29/7/05 – Announcement – TD Jakes coming to Sydney

Attending the Real Men’s Conference, I discovered there will be a new venue (Sydney Super Dome) and dates (16-18 November 2005) for the visit of Bishop TD Jakes in November.

1/8/05 – August Partner Letter – Sudan Appeal & Tsunami Net Updates

Feed The Hungry in partnership has distributed food in Sudan as part of an assessment trip for large-scale distributions in October and November. We also have updates from the purchase of fishing nets in Tsunami-affected nations.

Click here to read the August Partner Letter.

1/8/05 – Announcement – Live From Studio B

Starting Sunday 4th September 2005 at 5pm, “Live from Studio B” will be shown on the Australian Christian Channel (ACC). Produced by LeSEA Broadcasting in America this program will contain free advertising of Feed The Hungry.

2/8/05 – Prayer Request – Jean-Pierre in Sudan

“Dr. John Garan (Sudanese Vice-President) was killed in a helicopter crash last night… Today I eyewitnesed a bad day in Kharoum… I saw four houses on fire. People were throwing stones, demolishing shops, cars and buildings. Traffic stopped completely. Thousands of people were on the streets. With Dr. John died a vision for a peaceful south. Pray for Sudan, this is a critical hour. Security says everything is under control. But here in Sudan a lot of things are not under control at all. JP

3/8/05 – Prayer Request – Sudan Update

“I decided yesterday not to go on any further. There are several reasons for that. First of all this is the situation to use wisdom. Feed the Hungry is not an agency for adventures trips! … the UN will not guarantee that they will fly us back out of Dafur on Tuesday. We may end up there for who knows how long – JP

8/8/05 – Announcement – World Pulse Festival on ACCTV

Each year on the grounds of LeSEA Broadcasting South Bend head office, the biggest one-day outdoor concert in America is held. This year guest artists include Superchick, Phil Keaggy, Nicole C. Mullen, Jars of Clay, Toby Mac, and Mercy Me. ACCTV will be broadcasting a 90min feature on the event on Saturday Oct 1st at 8.30pm (repeated at 3.30am and 1.30pm the next day Sunday 2nd October 2005. This broadcast will contain free advertising promoting FTH.

9/8/05 – Jean-Pierre safe at home

“Thank you so much for your prayers for me and my family. Since an hour I am back in the office. Since my time in Bosnia in the very beginning of my time with FTH I have not felt so hopeless and afraid, but thank you for your prayers, they lifted, gave me new ideas what to do and the right people there and over here to get things done.

God bless – JP”

17/8/05 – Announcement – Peter Sumrall Visit

Just confirmed today that Peter Sumrall will be visiting Sydney on the weekend of 17th & 18th September. Peter Sumrall will be attending the 10am morning service at Christian City Church Oxford Falls on Sunday 18/9/2005.

20/8/05 – Video Report

Follow this link to view online a short 6min video update from Feed The Hungry’s new CEO – Peter Sumrall.

23/8/05 – AFCM Conference

A Feed The Hungry representative will be attending the 11th Annual AFCM conference held from Tuesday 23rd to Friday 26th August 2005. For more information please contact AFCM. If you would like a FTH representative to attend your conference please contact the office.

29/8/05 – UN Report – Hurricane Katrina

Katrina, a category four hurricane slammed into the southern state of Louisiana early Monday morning with winds at around 225 kph. The storm is continuing to weaken as it moves over land, but is still battering the region with winds of more than 160kph. According the U.S. National Hurricane Centre, hurricane force winds are expected to spread as far as 200km inland along the storms path, and rainfall is expected to total between 10cm – 25cm. Significant damage and flooding is expected to result from storm surges, which could reach up to 6m above normal tide levels. This is of particular concern in low lying costal areas. The city of New Orleans is especially vulnerable as 70 percent of the city lies below sea level. According to local authorities, parts of city’s system of levees and pumps have failed, leaving portions of the city under 1.5m to 1.8m of water. In the state of Mississippi, there are reports of up to 3m of water in some areas and extensive structural damage to buildings. It is expected that police and emergency workers will be able to enter the area late Monday afternoon to rescue stranded residents and assess damages.

30/8/05 – Feed The Hungry responds to the “Katrina” Crisis

Containing over 21 tons of high quality food items including 115,200 servings of premium, organic gourmet soups; 24,576 servings of ready-to-eat entrees; 8,571 servings of individually wrapped Quaker Oatmeal; 5,400 quarts of ultra-shelf life milk; and 2,000 litres of bottled water, these supplies are being distributed through local churches which are now serving as relief centers for the displaced residents of New Orleans. Many more semi-truck loads need to be sent to supply local churches and ministries with resources for this enormous task.

31/8/05 – Feed The Hungry Delivery

Feed The Hungry has delivered the first of many distributions to help tens of thousands of affected and displaced residents of the Gulf Coast. Our first truckload arrived fully loaded with supplies within 48 hours of the eye-wall striking the coast.

1/9/05 – September Partner Letter – Sudan & Ethiopia Updates

Please pray for the transportation links to remain open in Sudan. Help us transform the nation of Ethiopia by contributing to our goal of sending 60 Semi-Trailers of food and aid to Ethiopia in February 2006.  (PDF not downloadable)

Click here to read the September Partner Letter

2/9/05 – “Katrina” Crisis – How You Can Help!

Feed The Hungry is delivering massive semi-truck loads of emergency relief supplies to help tens of thousands of affected and displaced residents of the Gulf Coast. Many more semi-truck loads need to be sent to supply local churches and ministries with resources for this enormous task.

Supplies will be distributed in conjunction with the local LeSEA Broadcasting affiliate channel, WHNO TV-20 in New Orleans.

7/9/05 – “Katrina Crisis” – Update

As of Saturday 3rd September 2005, Feed The Hungry has sent 19 semi-trailers of emergency rations to affected people in New Orleans and Mississippi.

Thank you to all our partners and friends who have contributed. Many more people still need your urgent help please seek God about giving now.

8/9/05 – “Katrina Crisis” – Testimony

“You would not believe what it’s like to talk to Pastors who’s homes and communities have been completely destroyed… and all they can talk about is how on Day 2 our trucks came rumbling into town with massive supplies, food and help. In some cases – most of the ones I spoke with – they are just outside of the hardest hit areas… and so for the most part they just turned the truck drivers away and sent them further down the road to the Churches in the hardest hit areas. To put this in perspective… these are Pastors who to this day have no electricity, no mail, no help, their homes have trees falled right through them… not able to yet have church services… yet they consider themselves so well off they are refusing the trucks and sending them further in. All these guys can do is thank us for how quick and how strong the response was. Quite a different story huh… from what we hear on the news about the response.” Pastor Don Sparman, FTH Canada Working from the South Bend Warehouse

8/9/05 – “Katrina Crisis” – Distribution Update

LeSEA Broadcasting station (WHNO TV-20) located in the heart of New Orleans was originally planned as the distribution point for food supplies, but was found too damaged to be used.

3 staff members are unaccounted for.

FTH is working with 50 shelters in Baton Rouge alone, not to mention Biloxi, Gulfport, Hattiesburg and some others. These churches have pastors and members working 15-16 hour days to try and help people who have come for refuge.

The Red Cross and Salvation Army having been using schools and city halls as shelters, but now they’re having to move people out since the facilities are needed for their intended purpose. This means that churches will become the main source of shelters for displaced people.

9/9/05 – “Katrina Crisis” – logistics Update

FTH has delivered more than 400 tonnes of food and aid with the help of partners and friends from our South Bend Indiana warehouse. Find out more here.

We have just received a donation of 10,000 NIV bibles to be distributed amongst Katrina Survivors.

9/9/05 – Press Release

A local trucking company has donated the use of their semi-trailers for Hurricane Katrina Relief, We just need to cover the fuel costs. That means for every donation of $1000 we can send a semi-trailer down, filled to capacity with 23,000kg of desperately needed food and aid.

We need your help. Please pray and send your support now. Every gift, every donation makes a difference.

10/9/05 – “Katrina Crisis” – Titans Volunteer

Indiana (USA) University Basketball Team – Titans – volunteer to help sort and load FTH trucks with emergency supplies donated through restaurants in the Michiana area.

10/9/05 – “Katrina Crisis” – Hospital Dropoff

12 tonnes of milk, soup and ready-to-eat meals were unloaded by hand at an abandoned K-mart used as a temporary Special Needs Medical clinic housing 1000 patients and 400 volunteer medical personnel. FTH brought their first load of supplies.

12/9/05 – U.S.A. Website Down

The FTH USA site and all LeSEA sites are temporarily down.

12/9/05 – “Katrina Crisis” – Bible Donations

LeSEA ministries has delivered 25,000 NIV bibles to the devastated areas. With another contribution of 100,000 bibles just received.

13/9/05 – “Katrina Crisis” – Report from Stefan Radelich

Click here to read the first of several reports and updates from FTH’s International Director Stefan Radelich. Spending the past week on the ground and coordinating our effort he brings good news of the needs met, co-operation and salvations.

“There is no such thing as an insufficient gift… Your financial support is greatly needed as every dollar makes a difference in helping to deliver emergency relief supplies and hope to tens of thousands of displaced hungry hurting fellow believers.” – Stefan Radelich

Includes 22 photos.

13/9/05 – U.S.A. Website restored

All sites now restored and fully functioning again.

21/9/05 – Australian Visit – Peter Sumrall

“Some people may forget, but my father Dr. Lester Sumrall was actually born in New Orleans.”

There is much work to be done in the area and we are probably only halfway through providing the emergency needs. The volunteers and staff operating out of the warehouse combined with the volunteers and team members on the ground have done an outstanding job. FTH is responding immediately, consistently and in line with the scope of the current need.

“We don’t work through Governments but through the churches. Our support comes from God’s people.”

Peter Sumrall

CEO, Feed The Hungry

21/9/05 -“Katrina Crisis” – Missing staff members Found

LeSEA Broadcasting runs a Christian TV Station in downtown New Orleans and their TV studios and offices are unusable at present. However their actual transmitter was still working and were able to recommence broadcasting very quickly. Local staff are now looking for alternative office and studio space.

The 3 missing staff members have all been accounted for.

One staff member having quite a testimony.

21/9/05 – “Katrina Crisis”  – Warehouse Update

Right now our warehouse has been emptied again. As fast as we can get the food into our warehouse we’re rushing it down to the needy. We have 7 trucks standing by and we anticipate we will be able to send 11 more semi-trailers of food down by the end of the week.
FTH is still getting a lot of requests from the distribution centers on the ground for more food so we plan to keep sending it.
To date FTH has sent 27 semi-trailers down to distribution centers in Hurricane affected areas.
This is 496,000kg of food worth about 2.4 million dollars Australian.
FTH has been blessed with the donation of trailers, trucks, drivers and fuel costs through the efforts of SBN local trucking company Risinger and their executives. This has allowed more money to be spent on the actual purchase of emergency food and water.

21/9/05 – “Katrina Crisis” – Newsboys build Tent village

According to the latest Club Studio B newsletter Aussie Christian Rock Band – Newsboys have constructed 20 tents for the temporary housing of relief workers in Gulfport MS.

21/9/05 – “Katrina Crisis” – FTH partners with Benny Hinn

Long-time friend Benny Hinn met Peter Sumrall and the team from FTH in New Orleans to see first-hand the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina. Moved with compassion Benny Hinn urged his partners to give to help the plight of the many people still living in temporary shelters.

Benny Hinn pledged that all offerings from the Friday 16th September episode of “This is your day” would go to FTH to continue our work in the devastated gulf regions.

*Updated 22/9/05

22/9/05 – “Katrina Crisis” – FTH keeps on Truckin’

Leaving our South Bend warehouse, local Michiana volunteer drivers keep the trucks and relief supplies rolling non-stop through the night to reach their destination over 1000 miles away – the equivalent of driving from Darwin to Adelaide.

Several of the drivers share the motivations and experiences here.

22/9/05 – “Katrina Crisis” – Papal Envoy Thanks FTH

On Monday Sept 12 Papal Envoy, Archbishop Paul Josef Cordes, president of the Pontifical Council Cor Unum, the Vatican’s charity organization, thanked Feed the Hungry for their efforts on behalf of Katrina victims.

23/9/05 – “Hurricane Rita” – FTH ready to respond

Hurricane Rita continues to pose a major threat to cities and towns along the Gulf Coast. FTH is joining with many intercessory prayer ministries for the break-up and dissipation of this storm. We are praying for protection of people’s lives and their possessions.

FTH has dispatched four semi-trailers of assorted food, water, medical, and relief supplies when Rita crossed the keys and entered the Gulf of Mexico. By week’s end, two more semi’s loaded with 92,000 pounds of canned goods will also be on the road. Two additional semi-trucks will depart from the agency’s South Bend warehouse on Monday, rolling non-stop through the night.

23/9/05 – “Katrina Crisis” – Pizza Hut &  Panera Bread partner with FTH

During the month of October 2005, participating stores of the popular Pizza Hut and the bakery chain Panera Bread will display a FTH counter-top collection display.

So far 48 Pizza Hut stores in the state of Michigan, USA and 21 Panera Bread stores throughout Indiana & Michigan, USA.

(Panera Bread is like a fusion of Gloria Jean’s & Baker’s Delight).

26/9/05 – “Hurricane Katrina” – Field Report

FTH has put together a short 5min video update on our relief efforts in areas devastated by Hurricane Katrina. It shows footage of Stefan Radelich on the ground in Baton Rogue; Bob Boucek head of logistics in our SBN warehouse, and Peter Sumrall talking with Benny Hinn and local pastor Larry Stockstill.

27/9/05 – “Hurricane rita” – Update

Thankfully the damage caused by Hurricane Rita was less than it could have been. FTH has scaled back it’s relief work in the path of Hurricane Rita and continues to address the ongoing needs from survivors of Hurricane Katrina.

“We are working on the border of Texas/Los Angeles in response to Rita where the eyewall passed over Port Arthur/Orange, in the LA area; three trucks were on the move right before evacuation. Larry delivered one load of canned goods yesterday to the warehouse in DeRitter, LA. This morning he will be bringing a mixed load of water & ready to eat foods from the warehouse in Lafayette to Abundant Life Church in Lake Charles, LA.”

Stefan Radelich – FTH International Director

30/9/05 – “Hurricane Katrina” – Warehouse Update

By Saturday 1/10/05 FTH will have loaded and dispatched 4 more semi-trailers of aid down to Hurricane Katrina victims.

This brings the total number of trucks dispatched to 44.

This is roughly 719,000kg of food and aid.

This is worth approximately $2.8 million dollars (AUD).

FTH is still receiving requests for food and aid.

Please consider sending a donation to help relieve their hardship.

No amount is insignificant and every amount is appreciated.


Don’t forget to tune in to the ACCTV at 8.30pm tomorrow (1/10/05) to watch the 90min highlights from the annual World Pulse Festival.

World Pulse Festival is held on the grounds of the

LeSEA Broadcasting studios in South Bend, Indiana.

The one-day outdoor music concert attracts over 50,000 people.

This year the line-up includes live music and interviews from the following artists:

  • Jars of Clay
  • Mercy Me
  • Nicole C. Mullen
  • Phil Keaggy
  • Superchic[k] and
  • Toby Mac.

Check out the World Pulse Festival Website for more information.

Don’t forget to tell your friends to watch the concert.

Not only will they see some of today’s greatest Christian musical talent but they will also have an opportunity to see some free promotional material about FTH during the broadcast.

30/9/05 – “Live from Studio B” – New timeslot

Tune in to “Live from Studio B” at the new timeslot of 8.00pm every Thursday night on ACCTV.

This program contains free advertising for FTH.

10/10/05 – Pakistan Earthquakes

Jean-Pierre Rummens our most experienced field-man from our German office will be in Pakistan to assess how FTH can best help in the aftermath of the recent earthquakes.

Jean-Pierre was in Sri Lanka within days of the Boxing Day Tsunami and will be in Pakistan by the end of the week.

More information to follow.

10/10/05 – Partner Letter

The October Partner letter has just been sent. You can view the letter online here. Focusing on our relief efforts in the gulf regions of the United States affected by Hurricane Katrina it also notes that a 5min video update will be available shortly.

10/10/05 – Hurricane Katrina” – Warehouse Update

As of Friday 7th October 2005, FTH has dispatched 7 more semi-trailers of aid down to Hurricane Katrina victims.

This brings the total number of trucks dispatched to 51.

This is roughly 888,250kg of food and aid.

This is worth approximately $3.01 million dollars (AUD).

This includes 50,000 copies of the special ‘Katrina’ edition book of “God is in the hard stuff”.

FTH is still receiving requests for food and aid.

Please consider sending a donation to help relieve their hardship.

No amount is insignificant and every amount is appreciated.

18/10/05 – Pakistan Earthquake Relief – Assessment

Feed The Hungry is working with the Christian Evangelical Fellowship of Pakistan to rush emergency food rations and blankets into the earthquake disaster zone. Funds have already been transferred to purchase critical items nearby so we can get them into the hands of local churches to distribute to the needy. A Feed The Hungry staff director has arrived in Islamabad to coordinate and oversee our relief efforts.

Teams have been dispatched to Muzaffarabad and are going out to several devastated village communities from there. One team reported that all the buildings and homes were destroyed in the city. They walked through the streets and saw dead bodies everywhere. They saw a school where 600 children were trapped and only 200 children were rescued. One hospital was completely destroyed, the staff and patients all died.

Because of the continuing rains the roads are damaged and dangerous. The relief work is very slow. People are without food and shelter. It is urgent that we continue to send funds quickly to purchase more food and critical supplies. Trans-oceanic shipping containers of relief supplies will take several weeks to arrive in Pakistan but your donation can immediately be put to work purchasing goods in Pakistan to provide immediate relief to the earthquake victims.

18/10/05 – “Hurricane Katrina” – Update

As recovery efforts continue in the gulf, the needs of victims are changing as time passes by. FTH is starting to send food items that need to be cooked, instead of ready to eat, as families in the gulf begin moving back into their homes. Robert Boucek explains, “We’re sending truckloads that have beans and rice and water and canned goods.”

Director Stefan Radelich says, “Some of the places that we are working with have drive-through assembly lines where they are servicing up to 800 to 1,000 families a day.”

Feed the Hungry has a volunteer in the gulf region every two weeks. Radelich adds, “There’s always somebody down in touch to tell us what the needs and tell us things are going as they need to.”

Bottled water is now in abundance, and families now want cleaning supplies. It basically goes in phases in what things that they need. People have no choice. They are literally depending on rest of the country to help them right now.

18/10/05 – “Hurricane Katrina” – NZ sends Volunteers

3 members from Rhema Family Church Whangarei in New Zealand have volunteered to travel to the USA for 3 weeks to assist with relief efforts with our partner organisation in the area PRC Compassion. Mr. P Leech and Mr. D Martin will join a “chainsaw” gang and help in the clean-up efforts. Mrs. N Lane will help in the kitchens.

Ps. Colin Miller and Rhema Family Church Whangarei are long-time supporters of a partner-church in good standing with FTH will be on the forefront of FTH efforts in the South Pacific Rim.

Members of the Rhema Family Church participated in one of food distributions in Thailand this year, and one member is in Banda Aceh, Indonesia with other relief efforts.

20/10/05 – Pakistan Earthquake Relief – Field report from JP

Click here to read a report from Jean-Pierre, our FTH Director from Germany who just recently returned from Pakistan.

21/10/05 – Pakistan Earthquake Relief – Urgent Prayer request

Stefan Radelich, International Director for FTH is asking all partners and friends to join with us in prayer for the release and shipment of Pakistan Earthquake relief items.

“I have just received notification of a generous donation of survival gear – it’s going to work out to be just over 2 shipping containers worth. We’ll have a good assortment survival gear – tents, sleeping bags, compact camping stoves, mess kits etc).”, explains Stefan, “We are praying that the company will release them quickly and pass them on to us… please pray that this happens TODAY.”

“There is a window of opportunity to airlift the goods to Islamabad free of charge” says Stefan Radelich, “This is vitally important as ocean-freight will take too long to get there, as you know its been almost two weeks since the earthquake and lives are literally hanging in the balance because of the weather.”

“We’re praying and believing for quick action to be taken TODAY… time is of the essence. Let’s stand together in faith and confidence, believing the LORD to work it out quickly.”

Please join with us in prayer and agreement that this urgently needed goods will be released and airlifted this weekend.

24/10/05 – Pakistan Earthquake Relief – Prayer update

According to preliminary U.N. estimates there is massive Destruction in six northern districts of North Western Frontier Province (NWFP), five districts of Azad of Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), including Muzaffarabad.

The U.N. report, priority needs for up to 2.5 million affected people in AJK and 2 million affected people in NWFP.

Feed The Hungry is now accepting donations for emergency assistance to the survivors of the earthquake.

FTH is still waiting for the survival goods to be released.

We have secured an arrangement for the goods to be airlifted straight into Pakistan as soon as the goods are released.

While FTH waits for the goods to be released, we have sent our 2nd emergency transfer through to a local Christian ministry to buy materials to construct temporary shelters and food.

24/10/05 – Pakistan Earthquake Relief – Ministering to spirit, soul & body

Salik John, our partner on the ground from the Christian Evangelical Fellowship (CEF) of Pakistan, is a very impressive and capable young man.

CEF is well established in the Lahore region and Salik has had a call to plant churches in the land north of Islamabad– a prophetic call both he and his father questioned seeing that the area has historically been militantly Muslim and closed to the gospel.

As the boxing day tsunami opened the gates to Aceh Indonesia, the Christian response to this disaster will open hardened hearts for the gospel and the church.

Salik sent this great testimony confirming hearts are already changing in hardline muslims in Pakistan:

“Yesterday our team went to two different villages where most of the homes were destroyed. We took water, milk, rice, snacks and 100 blankets. We distributed all the blankets. It was getting dark so could not distribute some water and food. Tomorrow we are going back to the affected area again with 100 blankets and the left over water and food.

During the distribution people were having conversations that Christians are helping us without any religious discrimination and it shows their concern for humanity. These people are extremely fanatic Muslims – so to hear these kinds of comments from them is a miracle.

Praise God! We were able to show the Love of Jesus and His name was glorified. Please continue to pray for our safety, wisdom and the anointing to reach to this tough area. Salik”

26/10/05 – TD Jakes is coming to Sydney

FTH is proud to support the upcoming 3-night conference at the Sydney Superdome on Wed 16th through to Fri 18th November 2005.

If you’ve never heard of the man Time Magazine calls the “next Billy Graham” he is going to appear on the Oprah show on Nov 4th.

23/11/05 – Global Updates


We are continuing to send finances through to Pakistan for Ps. Salik to purchase urgently needed supplies. With very little ability to communicate with the outside world, we are waiting for his next scheduled update by the weekend we more details about the situation in Pakistan.

Hurricane Katrina

FTH is continuing to truck down supplies to churches and ministries in the gulf regions affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Volunteers are prepping 5,000 Holiday Hope boxes this week at the warehouse as well. Boxes contain holiday foods (canned ham, yams, green beans, etc.), toys for kids, and inspirational literature; they’ll be distributed to targeted families in need who have been displaced/disadvantaged by the hurricanes.

New Zealand Relief Workers

Three members from the New Zealand “Rhema Family Church” have been in the New Orleans region answering the call to help.

Ps. Colin Miller from New Zealand explains that his church was greatly challenged by the Tsunami and has desired to create a “rapid-response” team in his church which can move quickly to bring relief to disaster zones, especially in the South Pacific Area.

Members of his team are providing a boon of encouragement and lifting the spirits of local residents and workers alike. Ps. Colin explains that some volunteers have not stopped helping in the 8 weeks since the Hurricane first hit the shores, have not taken a single day of rest.

One team member was quickly assigned the responsibility of a food distribution point set up in a shopping centre. The role involves the unloading of semi-trailers to the carpark (often by hand) and the regular topping up of “picking areas” where survivors come to collect their food parcels.

The Kiwi’s have had many opportunities to minister as people specifically seek them out for prayer and encouragement.

Ps. Colin’s team members joined me in Thailand in April.

Rhema Family Church Whangarei will play a crucial part in

future relief operations in the South Pacific area.


Stefan Radelich is scheduled to head out to Ethiopia from Tues 29th November until Sunday 4th December to assess how our preparations for our food distribution in February 2006.

We are planning to step up from our usual 6 semi-trailers to a massive 60 semi-trailers for this project. Please keep this project in prayer as we seek to impact the nation.

More than ever they need our help.

23/11/05 – Staff Spotlight – Peter Sumrall CEO

Recently FTH Operations Director Stefan Radelich and FTH CEO & President Peter Sumrall sat down to define and talk about the mission of FTH and the goals and direction for the future.

Next month look out for an in-depth interview with Jean-Pierre Rummens, FTH Director from the German Office.

23/11/05 – Partner Letter

The November partner letter, sent 1/11/05, is available online here.

Giving updates on our Pakistan earthquake relief and our upcoming Ethiopia Project; FTH also launched our new ongoing project supporting the food budget of Christian Orphanages from across the globe. Already feeding over 1000 children every day we want your help to expand.

Read more about feeding Every child Every Day here.

23/11/05 – Warehouse Update

As of the middle of October, LeSEA Global Feed The Hungry has sent over 3 million kilograms of food to 15 nation in 2005.

24/11/05 – Pakistan earthquake Update –

Pastor Salik has just been able to file this quick update on the ongoing relief efforts in Pakistan. Stefan Radelich was able to speak to him over the phone and passed this email on to the international offices.

This is truly an unprecedented opportunity for the gospel to take root in the Kashmir region.

Over the phone Salik mentioned that Christians were forbidden to enter the areas that they are now ministering in!

Food and relief supplies have been the key to open the door into the villages and the villager’s hearts.

Stefan Radelich

FTH Operations Director

7/12/05 – Staff Profile – Peter Sumrall

Peter Sumrall was interviewed during a recent trip to Sydney by ALIVE – one of Australia’s premier Christian magazines. The interview appears in the December 2005 edition of the Alive magazine.