half blind, and was desperate for food. The leaders told her that the food would not be distributed until the next day but still she waited patiently.

After the trucks were unloaded, she started picking up the grains which fell from the sacks into the dirt– some grains fall from the tiny holes of the sacks. She collected as much as she could… which wound up being a bucket full of sorghum mixed with dirt.

Hajja was there the next day too for her allotment of just sorghum. It reminds me of God’s command to the children of Israel:

“And when you get in the grain from your land, do not take up the grain which has been dropped in the field; let that be for the poor, and for the stranger: I am the Lord your God.” (Leviticus 23:22)

Stefan Radelich
FTH International Director

6/3/07 – Mozambique – Cyclone Favio Disaster

IRIS MINISTRIES reports that over 300 of their churches have been destroyed in the flooding and winds from Cyclone Favio that struck Mozambique on 22nd February.One container holding 275,000 meals is nearby in Swaziland and they agreed to release it for Mozambique relief operations. It is hoped that the meals can sustain the people until our next wave of relief can arrive.

FTH has began preparations to send 10 forty foot containers into Mozambique to begin relief operations with long-time ministry partner IRIS MINISTRIES.

These containers contain food valued at AUD$633,000. FTH urgently needs to raise AUD$93,000 to cover the costs of shipping this food.

Click here for more information about the Mozambique disaster.

6/3/07 – FTH Partner Letter Released – Operation ‘Domino Effect’

Highlighting our ongoing work in nearby Indonesia, the March partner letter has been released and is available to download.

In May 2006, FTH sent funds through to an Australian Missionary couple in Indonesia to assist in relief operations for the Yogyakarta earthquake which killed over 650 people and left 1.4 million people homeless. This is an opportunity to help support a ministry which has led over 200 Indonesians to Christ in the last 9 months. Click here to download the March Partner letter.

8/3/07 – Mozambique – Cyclone Favio Disaster Update

“We are sending Gordy to Swaziland tomorrow to help clear the container. We have organized the truck to get the food to the people. Mercifully we have about ten four ton trucks of our own.

I have never seen such suffering as the camps in Zambezia. Today the INGC (disaster co-ordination organisation) told Iris Ministries, if we don’t feed the people in the camps of Zambezia they will starve. I am not sure how this is so out of control, but we are feedings thousands everyday and ministering to them all as well. There hearts are so open to the Lord.

Love in Jesus, Heidi”

15/3/07 – Mozambique Update – Disaster Relief Photos

Disaster Relief Partner, IRIS MINISTRIES has released over 40 pictures from initial relief operations.

You can see the change from despair at the hopelessness of the situation move to Joy as IRIS MINISTRIES brings food, shares the Good News and heals the sick.

3/4/07 – Solomon Islands – Earthquake Disaster

At approximately 7.30am, Monday 2/4/07, an earthquake measuring 8.1 on the richter scale struck just 40km away from the western island of Gizo in the Solomon Islands.

Although reports are still sketchy, it’s believed up 22 people may have been killed, many of them children, by waves measuring 3-9 meters in height – sweeping 500m inland. It is expected that over 2 villages, or 900 homes will have been destroyed leaving several thousand people homeless.

FTH relief partners from Rhema Family Church Whangarei – New Zealand – are dispatching a representative on the next available flight to assess the damage and the sort of assistance that will best suit the situation.

4/4/07 – Solomon Islands – Earthquake Disaster

Latest NDC reports have increased fatalities up to 21 confirmed dead, and 100 people injured. NDC now estimates that up to 15,000 people may have been displaced by this earthquake.

Transportation in affected areas remains an issue of concern. Many local water crafts were destroyed by the event. There are functional air strips only in two islands. The remaining areas must be accessed by boat.

FTH Australia and New Zealand has set aside funds for emergency transfer but more is needed.

4/4/07 – Solomon Islands – earthquake Disaster Update

The Solomon Islands’ recent unrest and its remote location make response to this disaster challenging. FTH will work closely with a NZ representative from our relief partner church, Rhema Family Church. They will assess the situation, current aid levels, and best routes to provide relief and recovery assistance.

Monday morning’s powerful earthquake has caused significant damage in the Solomon Islands and there are also reports of limited damage in Papua New Guinea. Tsunami warnings were issued as far north as Hawaii, and as far south as Tasmania.

“The earthquake has been followed by a series of at least 27 smaller aftershocks, though no further damage has been reported. The Australian Seismological Centre has warned that there is a high possibility of further large earthquakes in the days to come.

The National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) has confirmed 13 dead, 7 missing, 19 injured and over 916 homes destroyed in the affected areas in Western and Choiseul provinces. The NDMO believes that some 5,409 have been displaced.

The Government of the Solomon Islands (GoSI) declared a state of emergency on 2 April. Choiseul, New Georgia Islands and Shortland Islands in Western Province are among the worst affected areas. The Solomon Islands Police reports that the worst damage is on Gizo Island.

An assessment mission organized by the National Disaster Council (NDC) on Choiseul Island on 2 April reports an estimated 1,000 houses destroyed. An aerial assessment on the same day also confirmed widespread destruction. More detailed information has been difficult to obtain due to communication outages and difficulties with access.

The NDC has identified the following priority needs: Shelter items (tents and tarpaulins), Food and utensils, Water and containers, Medical supplies, Clothing and Tools.”

OCHA Situation Report No. 2 South Pacific Tsunami 3 April 2007

7/6/07 – FTH Partner Letter – Zambia

The June Partner letter has been released.

FTH is raising funds to send to shipping containers into Zambia. You can get involved right now for just $15… and feed 10 Zambian children for an entire month.

Click here to view the letter online.

7/6/07 – Solomon Islands – Update

Ps. Fredson Fenua from the Solomon Islands has been our local partner ministry on the ground coordinating with Murray Frew from New Zealand.

Ps. Fredson has conducted multiple food outreaches amongst the affected people and additional food distributions are planned.

More updates will be posted as they are filed.

8/6/07 – Solomon Islands Disaster – Update

Ps. Fredson our relief partner in the Solomon Islands has just returned from a second distribution amongst disaster victims. He sent a quick note by email ahead of a more detailed report which will be sent next week.

Thanks to Feed the Hungry of Australia and New Zealand for their continuous support that enable us to continue on to the mission field. Indeed the harvest is plenty but the laborers are few.

People are still unsettled… In terms of mission it is the great open door for the gospel. As a church we must get involve in the mission field while it is day… We must rise and believe God for daily provisions to serve in the harvest field.

Ps. Fredson’s update can be viewed in full by clicking here.

18/6/07 – FTH Download Section Update – JP Interview

FTH Germany Director, Jean-Pierre Rummens, was recently interviewed by the Alive Magazine.

This 3 page article was published in April/May 2007.

The same issue includes a feature article on Irene Gleeson and an orphanage she started in Kitgum Uganda. FTH supports the Amida Camp school as part of the EveryChild EveryDay campaign.

10/8/07 – Cambodian Outreach – Project Update

Benjamin Evans from FTH Australia & New Zealand has filed an update on the current outreach in Cambodia.

Click here to view the update.

Continued prayer is still being requested for the overall project as certain pressure and restrictions are being placed on Christians by the Cambodian Government.

Click here for more information.

14/8/07 – Cambodian Outreach – Project Updates

Several brief updates and progress reports have been posted on the Cambodia Project page including confirmation that the food distribution has been accomplished.

Click here to view all updates.

9/7/07 – FTH launches Cambodian Appeal

FTH is part of a multi-ministry effort bringing hope to Cambodia in July and August 2007.

FTH will partner with Billy-Jo & Sharon Daughterty to distribute over 500,000 meals and hold evangelical crusades amongst the second largest province of Cambodia – Kampong Thom.

FTH has received a donation of rice meals and soups – we just need to raise the funds to cover the shipping costs. With a donation of just $12 – you can help to send 227 meals to Cambodia.

Click here to read the partner letter explaining the project.

Click here for more updates .

27/7/07 – FTH Partner letter Released

The August Partner letter is now available for download and is being mailed to donors and partners of FTH.

This letter focuses on our Indian Ministry Partners Madhava & Nirmala. Mercy & Grace Ministry is feeding 1000 street children everyday in rural Andrea Pradesh.

Click here for more information.

21/9/07 – FTH Partner Letter Released – Cambodian Field Report

The September partner letter was released.

This ANZAC field report is filled with photos and accounts of the successful distribution of food in Cambodia and can be viewed here.

(6 pages, 572kb, PDF format)

This report also indicates that a DVD containing a ten minute report on the Cambodian Outreach can be requested for free by contacting the office.

Click here to head to the main Cambodia section.

27/9/07 – Disaster Relief – Hurricane Felix

FTH USA office has spearheaded disaster relief in Nicaragua & Honduras following the impact of Hurricane Felix. Over 175 tonnes of food was shipped in response to urgent needs.

 27/9/07 – Cambodian Outreach – Project Updates

Cambodian Outreach video content is now available to view online.

Archived content has also been updated in the downloads section.

 27/9/07 – FTH Shop Updates – DVD Previews

New previews for all three DVD’s have been added to the FTH Shop.

3/10/07 – ECED Update – 14,963 Children

In the last three months, over 6,000 new children have been added to the ECED initiative, to feed everychild everyday.

These children have been added from Zambia, Cambodia, Columbia, Peru and Liberia.

 3/10/07 – FTH Staff Interview – Daniel Skokan

FTH Czech Republic Director, Daniel Skokan, recently visited three ECED ministry partners in Kenya and Uganda. His travels are documented in the latest US Field Report.

Daniel visited ‘Aunty Irene’s’ Kitgum orphanage in Uganda and was interviewed on their PEACE radio station. Daniel shared his testimony of growing up in a Communist country.

9/10/07 – FTH Partner Letter Released – Israel

FTH will partner with a ministry in the Bethlehem, Israel. This ministry is responding to the needs of over 100 people who come to their doorstep every day for food and hope.

Click here to learn more.

17/10/07 – Welcome To The Mission Field Rambo

Our Thailand ECED Orphanage partner Charlie and Cathy Milbrodt sent their recent partner letter describing a visit to their area by the famous Hollywood Actor – Sylvester Stallone.

“Stallone noted that the Karen people have been especially hard hit by this repressive regime. Much of our ministry is focused on the Karen people that have been displaced by the Burmese military. We are currently caring for over 40 orphans whose parents were killed by Burmese soldiers. These 40+ children are among the 350 children that attend our Living Word Mission School that we have been operating for over ten years close to the Burma border.

“Sylvester Stallone gave an interview Monday, October 1st. “I witnessed the aftermath – survivors with legs cut off and all kinds of land mine injuries, maggot infested wounds and ears cut off. We saw many elephants with blown-off legs. We hear about Vietnam and Cambodia and this was more horrific.” Stallone went on to say, “This is a hell hole beyond your wildest dreams. All the trails are mined. The only way into Burma is up the river.”

My comments to this are… “Welcome to the mission field Rambo!”

Charlie Milbrodt Living Word Ministries International

19/10/07 – FTH On Emergency Standby – Indonesia Earthquake Alert

On Tuesday Oct 16th the Indonesian Government raised the status of a volcano alert in East Java Indonesia to it’s highest level and recommended people evacuate the area immediately.

Volcanic activity has slowed since yesterday, but a similar 3 day slowdown happen in 1990 before the same volcano erupted killing 34 people.

FTH is maintaining a close watch on the situation, and our relief partners in Indonesia have been mobilized. An assessment and intercessory team will be in the area later today.

2/11/07 – 20th Anniversary – Exclusive Video Release Premiere

New to the ministry of Feed The Hungry? Check out our new 3min introductory video here.

2/11/07 – 20th Anniversary – Exclusive ECED Video Update

Since 2005, FTH has began partnering with strong, established Christian Orphanages and ministry who focus on the daily care of Children around the world.

Our goal is to relieve these orphanages of the daily burden of finding finance to feed the children, to feed EveryChild EveryDay.

This video update shows just three of the orphanages we support.

 2/11/07 – Pakistan – Once Forbidden Now Forgotten

FTH Director, Jean-Pierre is spearheading winter relief operations in remote Pakistan, for survivors of the 2005 earthquake.

Some remain without permanent housing, relying on our emergency tents delivered after the initial disaster.

More information can be found in the November Partner Letter here.

14/11/07 – Six Dollars Equals 100 Meals What can you buy with $6 these days?

Did you know that with $6, around the cost of an average fast food meal, FTH can send 100 hot & nutritious meals all around the world?

Want to know more? Click here.

14/11/07 – Peter Sumrall’s Christmas Appeal

This Christmas your gifts of support can bring joy and reassurance to so many discouraged children. Orphans that rely totally on the generosity of others.

Peter Sumrall’s appeal to is to raise enough support to provide hot nutritious meals to 10,000 children, every single day in 2008.

28/11/07 – 20th Anniversary Of Feed The Hungry

To commemorate 20 years of serving, the FTH Australia website will host a series of exclusive web presentations.

Check back here each week for new content as it’s being released.

3/12/07 – December Partner Letter

Click here to download the December Partner letter focusing on our orphanage support program called Everychild EveryDay.

This Christmas we are setting a goal to raise enough support to add 10,000 children to the program in 2008.

21/12/07 – Office Hours over Christmas Break

Please be advised that the Australian office will be closed from Monday 24th December.

The office will reopen on Monday 7th January 2008.

Email will continue to be monitored and the online donation will continue to operate.

We appreciate your interest in Feed The Hungry,

and your support is bringing Christ to a starving world.

24/12/07 – 20 Years of Feed The Hungry

Click here to see a visual presentation of highlights from 20years of serving.