5/1/2006 – Project Updates

Project Sudan Preliminary reports from our Sudan outreach last year in November have confirmed God’s miraculous power and protection in the earth today.

Our partner organisation on the ground, Global Quest Ministries, has reported great success amidst delays and other troubles.

“160 tons of food arrived late on the last day of the crusade because of rebel activity on the road to Juba. A convoy ahead of FTH was stopped, drivers were shot, and goods were stolen. The FTH convoy turned back and waited about a week until the road was secured. 

Volunteers put 20,000 food packs together which were distributed at 4 centers around Juba the week after the crusade.  Greg Ford, Global Quest Ministries, commented that they received many reports from the distribution sites of miracle healings, salvations, and ‘tremendous’ ministry from the local church leaders & believers who were at the sites.  At the crusade there were notable miracles among the Muslims—including 7 people who were blind being completely healed.

Out of the crusade and leadership conference a bible school was planted with 40 students in the inaugural class.

Greg said the food distribution caught the attention of the U.S. Consul which just opened an office in Juba, and the head of USAID for that region who commented that the food came just at the right time because the harvest had been much less than anticipated and they expected severe food needs to manifest within the coming months.

Juba is a critical, strategic point for the New Sudan as it emerges from the Islamic north… let’s continue to pray and trust the Lord that it will become a stronghold for the gospel and the kingdom of God.”

Stefan Radelich FTH Operations Director

Pakistan Earthquake

Our U.S. warehouse in South Bend Indiana has just received 11 pallets of brand new tents (high quality, 3x4m, pictured below).

20/1/2006 – 2005 Year in Review

The latest edition of the FTH International Field Report Magazine is now available online. This edition looks back at some of great challengers faced by the world and the great victories we have been able to achieve with the help of our Partners and Friends.

Throughout 2005, FTH delivered 2.8 million kilograms of food and aid to 15 nations.

To view the Field report click here (pdf format, 856kb)

24/1/2006 – Online Donations

A new version of the Online Donation facility is live today, making it easier and more convenient to send your donation to FTH and help those in need.

Online Donations are now protected by security protocols of the Westpac Banking Corporation ensuring the maximum protection.

31/1/2006 – FTH now accepts American Express

American Express is now accepted by FTH for mail, phone and online donations.

3/2/06 – Project Ethiopia Update

FTH Australia Representative, Ben Evans, will be on the ground in Ethiopia from Monday 13th through to Sunday 19th February 2006.

A full report will be sent in March 2005 to all donors and partners upon his return.

3/2/06 – 2006 Ethiopia Appeal

In January FTH launched the 2006 appeal for Project Ethiopia after almost 6 months of preparation.

The 2006 Ethiopian Appeal was a one-off appeal in two letters:-

10/2/06 – Project Ethiopia Update

Map of Awasa Ethiopia _Feed The Hungry Australia

Project Ethiopia is only days away from launching. Already teams of volunteers are preparing food packs to feed more than 50,000 people over the next two weeks.

Food will be distributed through local churches in the Awasa region, 200km south of the main capital city, Addis Ababa.

Key focal point of the project will be the 3 night evangelical crusade from Wednesday 15th through to Friday 17th. We expect a nightly attendance of 100,000 people. Please keep these meetings in prayer.

23/2/06 – Project Ethiopia – Underway at last!

Excerpt from FTH Email Alert sent 16/2/06 from Ethiopia:-

“We’re at day 3 of a 6 day crusade, I’ve seen thousands hear the Gospel, I’ve seen the crowd surge to the stage to receive Christ at the altar call, and witnessed the miraculous power of God at work.

Just yesterday we visited our warehouse. Local church members have began to prepare the 10,000 food packs which will be distributed next week after the crusade has finished. Each food pack contains 35kg of food.

The tip-truck… is heavily ladened with just 300 of the 10,000 packs we have made up. We took this truck to a nearby village and we were able to begin distributing the food.

Peter Sumrall greeted the people, and was interpreted into two languages so that everyone was able to understand him – then the head pastor of the church gave a short evangelical message to the gathering.

Each food pack contains a Bible written in Ahmraic which is the local Ethiopian language. Many of the packs includes a teaching book from Derek Prince, The Divine Exchange, in the Ahmraic language.

I have been so mindful of your support during this amazing project we have undertaken. Your support is making a big difference here in Ethiopia. We couldn’t have attempted such a large project without your support.

Thank you for all your support and prayers.”

Benjamin Evans FTH Operations Manager Australia & New Zealand

Over the next 4-6 weeks the food will be distributed to local churches in a 100km radius from the main crusade venue in Awasa. A full report will be sent to partners and donors in early March, and more updates as they become available.

3/3/06 – Project Ethiopia – Crusade Footage

Ps. Billy Joe & Sharon Daugherty have posted a short 3.5min video highlighting some footage and testimonies from our Ethiopia Crusade.

6/3/06 – Project Ethiopia – Donor Report

FTH Australia Operations Manager, Ben Evans, has published a report from his trip to Awasa Ethiopia.

The report has been sent to all donors and partners of FTH today.

A copy of the report can be viewed online here. (ANZAC Field Report, 4 pages, 1.2MB, PDF)

11/4/06 – Four nation Appeal

FTH has received a donation of five containers of highly nitrous dehydrated food. The donor has requested it be sent to Africa, and we have found five suitable partners in four countries.

  • EmaSwati Empowerment in Swaziland
  • Soweto Academy in Kenya
  • Iris Ministries in Malawi
  • True Knowledge Ministries in Malawi
  • Iris Ministries in Mozambique

The five containers hold 1.375 million servings. FTH is raising funds to ship these containers to Africa. Please pray about supporting this appeal. More information will be available soon.

11/4/06 – Rice for Cambodia Appeal

FTH has recently been given four containers of rice which is earmarked for Cambodia. FTH is raising funds to send these four containers to “Children of Promise”.

Children of Promise is a Four-Square orphanage program with over 4000 children throughout Cambodia.

More information will be available soon.

11/4/06 – Project Ethiopia – Free DVD

A short 7min Video Report has been prepared from footage taken during the Ethiopia Report. The free report can be requested on DVD or on video by contacting the office. A low-res version of this report is also available to download.

18/4/06 – Project Ethiopia – Video Report Update

For those using high-speed internet connections, a better quality version of the Ethiopia Report is now available.

1/6/06 – Java Earthquake Update

A special section has been created to collate all available information about our relief efforts in Indonesia.

A six page personal report has been filed by one of the volunteers helping with our partner organisation in Indonesia.

Click here to find out the latest information.

5/6/06 – Java Tsunami Warning

We are receiving unconfirmed reports of a warning of a new earthquake in or around Java. Local television shows indicate NASA scientists have identified tectonic plate movement under Australia and South East Asia – so that a collision is prediction for Tuesday 5th or Wednesday 6th of June.

The same report indicates a possible Tsunami from the earthquake is highly likely. These warnings are unconfirmed at this point, but are sufficient enough to request continual prayer over the region. Government sources have recorded over 800 aftershocks since the initial earthquake event.


8/6/06 – FTH Promo Picture

Please click here to view a new poster promoting FTH. A sea of faces greets you with the simple statement…

We don’t say much. We just help.

30/6/06 – Java Earthquake Relief – New Photos

Our partner organisation was able to snap off a couple of photos from their camera phone at one of their distributions.

You can view them here.

30/6/06 – Java Earthquake Relief – Container on the way

Thankyou partners and friends from Australia, your generous support has enable us to purchase USD$250,000 worth of food and medical supplies to be sent from our US Headquarters to Indonesia.

This container is almost ready to leave, and should be distributed around Jogya in the middle of July.

30/6/06 – Project Cambodia – Containers Arrived

Ted Olbrich who heads up our partner organisation in Cambodia, sent a quick update yesterday to let us know the containers have arrived…

Thank you for partnering with us. We so appreciate and are honored by your help. All four containers arrived safely. Two five-ton trucks are moving rice and a fortified dried soup mix out to the 84 orphanage locations. Photos are being taken which I will forward to you as soon as I get them. God bless you.”

Ted Olbrich FourSquare – Children of Promise

Thank you to all our partners who responded to our appeal.

4/7/06 – Peter Sumrall Visits Sydney

Peter Sumrall recently passed through Sydney after signing the necessary papers to set up a FTH office in Hong Kong – specifically tasked to reach mainland China.

Peter Sumrall was able to present a token of appreciation to Ps. Phil Pringle from Christian City Church Oxford Falls during his brief stopover. The memento was in appreciation of his friendship and support to Feed The Hungry here in Australia since we began.

7/7/06 – Feeding Indian Street Children – Andra Pradesh

FTH is launching a meals/ministry project to 1,000 children in Andrea Pradesh – a state of India. Initially our partners Mercy & Grace Ministries will begin food distributions to children in 27 villages.

7/7/06 – July Partner Letter Released

The July Partner Letter was posted out today. FTH has a wonderful opportunity to feed 1,000 street children in the Indian State of Andrea Pradesh.

You can download the July Letter here. (78kb PDF Format)

10/7/06 – Download Section Updated – New Videos

FTH has a batch of new videos you can download and watch on your home computer.

  • Sing For Joy (1min 40s, 6.4MB, WM9) This is a glorious, feel-good, music video from the FTH archives. This is a short music clip shows a joyous group of African people singing “Sing for Joy oh Africa” with little snippets of a 1995 food distribution throughout. Look out for a boy, pushing his bicycle with open toed boots; and a man leading a blind man. I highly recommend you download this clip.
  • Project Africa” Appeal Two versions of a TV promo have been produced in America. A partnership with an American ministry has allowed us to upgrade the “Four Nation Appeal” into the ongoing “Project Africa”. Project Africa 2min Version (2min, 7.6MB WM9) Project Africa 1min Version (1min, 3.8MB, WM9) A dehydrated soup mix is donated to FTH and we just need to ship the food into Africa. The miracle is the cost – just 4 US pennies or 6 Aussie cents to feed a child!
  • ECED Bracelets (35s, 2.3MB, WM9) This is a short clip shown at a recent conference display to promote our new $2 ECED Bracelets. This is an ideal clip to download to be used in your church or for a special event where you want to promote the awareness charity bands for our EveryChild EveryDay initiative. Please contact the office to request bulk quantities to sell at your church, youth group, sunday school or bookstalls. Buy a band for $2 and feed a child for a week!
  • Why Feed The Hungry? (30s, 2MB, WM9) A shorter, 30 second, version of our Television Advertisement featuring Ps. Phil Pringle is available for download. The full 2min spot can be downloaded here (2min, 11MB, AVI)

12/7/06 – Project Africa – Kenya Updates

Ps. Okemu from Nairobi in Kenya sent some photos after beginning a small distribution in central Kenya.

Click here to view the photos.

18/7/06 – Java Earthquake – Tsunami Hits West Java

An earthquake measuring 7.2 on Richter scale occurred yesterday on 17 July, at 3:19pm local time (6.20pm AEST) followed by a number of other tremors, including two other earthquakes in almost the same location.

The epicentre of the first earthquake was approximately 355 km south of Jakarta and 260 km south of Bangdung, Java, Indonesia.

The most affected districts are in West Java province. Local media reports Tsunami waves ranging for 2-3m have struck the coastline. Local media reports indicate the death toll stands at over 100 people.

FTH is investigating how we can assist through our local partner on the ground. Emergency funds are urgently needed.

20/7/06 – West Java Tsunami – Help arrives today

FTH Partner organisation arrives in the disaster area with rice, noodles, water, blankets and tarps and is surveying the situation.

The Indonesian Government is now reporting 525 people have been killed, 383 injured, 273 missing, and over 50,000 people are homeless.

To get the latest updates click here.

1/8/06 – FTH Field Report Magazine – APRIL Issue

This is a re-release of the U.S. designed Field Report, now being printed in colour on six pages.

This particular issue highlights once again our work in Ethiopia as well as Pakistan Earthquake Relief, and one of our EVERYCHILD EVERYDAY partner ministry’s – Irene Gleeson in Uganda.

Download the report now by clicking here. (936kb in PDF Format)

1/8/06 – FTH August Partner Letter Distributed

FTH returns to the African nation of Sudan. “In a land militantly committed to Islam, we believe this initiative is going to lead multitudes to Christ.” FTH is sending 5 containers of dehydrated soup mix, the equivalent of a million meals.

You can download the letter here. (51kb in PDF format)

1/8/06 – FTH Profile – Jean-Pierre Rummens

Jean-Pierre is the FTH Director from Germany and has been with the organisation since 1991, when he was approached by Dr. Lester Sumrall to help set the local office in his country.

Since then, JP has made over 300 trips to 53 countries around the world coordinating distributions and relief efforts, capturing our projects through his camera lens.

Click here to read a brief profile, and find a link to download a short slide show of 40 images taken through the ministry of FTH.

3/8/06 – Israeli / Hezbollah Conflict – Update

Located in the North of Israel Ps. Guy Cohen is the pastor of a congregation currently being shelled by Hezbollah rockets.

After FTH was able to get in contact with Ps. Guy, he was able to send this quick update on the situation in Acco.

Here is an excerpt…

There are a lot of people now forced to live in bomb shelters; there are old and young mothers, and fathers that cannot even leave the shelters.

…Everyone who has the means or ability to leave has left, the elderly and poor here have no where to go and no money to get there, so they must stay at the bomb shelters. It is required that all the children must always stay in the shelters too.”

Click here to read the full update.

3/8/06 – Israeli / Hezbollah Conflict – FTH steps Up

As Hezbollah rockets begin falling into Northern Israel, FTH contacted Pastor Guy Cohen of Katzir Asher congregation in the city of Acco, just 12 miles from the Lebanon border.

Of the 900 Ketusha rockets that landed in populated areas, 200 found their way into the homes and streets of Acco.

FTH has quickly wired funds for the purchase of food and supplies to help hundreds of families who had no choice but to remain in the city and live in bomb shelters for weeks.

Plans are also intended for distribution in Southern Lebanon.

6/8/06 – Israeli / Hezbollah Conflict – Ps. Guy Update by Email

Ps. Guy from Israel was able to send another update on the situation. Here is an excerpt:

The ministry is still on and the work is continuing as we distribute in different areas here– food boxes for the people in shelters and hot meals to old people for lunch time and on Friday we give out Shabbot boxes for the shelters and families.

15/8/06 – Israeli / Hezbollah Conflict – Ps. Guy Update by Email

Ps. Guy has been able send another update on the situation from Acco Israel. Here is an excerpt:

In the attached picture of one of the bombed cars, I was driving right by this area 10 seconds before it hit and killed five people. My mother and sister and close family saw it explode.

16/8/06 – Israeli / Hezbollah Conflict – Ps. guy Update by Email

Things are relatively quiet now in Acco. Ps. Guy was able to send through some photos of the children and life in the shelters. Here’s an excerpt from his email:

I am so grateful for your supporting love even you don’t know me personally you refresh my spirit in the hardest time of my life. I don’t know how to thank you and the ministry of Feed The Hungry. I can tell you are all doing a holy job that continues to warm God’s heart.

19/8/06 – World Pulse Festival – Outdoor concert attracts 50,000 people

The annual music festival held on the grounds of the LeSEA Broadcasting headquarters in South Bend attracted almost 50,000 people.

Musical guests included Newsboys, Toby Mac, Salvador, Jeremy Camp, Barlow Girl & Andy Chrisman.

  • A 2 hour highlights package can be viewed here
  • Individual interviews with all artists can be viewed here
  • The Home page of WPF can be viewed here.
  • WPF is an extension of LIVE FROM STUDIO B which is shown weekly on ACCTV.

25/8/06 – Israeli / Lebanese Conflict – Live Video Report from Acco Brian Bush, the Middle-East correspondent for LeSEA Broadcasting and regular guest on THE HARVEST SHOW was able to travel and speak with Ps. Guy Cohen who has been organizing relief efforts. Two versions of a videophone report are available…

30/8/06 – Israeli / Lebanese Conflict – Thankyou from Ps. guy

With the cessation of hostilities, relative peace returns to the Israeli/Lebanon border. Ps. Guy sent this final thankyou note from Israel for the support and prayers he received. Here’s an excerpt:

While experiencing all of this I felt a deep ache in my heart and I comprehended how terrible it is to see the face of your loved ones, your children, standing with faces full of fear, sadness and seriousness.

“Let the little children come unto me”. I feel that at this time Yeshua will come to his little children who live in the north, we are all his children. We were able to be a light to Israel during these trying days.

4/9/06 – FTH September Partner Letter Released – Send Hope to Zimbabwe

FTH has received enough donated food to fill six containers. We are raising funds to send these containers to Zimbabwe – which means for every $10 raised we can send the value of $75 worth of food.

Due to the official language of Zimbabwe also being English, FTH partners have a special opportunity to send a note of encouragement along with the food. Details included in the partner letter.

Download the partner letter here (132kb in PDF format.)

18/9/06 – Hope For Darfur

FTH has an unprecedented opportunity to go into the Darfur Region of Sudan bringing life-saving food and sharing the message of hope in Jesus Christ. Every dollar donated to this project will be multiplied seven-and-a-half times!  To learn more click here.

22/12/06 – Seasons Greetings

Australian and New Zealand Operations Manager, Benjamin, would like to thank the partners and friends of FTH for the tremendous achievements we have achieved together in 2006. Thankyou for your generosity and faithful support to help Feed The Hungry.

Benjamin has posted a review of the projects the Australian and New Zealand Offices have been involved in throughout 2006, and announces the intention to host a tour to Israel in November 2007 to coincide with the 20th anniversary of Dr. Sumrall receiving the vision.

21/12/06 – Typhoon Durian – Updates

Philippine Relief Partners, Cathedral of Praise, have sent some more photos from the preparation phases and the first distribution.

8/12/06 – Typhoon Durian – New Photos from Advance Team

Team members from the COP relief team were able to forward some initial photos from Bicol. COP is partnering with FTH to provide a convoy of food and relief items to the stranded survivors of recent Typhoon.

7/12/06 – Relief efforts in Philippines – Typhoon Durian

On Thursday 30th November a Typhoon with maximum sustained wind speeds of over 190km/h struck the Philippines. As of the 5th of December over 500 people are confirmed dead, with more than 700 missing and around 1000 people injured.

FTH in partnership with the Philippine Cathedral of Praise is sending food packs and aid to the Bicol area working across denominational lines with AOG, Baptist, Foursquare and other churches in the area.

Latest reports estimate 1.5 million people affected through 10 cities with over 75,000 homes totally destroyed. People affected by the typhoon, are stranded in their homes without electricity, food or water. Others are holed up in schools, churches and other temporary shelters across the Bicol region.

Fernando Gonzales, the governor of Albay has said, “Every corner of this province has been hit. It is a total devastation. Never before in history have we seen water like this. Almost every residential area was flooded.”

Rescue efforts have been hampered by the bad roads and the soft ground, forcing workers to wade into the muck to retrieve bodies. We expect to receive more first-hand reports from our team as our caravan of hope reaches the devastated area over the next coming days.