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29/7/05 – Announcement – TD Jakes coming to Sydney

Attending the Real Men’s Conference, I discovered there will be a new venue (Sydney Super Dome) and dates (16-18 November 2005) for the visit of Bishop TD Jakes in November.

1/8/05 – August Partner Letter – Sudan Appeal & Tsunami Net Updates

Feed The Hungry in partnership has distributed food in Sudan as part of an assessment trip for large-scale distributions in October and November. We also have updates from the purchase of fishing nets in Tsunami-affected nations.

Click here to read the August Partner Letter.

1/8/05 – Announcement – Live From Studio B

Starting Sunday 4th September 2005 at 5pm, “Live from Studio B” will be shown on the Australian Christian Channel (ACC). Produced by LeSEA Broadcasting in America this program will contain free advertising of Feed The Hungry.

2/8/05 – Prayer Request – Jean-Pierre in Sudan

“Dr. John Garan (Sudanese Vice-President) was killed in a helicopter crash last night… Today I eyewitnesed a bad day in Kharoum… I saw four houses on fire. People were throwing stones, demolishing shops, cars and buildings. Traffic stopped completely. Thousands of people were on the streets. With Dr. John died a vision for a peaceful south. Pray for Sudan, this is a critical hour. Security says everything is under control. But here in Sudan a lot of things are not under control at all. JP

3/8/05 – Prayer Request – Sudan Update

“I decided yesterday not to go on any further. There are several reasons for that. First of all this is the situation to use wisdom. Feed the Hungry is not an agency for adventures trips! … the UN will not guarantee that they will fly us back out of Dafur on Tuesday. We may end up there for who knows how long – JP

8/8/05 – Announcement – World Pulse Festival on ACCTV

Each year on the grounds of LeSEA Broadcasting South Bend head office, the biggest one-day outdoor concert in America is held. This year guest artists include Superchick, Phil Keaggy, Nicole C. Mullen, Jars of Clay, Toby Mac, and Mercy Me. ACCTV will be broadcasting a 90min feature on the event on Saturday Oct 1st at 8.30pm (repeated at 3.30am and 1.30pm the next day Sunday 2nd October 2005. This broadcast will contain free advertising promoting FTH.

9/8/05 – Jean-Pierre safe at home

“Thank you so much for your prayers for me and my family. Since an hour I am back in the office. Since my time in Bosnia in the very beginning of my time with FTH I have not felt so hopeless and afraid, but thank you for your prayers, they lifted, gave me new ideas what to do and the right people there and over here to get things done.

God bless – JP”

17/8/05 – Announcement – Peter Sumrall Visit

Just confirmed today that Peter Sumrall will be visiting Sydney on the weekend of 17th & 18th September. Peter Sumrall will be attending the 10am morning service at Christian City Church Oxford Falls on Sunday 18/9/2005.

20/8/05 – Video Report

Follow this link to view online a short 6min video update from Feed The Hungry’s new CEO – Peter Sumrall.

23/8/05 – AFCM Conference

A Feed The Hungry representative will be attending the 11th Annual AFCM conference held from Tuesday 23rd to Friday 26th August 2005. For more information please contact AFCM. If you would like a FTH representative to attend your conference please contact the office.

29/8/05 – UN Report – Hurricane Katrina

Katrina, a category four hurricane slammed into the southern state of Louisiana early Monday morning with winds at around 225 kph. The storm is continuing to weaken as it moves over land, but is still battering the region with winds of more than 160kph. According the U.S. National Hurricane Centre, hurricane force winds are expected to spread as far as 200km inland along the storms path, and rainfall is expected to total between 10cm – 25cm. Significant damage and flooding is expected to result from storm surges, which could reach up to 6m above normal tide levels. This is of particular concern in low lying costal areas. The city of New Orleans is especially vulnerable as 70 percent of the city lies below sea level. According to local authorities, parts of city’s system of levees and pumps have failed, leaving portions of the city under 1.5m to 1.8m of water. In the state of Mississippi, there are reports of up to 3m of water in some areas and extensive structural damage to buildings. It is expected that police and emergency workers will be able to enter the area late Monday afternoon to rescue stranded residents and assess damages.

30/8/05 – Feed The Hungry responds to the “Katrina” Crisis

Containing over 21 tons of high quality food items including 115,200 servings of premium, organic gourmet soups; 24,576 servings of ready-to-eat entrees; 8,571 servings of individually wrapped Quaker Oatmeal; 5,400 quarts of ultra-shelf life milk; and 2,000 litres of bottled water, these supplies are being distributed through local churches which are now serving as relief centers for the displaced residents of New Orleans. Many more semi-truck loads need to be sent to supply local churches and ministries with resources for this enormous task.

31/8/05 – Feed The Hungry Delivery

Feed The Hungry has delivered the first of many distributions to help tens of thousands of affected and displaced residents of the Gulf Coast. Our first truckload arrived fully loaded with supplies within 48 hours of the eye-wall striking the coast.

1/9/05 – September Partner Letter – Sudan & Ethiopia Updates

Please pray for the transportation links to remain open in Sudan. Help us transform the nation of Ethiopia by contributing to our goal of sending 60 Semi-Trailers of food and aid to Ethiopia in February 2006.  (PDF not downloadable)

Click here to read the September Partner Letter

2/9/05 – “Katrina” Crisis – How You Can Help!

Feed The Hungry is delivering massive semi-truck loads of emergency relief supplies to help tens of thousands of affected and displaced residents of the Gulf Coast. Many more semi-truck loads need to be sent to supply local churches and ministries with resources for this enormous task.

Supplies will be distributed in conjunction with the local LeSEA Broadcasting affiliate channel, WHNO TV-20 in New Orleans.

7/9/05 – “Katrina Crisis” – Update

As of Saturday 3rd September 2005, Feed The Hungry has sent 19 semi-trailers of emergency rations to affected people in New Orleans and Mississippi.

Thank you to all our partners and friends who have contributed. Many more people still need your urgent help please seek God about giving now.

8/9/05 – “Katrina Crisis” – Testimony

“You would not believe what it’s like to talk to Pastors who’s homes and communities have been completely destroyed… and all they can talk about is how on Day 2 our trucks came rumbling into town with massive supplies, food and help. In some cases – most of the ones I spoke with – they are just outside of the hardest hit areas… and so for the most part they just turned the truck drivers away and sent them further down the road to the Churches in the hardest hit areas. To put this in perspective… these are Pastors who to this day have no electricity, no mail, no help, their homes have trees falled right through them… not able to yet have church services… yet they consider themselves so well off they are refusing the trucks and sending them further in. All these guys can do is thank us for how quick and how strong the response was. Quite a different story huh… from what we hear on the news about the response.” Pastor Don Sparman, FTH Canada Working from the South Bend Warehouse

8/9/05 – “Katrina Crisis” – Distribution Update

LeSEA Broadcasting station (WHNO TV-20) located in the heart of New Orleans was originally planned as the distribution point for food supplies, but was found too damaged to be used.

3 staff members are unaccounted for.

FTH is working with 50 shelters in Baton Rouge alone, not to mention Biloxi, Gulfport, Hattiesburg and some others. These churches have pastors and members working 15-16 hour days to try and help people who have come for refuge.

The Red Cross and Salvation Army having been using schools and city halls as shelters, but now they’re having to move people out since the facilities are needed for their intended purpose. This means that churches will become the main source of shelters for displaced people.

9/9/05 – “Katrina Crisis” – logistics Update

FTH has delivered more than 400 tonnes of food and aid with the help of partners and friends from our South Bend Indiana warehouse. Find out more here.

We have just received a donation of 10,000 NIV bibles to be distributed amongst Katrina Survivors.

9/9/05 – Press Release

A local trucking company has donated the use of their semi-trailers for Hurricane Katrina Relief, We just need to cover the fuel costs. That means for every donation of $1000 we can send a semi-trailer down, filled to capacity with 23,000kg of desperately needed food and aid.

We need your help. Please pray and send your support now. Every gift, every donation makes a difference.

10/9/05 – “Katrina Crisis” – Titans Volunteer

Indiana (USA) University Basketball Team – Titans – volunteer to help sort and load FTH trucks with emergency supplies donated through restaurants in the Michiana area.

10/9/05 – “Katrina Crisis” – Hospital Dropoff

12 tonnes of milk, soup and ready-to-eat meals were unloaded by hand at an abandoned K-mart used as a temporary Special Needs Medical clinic housing 1000 patients and 400 volunteer medical personnel. FTH brought their first load of supplies.

12/9/05 – U.S.A. Website Down

The FTH USA site and all LeSEA sites are temporarily down.

12/9/05 – “Katrina Crisis” – Bible Donations

LeSEA ministries has delivered 25,000 NIV bibles to the devastated areas. With another contribution of 100,000 bibles just received.

13/9/05 – “Katrina Crisis” – Report from Stefan Radelich

Click here to read the first of several reports and updates from FTH’s International Director Stefan Radelich. Spending the past week on the ground and coordinating our effort he brings good news of the needs met, co-operation and salvations.

“There is no such thing as an insufficient gift… Your financial support is greatly needed as every dollar makes a difference in helping to deliver emergency relief supplies and hope to tens of thousands of displaced hungry hurting fellow believers.” – Stefan Radelich

Includes 22 photos.

13/9/05 – U.S.A. Website restored

All sites now restored and fully functioning again.

21/9/05 – Australian Visit – Peter Sumrall

“Some people may forget, but my father Dr. Lester Sumrall was actually born in New Orleans.”

There is much work to be done in the area and we are probably only halfway through providing the emergency needs. The volunteers and staff operating out of the warehouse combined with the volunteers and team members on the ground have done an outstanding job. FTH is responding immediately, consistently and in line with the scope of the current need.

“We don’t work through Governments but through the churches. Our support comes from God’s people.”

Peter Sumrall

CEO, Feed The Hungry

21/9/05 -“Katrina Crisis” – Missing staff members Found

LeSEA Broadcasting runs a Christian TV Station in downtown New Orleans and their TV studios and offices are unusable at present. However their actual transmitter was still working and were able to recommence broadcasting very quickly. Local staff are now looking for alternative office and studio space.

The 3 missing staff members have all been accounted for.

One staff member having quite a testimony.

21/9/05 – “Katrina Crisis”  – Warehouse Update

Right now our warehouse has been emptied again. As fast as we can get the food into our warehouse we’re rushing it down to the needy. We have 7 trucks standing by and we anticipate we will be able to send 11 more semi-trailers of food down by the end of the week.
FTH is still getting a lot of requests from the distribution centers on the ground for more food so we plan to keep sending it.
To date FTH has sent 27 semi-trailers down to distribution centers in Hurricane affected areas.
This is 496,000kg of food worth about 2.4 million dollars Australian.
FTH has been blessed with the donation of trailers, trucks, drivers and fuel costs through the efforts of SBN local trucking company Risinger and their executives. This has allowed more money to be spent on the actual purchase of emergency food and water.

21/9/05 – “Katrina Crisis” – Newsboys build Tent village

According to the latest Club Studio B newsletter Aussie Christian Rock Band – Newsboys have constructed 20 tents for the temporary housing of relief workers in Gulfport MS.

21/9/05 – “Katrina Crisis” – FTH partners with Benny Hinn

Long-time friend Benny Hinn met Peter Sumrall and the team from FTH in New Orleans to see first-hand the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina. Moved with compassion Benny Hinn urged his partners to give to help the plight of the many people still living in temporary shelters.

Benny Hinn pledged that all offerings from the Friday 16th September episode of “This is your day” would go to FTH to continue our work in the devastated gulf regions.

*Updated 22/9/05

22/9/05 – “Katrina Crisis” – FTH keeps on Truckin’

Leaving our South Bend warehouse, local Michiana volunteer drivers keep the trucks and relief supplies rolling non-stop through the night to reach their destination over 1000 miles away – the equivalent of driving from Darwin to Adelaide.

Several of the drivers share the motivations and experiences here.

22/9/05 – “Katrina Crisis” – Papal Envoy Thanks FTH

On Monday Sept 12 Papal Envoy, Archbishop Paul Josef Cordes, president of the Pontifical Council Cor Unum, the Vatican’s charity organization, thanked Feed the Hungry for their efforts on behalf of Katrina victims.

23/9/05 – “Hurricane Rita” – FTH ready to respond

Hurricane Rita continues to pose a major threat to cities and towns along the Gulf Coast. FTH is joining with many intercessory prayer ministries for the break-up and dissipation of this storm. We are praying for protection of people’s lives and their possessions.

FTH has dispatched four semi-trailers of assorted food, water, medical, and relief supplies when Rita crossed the keys and entered the Gulf of Mexico. By week’s end, two more semi’s loaded with 92,000 pounds of canned goods will also be on the road. Two additional semi-trucks will depart from the agency’s South Bend warehouse on Monday, rolling non-stop through the night.

23/9/05 – “Katrina Crisis” – Pizza Hut &  Panera Bread partner with FTH

During the month of October 2005, participating stores of the popular Pizza Hut and the bakery chain Panera Bread will display a FTH counter-top collection display.

So far 48 Pizza Hut stores in the state of Michigan, USA and 21 Panera Bread stores throughout Indiana & Michigan, USA.

(Panera Bread is like a fusion of Gloria Jean’s & Baker’s Delight).

26/9/05 – “Hurricane Katrina” – Field Report

FTH has put together a short 5min video update on our relief efforts in areas devastated by Hurricane Katrina. It shows footage of Stefan Radelich on the ground in Baton Rogue; Bob Boucek head of logistics in our SBN warehouse, and Peter Sumrall talking with Benny Hinn and local pastor Larry Stockstill.

27/9/05 – “Hurricane rita” – Update

Thankfully the damage caused by Hurricane Rita was less than it could have been. FTH has scaled back it’s relief work in the path of Hurricane Rita and continues to address the ongoing needs from survivors of Hurricane Katrina.

“We are working on the border of Texas/Los Angeles in response to Rita where the eyewall passed over Port Arthur/Orange, in the LA area; three trucks were on the move right before evacuation. Larry delivered one load of canned goods yesterday to the warehouse in DeRitter, LA. This morning he will be bringing a mixed load of water & ready to eat foods from the warehouse in Lafayette to Abundant Life Church in Lake Charles, LA.”

Stefan Radelich – FTH International Director

30/9/05 – “Hurricane Katrina” – Warehouse Update

By Saturday 1/10/05 FTH will have loaded and dispatched 4 more semi-trailers of aid down to Hurricane Katrina victims.

This brings the total number of trucks dispatched to 44.

This is roughly 719,000kg of food and aid.

This is worth approximately $2.8 million dollars (AUD).

FTH is still receiving requests for food and aid.

Please consider sending a donation to help relieve their hardship.

No amount is insignificant and every amount is appreciated.


Don’t forget to tune in to the ACCTV at 8.30pm tomorrow (1/10/05) to watch the 90min highlights from the annual World Pulse Festival.

World Pulse Festival is held on the grounds of the

LeSEA Broadcasting studios in South Bend, Indiana.

The one-day outdoor music concert attracts over 50,000 people.

This year the line-up includes live music and interviews from the following artists:

  • Jars of Clay
  • Mercy Me
  • Nicole C. Mullen
  • Phil Keaggy
  • Superchic[k] and
  • Toby Mac.

Check out the World Pulse Festival Website for more information.

Don’t forget to tell your friends to watch the concert.

Not only will they see some of today’s greatest Christian musical talent but they will also have an opportunity to see some free promotional material about FTH during the broadcast.

30/9/05 – “Live from Studio B” – New timeslot

Tune in to “Live from Studio B” at the new timeslot of 8.00pm every Thursday night on ACCTV.

This program contains free advertising for FTH.

10/10/05 – Pakistan Earthquakes

Jean-Pierre Rummens our most experienced field-man from our German office will be in Pakistan to assess how FTH can best help in the aftermath of the recent earthquakes.

Jean-Pierre was in Sri Lanka within days of the Boxing Day Tsunami and will be in Pakistan by the end of the week.

More information to follow.

10/10/05 – Partner Letter

The October Partner letter has just been sent. You can view the letter online here. Focusing on our relief efforts in the gulf regions of the United States affected by Hurricane Katrina it also notes that a 5min video update will be available shortly.

10/10/05 – Hurricane Katrina” – Warehouse Update

As of Friday 7th October 2005, FTH has dispatched 7 more semi-trailers of aid down to Hurricane Katrina victims.

This brings the total number of trucks dispatched to 51.

This is roughly 888,250kg of food and aid.

This is worth approximately $3.01 million dollars (AUD).

This includes 50,000 copies of the special ‘Katrina’ edition book of “God is in the hard stuff”.

FTH is still receiving requests for food and aid.

Please consider sending a donation to help relieve their hardship.

No amount is insignificant and every amount is appreciated.

18/10/05 – Pakistan Earthquake Relief – Assessment

Feed The Hungry is working with the Christian Evangelical Fellowship of Pakistan to rush emergency food rations and blankets into the earthquake disaster zone. Funds have already been transferred to purchase critical items nearby so we can get them into the hands of local churches to distribute to the needy. A Feed The Hungry staff director has arrived in Islamabad to coordinate and oversee our relief efforts.

Teams have been dispatched to Muzaffarabad and are going out to several devastated village communities from there. One team reported that all the buildings and homes were destroyed in the city. They walked through the streets and saw dead bodies everywhere. They saw a school where 600 children were trapped and only 200 children were rescued. One hospital was completely destroyed, the staff and patients all died.

Because of the continuing rains the roads are damaged and dangerous. The relief work is very slow. People are without food and shelter. It is urgent that we continue to send funds quickly to purchase more food and critical supplies. Trans-oceanic shipping containers of relief supplies will take several weeks to arrive in Pakistan but your donation can immediately be put to work purchasing goods in Pakistan to provide immediate relief to the earthquake victims.

18/10/05 – “Hurricane Katrina” – Update

As recovery efforts continue in the gulf, the needs of victims are changing as time passes by. FTH is starting to send food items that need to be cooked, instead of ready to eat, as families in the gulf begin moving back into their homes. Robert Boucek explains, “We’re sending truckloads that have beans and rice and water and canned goods.”

Director Stefan Radelich says, “Some of the places that we are working with have drive-through assembly lines where they are servicing up to 800 to 1,000 families a day.”

Feed the Hungry has a volunteer in the gulf region every two weeks. Radelich adds, “There’s always somebody down in touch to tell us what the needs and tell us things are going as they need to.”

Bottled water is now in abundance, and families now want cleaning supplies. It basically goes in phases in what things that they need. People have no choice. They are literally depending on rest of the country to help them right now.

18/10/05 – “Hurricane Katrina” – NZ sends Volunteers

3 members from Rhema Family Church Whangarei in New Zealand have volunteered to travel to the USA for 3 weeks to assist with relief efforts with our partner organisation in the area PRC Compassion. Mr. P Leech and Mr. D Martin will join a “chainsaw” gang and help in the clean-up efforts. Mrs. N Lane will help in the kitchens.

Ps. Colin Miller and Rhema Family Church Whangarei are long-time supporters of a partner-church in good standing with FTH will be on the forefront of FTH efforts in the South Pacific Rim.

Members of the Rhema Family Church participated in one of food distributions in Thailand this year, and one member is in Banda Aceh, Indonesia with other relief efforts.

20/10/05 – Pakistan Earthquake Relief – Field report from JP

Click here to read a report from Jean-Pierre, our FTH Director from Germany who just recently returned from Pakistan.

21/10/05 – Pakistan Earthquake Relief – Urgent Prayer request

Stefan Radelich, International Director for FTH is asking all partners and friends to join with us in prayer for the release and shipment of Pakistan Earthquake relief items.

“I have just received notification of a generous donation of survival gear – it’s going to work out to be just over 2 shipping containers worth. We’ll have a good assortment survival gear – tents, sleeping bags, compact camping stoves, mess kits etc).”, explains Stefan, “We are praying that the company will release them quickly and pass them on to us… please pray that this happens TODAY.”

“There is a window of opportunity to airlift the goods to Islamabad free of charge” says Stefan Radelich, “This is vitally important as ocean-freight will take too long to get there, as you know its been almost two weeks since the earthquake and lives are literally hanging in the balance because of the weather.”

“We’re praying and believing for quick action to be taken TODAY… time is of the essence. Let’s stand together in faith and confidence, believing the LORD to work it out quickly.”

Please join with us in prayer and agreement that this urgently needed goods will be released and airlifted this weekend.

24/10/05 – Pakistan Earthquake Relief – Prayer update

According to preliminary U.N. estimates there is massive Destruction in six northern districts of North Western Frontier Province (NWFP), five districts of Azad of Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), including Muzaffarabad.

The U.N. report, priority needs for up to 2.5 million affected people in AJK and 2 million affected people in NWFP.

Feed The Hungry is now accepting donations for emergency assistance to the survivors of the earthquake.

FTH is still waiting for the survival goods to be released.

We have secured an arrangement for the goods to be airlifted straight into Pakistan as soon as the goods are released.

While FTH waits for the goods to be released, we have sent our 2nd emergency transfer through to a local Christian ministry to buy materials to construct temporary shelters and food.

24/10/05 – Pakistan Earthquake Relief – Ministering to spirit, soul & body

Salik John, our partner on the ground from the Christian Evangelical Fellowship (CEF) of Pakistan, is a very impressive and capable young man.

CEF is well established in the Lahore region and Salik has had a call to plant churches in the land north of Islamabad– a prophetic call both he and his father questioned seeing that the area has historically been militantly Muslim and closed to the gospel.

As the boxing day tsunami opened the gates to Aceh Indonesia, the Christian response to this disaster will open hardened hearts for the gospel and the church.

Salik sent this great testimony confirming hearts are already changing in hardline muslims in Pakistan:

“Yesterday our team went to two different villages where most of the homes were destroyed. We took water, milk, rice, snacks and 100 blankets. We distributed all the blankets. It was getting dark so could not distribute some water and food. Tomorrow we are going back to the affected area again with 100 blankets and the left over water and food.

During the distribution people were having conversations that Christians are helping us without any religious discrimination and it shows their concern for humanity. These people are extremely fanatic Muslims – so to hear these kinds of comments from them is a miracle.

Praise God! We were able to show the Love of Jesus and His name was glorified. Please continue to pray for our safety, wisdom and the anointing to reach to this tough area. Salik”

26/10/05 – TD Jakes is coming to Sydney

FTH is proud to support the upcoming 3-night conference at the Sydney Superdome on Wed 16th through to Fri 18th November 2005.

If you’ve never heard of the man Time Magazine calls the “next Billy Graham” he is going to appear on the Oprah show on Nov 4th.

23/11/05 – Global Updates


We are continuing to send finances through to Pakistan for Ps. Salik to purchase urgently needed supplies. With very little ability to communicate with the outside world, we are waiting for his next scheduled update by the weekend we more details about the situation in Pakistan.

Hurricane Katrina

FTH is continuing to truck down supplies to churches and ministries in the gulf regions affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Volunteers are prepping 5,000 Holiday Hope boxes this week at the warehouse as well. Boxes contain holiday foods (canned ham, yams, green beans, etc.), toys for kids, and inspirational literature; they’ll be distributed to targeted families in need who have been displaced/disadvantaged by the hurricanes.

New Zealand Relief Workers

Three members from the New Zealand “Rhema Family Church” have been in the New Orleans region answering the call to help.

Ps. Colin Miller from New Zealand explains that his church was greatly challenged by the Tsunami and has desired to create a “rapid-response” team in his church which can move quickly to bring relief to disaster zones, especially in the South Pacific Area.

Members of his team are providing a boon of encouragement and lifting the spirits of local residents and workers alike. Ps. Colin explains that some volunteers have not stopped helping in the 8 weeks since the Hurricane first hit the shores, have not taken a single day of rest.

One team member was quickly assigned the responsibility of a food distribution point set up in a shopping centre. The role involves the unloading of semi-trailers to the carpark (often by hand) and the regular topping up of “picking areas” where survivors come to collect their food parcels.

The Kiwi’s have had many opportunities to minister as people specifically seek them out for prayer and encouragement.

Ps. Colin’s team members joined me in Thailand in April.

Rhema Family Church Whangarei will play a crucial part in

future relief operations in the South Pacific area.


Stefan Radelich is scheduled to head out to Ethiopia from Tues 29th November until Sunday 4th December to assess how our preparations for our food distribution in February 2006.

We are planning to step up from our usual 6 semi-trailers to a massive 60 semi-trailers for this project. Please keep this project in prayer as we seek to impact the nation.

More than ever they need our help.

23/11/05 – Staff Spotlight – Peter Sumrall CEO

Recently FTH Operations Director Stefan Radelich and FTH CEO & President Peter Sumrall sat down to define and talk about the mission of FTH and the goals and direction for the future.

Next month look out for an in-depth interview with Jean-Pierre Rummens, FTH Director from the German Office.

23/11/05 – Partner Letter

The November partner letter, sent 1/11/05, is available online here.

Giving updates on our Pakistan earthquake relief and our upcoming Ethiopia Project; FTH also launched our new ongoing project supporting the food budget of Christian Orphanages from across the globe. Already feeding over 1000 children every day we want your help to expand.

Read more about feeding Every child Every Day here.

23/11/05 – Warehouse Update

As of the middle of October, LeSEA Global Feed The Hungry has sent over 3 million kilograms of food to 15 nation in 2005.

24/11/05 – Pakistan earthquake Update –

Pastor Salik has just been able to file this quick update on the ongoing relief efforts in Pakistan. Stefan Radelich was able to speak to him over the phone and passed this email on to the international offices.

This is truly an unprecedented opportunity for the gospel to take root in the Kashmir region.

Over the phone Salik mentioned that Christians were forbidden to enter the areas that they are now ministering in!

Food and relief supplies have been the key to open the door into the villages and the villager’s hearts.

Stefan Radelich

FTH Operations Director

7/12/05 – Staff Profile – Peter Sumrall

Peter Sumrall was interviewed during a recent trip to Sydney by ALIVE – one of Australia’s premier Christian magazines. The interview appears in the December 2005 edition of the Alive magazine.


5/1/2006 – Project Updates

Project Sudan Preliminary reports from our Sudan outreach last year in November have confirmed God’s miraculous power and protection in the earth today.

Our partner organisation on the ground, Global Quest Ministries, has reported great success amidst delays and other troubles.

“160 tons of food arrived late on the last day of the crusade because of rebel activity on the road to Juba. A convoy ahead of FTH was stopped, drivers were shot, and goods were stolen. The FTH convoy turned back and waited about a week until the road was secured. 

Volunteers put 20,000 food packs together which were distributed at 4 centers around Juba the week after the crusade.  Greg Ford, Global Quest Ministries, commented that they received many reports from the distribution sites of miracle healings, salvations, and ‘tremendous’ ministry from the local church leaders & believers who were at the sites.  At the crusade there were notable miracles among the Muslims—including 7 people who were blind being completely healed.

Out of the crusade and leadership conference a bible school was planted with 40 students in the inaugural class.

Greg said the food distribution caught the attention of the U.S. Consul which just opened an office in Juba, and the head of USAID for that region who commented that the food came just at the right time because the harvest had been much less than anticipated and they expected severe food needs to manifest within the coming months.

Juba is a critical, strategic point for the New Sudan as it emerges from the Islamic north… let’s continue to pray and trust the Lord that it will become a stronghold for the gospel and the kingdom of God.”

Stefan Radelich FTH Operations Director

Pakistan Earthquake

Our U.S. warehouse in South Bend Indiana has just received 11 pallets of brand new tents (high quality, 3x4m, pictured below).

20/1/2006 – 2005 Year in Review

The latest edition of the FTH International Field Report Magazine is now available online. This edition looks back at some of great challengers faced by the world and the great victories we have been able to achieve with the help of our Partners and Friends.

Throughout 2005, FTH delivered 2.8 million kilograms of food and aid to 15 nations.

To view the Field report click here (pdf format, 856kb)

24/1/2006 – Online Donations

A new version of the Online Donation facility is live today, making it easier and more convenient to send your donation to FTH and help those in need.

Online Donations are now protected by security protocols of the Westpac Banking Corporation ensuring the maximum protection.

31/1/2006 – FTH now accepts American Express

American Express is now accepted by FTH for mail, phone and online donations.

3/2/06 – Project Ethiopia Update

FTH Australia Representative, Ben Evans, will be on the ground in Ethiopia from Monday 13th through to Sunday 19th February 2006.

A full report will be sent in March 2005 to all donors and partners upon his return.

3/2/06 – 2006 Ethiopia Appeal

In January FTH launched the 2006 appeal for Project Ethiopia after almost 6 months of preparation.

The 2006 Ethiopian Appeal was a one-off appeal in two letters:-

10/2/06 – Project Ethiopia Update

Map of Awasa Ethiopia _Feed The Hungry Australia

Project Ethiopia is only days away from launching. Already teams of volunteers are preparing food packs to feed more than 50,000 people over the next two weeks.

Food will be distributed through local churches in the Awasa region, 200km south of the main capital city, Addis Ababa.

Key focal point of the project will be the 3 night evangelical crusade from Wednesday 15th through to Friday 17th. We expect a nightly attendance of 100,000 people. Please keep these meetings in prayer.

23/2/06 – Project Ethiopia – Underway at last!

Excerpt from FTH Email Alert sent 16/2/06 from Ethiopia:-

“We’re at day 3 of a 6 day crusade, I’ve seen thousands hear the Gospel, I’ve seen the crowd surge to the stage to receive Christ at the altar call, and witnessed the miraculous power of God at work.

Just yesterday we visited our warehouse. Local church members have began to prepare the 10,000 food packs which will be distributed next week after the crusade has finished. Each food pack contains 35kg of food.

The tip-truck… is heavily ladened with just 300 of the 10,000 packs we have made up. We took this truck to a nearby village and we were able to begin distributing the food.

Peter Sumrall greeted the people, and was interpreted into two languages so that everyone was able to understand him – then the head pastor of the church gave a short evangelical message to the gathering.

Each food pack contains a Bible written in Ahmraic which is the local Ethiopian language. Many of the packs includes a teaching book from Derek Prince, The Divine Exchange, in the Ahmraic language.

I have been so mindful of your support during this amazing project we have undertaken. Your support is making a big difference here in Ethiopia. We couldn’t have attempted such a large project without your support.

Thank you for all your support and prayers.”

Benjamin Evans FTH Operations Manager Australia & New Zealand

Over the next 4-6 weeks the food will be distributed to local churches in a 100km radius from the main crusade venue in Awasa. A full report will be sent to partners and donors in early March, and more updates as they become available.

3/3/06 – Project Ethiopia – Crusade Footage

Ps. Billy Joe & Sharon Daugherty have posted a short 3.5min video highlighting some footage and testimonies from our Ethiopia Crusade.

6/3/06 – Project Ethiopia – Donor Report

FTH Australia Operations Manager, Ben Evans, has published a report from his trip to Awasa Ethiopia.

The report has been sent to all donors and partners of FTH today.

A copy of the report can be viewed online here. (ANZAC Field Report, 4 pages, 1.2MB, PDF)

11/4/06 – Four nation Appeal

FTH has received a donation of five containers of highly nitrous dehydrated food. The donor has requested it be sent to Africa, and we have found five suitable partners in four countries.

  • EmaSwati Empowerment in Swaziland
  • Soweto Academy in Kenya
  • Iris Ministries in Malawi
  • True Knowledge Ministries in Malawi
  • Iris Ministries in Mozambique

The five containers hold 1.375 million servings. FTH is raising funds to ship these containers to Africa. Please pray about supporting this appeal. More information will be available soon.

11/4/06 – Rice for Cambodia Appeal

FTH has recently been given four containers of rice which is earmarked for Cambodia. FTH is raising funds to send these four containers to “Children of Promise”.

Children of Promise is a Four-Square orphanage program with over 4000 children throughout Cambodia.

More information will be available soon.

11/4/06 – Project Ethiopia – Free DVD

A short 7min Video Report has been prepared from footage taken during the Ethiopia Report. The free report can be requested on DVD or on video by contacting the office. A low-res version of this report is also available to download.

18/4/06 – Project Ethiopia – Video Report Update

For those using high-speed internet connections, a better quality version of the Ethiopia Report is now available.

1/6/06 – Java Earthquake Update

A special section has been created to collate all available information about our relief efforts in Indonesia.

A six page personal report has been filed by one of the volunteers helping with our partner organisation in Indonesia.

Click here to find out the latest information.

5/6/06 – Java Tsunami Warning

We are receiving unconfirmed reports of a warning of a new earthquake in or around Java. Local television shows indicate NASA scientists have identified tectonic plate movement under Australia and South East Asia – so that a collision is prediction for Tuesday 5th or Wednesday 6th of June.

The same report indicates a possible Tsunami from the earthquake is highly likely. These warnings are unconfirmed at this point, but are sufficient enough to request continual prayer over the region. Government sources have recorded over 800 aftershocks since the initial earthquake event.


8/6/06 – FTH Promo Picture

Please click here to view a new poster promoting FTH. A sea of faces greets you with the simple statement…

We don’t say much. We just help.

30/6/06 – Java Earthquake Relief – New Photos

Our partner organisation was able to snap off a couple of photos from their camera phone at one of their distributions.

You can view them here.

30/6/06 – Java Earthquake Relief – Container on the way

Thankyou partners and friends from Australia, your generous support has enable us to purchase USD$250,000 worth of food and medical supplies to be sent from our US Headquarters to Indonesia.

This container is almost ready to leave, and should be distributed around Jogya in the middle of July.

30/6/06 – Project Cambodia – Containers Arrived

Ted Olbrich who heads up our partner organisation in Cambodia, sent a quick update yesterday to let us know the containers have arrived…

Thank you for partnering with us. We so appreciate and are honored by your help. All four containers arrived safely. Two five-ton trucks are moving rice and a fortified dried soup mix out to the 84 orphanage locations. Photos are being taken which I will forward to you as soon as I get them. God bless you.”

Ted Olbrich FourSquare – Children of Promise

Thank you to all our partners who responded to our appeal.

4/7/06 – Peter Sumrall Visits Sydney

Peter Sumrall recently passed through Sydney after signing the necessary papers to set up a FTH office in Hong Kong – specifically tasked to reach mainland China.

Peter Sumrall was able to present a token of appreciation to Ps. Phil Pringle from Christian City Church Oxford Falls during his brief stopover. The memento was in appreciation of his friendship and support to Feed The Hungry here in Australia since we began.

7/7/06 – Feeding Indian Street Children – Andra Pradesh

FTH is launching a meals/ministry project to 1,000 children in Andrea Pradesh – a state of India. Initially our partners Mercy & Grace Ministries will begin food distributions to children in 27 villages.

7/7/06 – July Partner Letter Released

The July Partner Letter was posted out today. FTH has a wonderful opportunity to feed 1,000 street children in the Indian State of Andrea Pradesh.

You can download the July Letter here. (78kb PDF Format)

10/7/06 – Download Section Updated – New Videos

FTH has a batch of new videos you can download and watch on your home computer.

  • Sing For Joy (1min 40s, 6.4MB, WM9) This is a glorious, feel-good, music video from the FTH archives. This is a short music clip shows a joyous group of African people singing “Sing for Joy oh Africa” with little snippets of a 1995 food distribution throughout. Look out for a boy, pushing his bicycle with open toed boots; and a man leading a blind man. I highly recommend you download this clip.
  • Project Africa” Appeal Two versions of a TV promo have been produced in America. A partnership with an American ministry has allowed us to upgrade the “Four Nation Appeal” into the ongoing “Project Africa”. Project Africa 2min Version (2min, 7.6MB WM9) Project Africa 1min Version (1min, 3.8MB, WM9) A dehydrated soup mix is donated to FTH and we just need to ship the food into Africa. The miracle is the cost – just 4 US pennies or 6 Aussie cents to feed a child!
  • ECED Bracelets (35s, 2.3MB, WM9) This is a short clip shown at a recent conference display to promote our new $2 ECED Bracelets. This is an ideal clip to download to be used in your church or for a special event where you want to promote the awareness charity bands for our EveryChild EveryDay initiative. Please contact the office to request bulk quantities to sell at your church, youth group, sunday school or bookstalls. Buy a band for $2 and feed a child for a week!
  • Why Feed The Hungry? (30s, 2MB, WM9) A shorter, 30 second, version of our Television Advertisement featuring Ps. Phil Pringle is available for download. The full 2min spot can be downloaded here (2min, 11MB, AVI)

12/7/06 – Project Africa – Kenya Updates

Ps. Okemu from Nairobi in Kenya sent some photos after beginning a small distribution in central Kenya.

Click here to view the photos.

18/7/06 – Java Earthquake – Tsunami Hits West Java

An earthquake measuring 7.2 on Richter scale occurred yesterday on 17 July, at 3:19pm local time (6.20pm AEST) followed by a number of other tremors, including two other earthquakes in almost the same location.

The epicentre of the first earthquake was approximately 355 km south of Jakarta and 260 km south of Bangdung, Java, Indonesia.

The most affected districts are in West Java province. Local media reports Tsunami waves ranging for 2-3m have struck the coastline. Local media reports indicate the death toll stands at over 100 people.

FTH is investigating how we can assist through our local partner on the ground. Emergency funds are urgently needed.

20/7/06 – West Java Tsunami – Help arrives today

FTH Partner organisation arrives in the disaster area with rice, noodles, water, blankets and tarps and is surveying the situation.

The Indonesian Government is now reporting 525 people have been killed, 383 injured, 273 missing, and over 50,000 people are homeless.

To get the latest updates click here.

1/8/06 – FTH Field Report Magazine – APRIL Issue

This is a re-release of the U.S. designed Field Report, now being printed in colour on six pages.

This particular issue highlights once again our work in Ethiopia as well as Pakistan Earthquake Relief, and one of our EVERYCHILD EVERYDAY partner ministry’s – Irene Gleeson in Uganda.

Download the report now by clicking here. (936kb in PDF Format)

1/8/06 – FTH August Partner Letter Distributed

FTH returns to the African nation of Sudan. “In a land militantly committed to Islam, we believe this initiative is going to lead multitudes to Christ.” FTH is sending 5 containers of dehydrated soup mix, the equivalent of a million meals.

You can download the letter here. (51kb in PDF format)

1/8/06 – FTH Profile – Jean-Pierre Rummens

Jean-Pierre is the FTH Director from Germany and has been with the organisation since 1991, when he was approached by Dr. Lester Sumrall to help set the local office in his country.

Since then, JP has made over 300 trips to 53 countries around the world coordinating distributions and relief efforts, capturing our projects through his camera lens.

Click here to read a brief profile, and find a link to download a short slide show of 40 images taken through the ministry of FTH.

3/8/06 – Israeli / Hezbollah Conflict – Update

Located in the North of Israel Ps. Guy Cohen is the pastor of a congregation currently being shelled by Hezbollah rockets.

After FTH was able to get in contact with Ps. Guy, he was able to send this quick update on the situation in Acco.

Here is an excerpt…

There are a lot of people now forced to live in bomb shelters; there are old and young mothers, and fathers that cannot even leave the shelters.

…Everyone who has the means or ability to leave has left, the elderly and poor here have no where to go and no money to get there, so they must stay at the bomb shelters. It is required that all the children must always stay in the shelters too.”

Click here to read the full update.

3/8/06 – Israeli / Hezbollah Conflict – FTH steps Up

As Hezbollah rockets begin falling into Northern Israel, FTH contacted Pastor Guy Cohen of Katzir Asher congregation in the city of Acco, just 12 miles from the Lebanon border.

Of the 900 Ketusha rockets that landed in populated areas, 200 found their way into the homes and streets of Acco.

FTH has quickly wired funds for the purchase of food and supplies to help hundreds of families who had no choice but to remain in the city and live in bomb shelters for weeks.

Plans are also intended for distribution in Southern Lebanon.

6/8/06 – Israeli / Hezbollah Conflict – Ps. Guy Update by Email

Ps. Guy from Israel was able to send another update on the situation. Here is an excerpt:

The ministry is still on and the work is continuing as we distribute in different areas here– food boxes for the people in shelters and hot meals to old people for lunch time and on Friday we give out Shabbot boxes for the shelters and families.

15/8/06 – Israeli / Hezbollah Conflict – Ps. Guy Update by Email

Ps. Guy has been able send another update on the situation from Acco Israel. Here is an excerpt:

In the attached picture of one of the bombed cars, I was driving right by this area 10 seconds before it hit and killed five people. My mother and sister and close family saw it explode.

16/8/06 – Israeli / Hezbollah Conflict – Ps. guy Update by Email

Things are relatively quiet now in Acco. Ps. Guy was able to send through some photos of the children and life in the shelters. Here’s an excerpt from his email:

I am so grateful for your supporting love even you don’t know me personally you refresh my spirit in the hardest time of my life. I don’t know how to thank you and the ministry of Feed The Hungry. I can tell you are all doing a holy job that continues to warm God’s heart.

19/8/06 – World Pulse Festival – Outdoor concert attracts 50,000 people

The annual music festival held on the grounds of the LeSEA Broadcasting headquarters in South Bend attracted almost 50,000 people.

Musical guests included Newsboys, Toby Mac, Salvador, Jeremy Camp, Barlow Girl & Andy Chrisman.

  • A 2 hour highlights package can be viewed here
  • Individual interviews with all artists can be viewed here
  • The Home page of WPF can be viewed here.
  • WPF is an extension of LIVE FROM STUDIO B which is shown weekly on ACCTV.

25/8/06 – Israeli / Lebanese Conflict – Live Video Report from Acco Brian Bush, the Middle-East correspondent for LeSEA Broadcasting and regular guest on THE HARVEST SHOW was able to travel and speak with Ps. Guy Cohen who has been organizing relief efforts. Two versions of a videophone report are available…

30/8/06 – Israeli / Lebanese Conflict – Thankyou from Ps. guy

With the cessation of hostilities, relative peace returns to the Israeli/Lebanon border. Ps. Guy sent this final thankyou note from Israel for the support and prayers he received. Here’s an excerpt:

While experiencing all of this I felt a deep ache in my heart and I comprehended how terrible it is to see the face of your loved ones, your children, standing with faces full of fear, sadness and seriousness.

“Let the little children come unto me”. I feel that at this time Yeshua will come to his little children who live in the north, we are all his children. We were able to be a light to Israel during these trying days.

4/9/06 – FTH September Partner Letter Released – Send Hope to Zimbabwe

FTH has received enough donated food to fill six containers. We are raising funds to send these containers to Zimbabwe – which means for every $10 raised we can send the value of $75 worth of food.

Due to the official language of Zimbabwe also being English, FTH partners have a special opportunity to send a note of encouragement along with the food. Details included in the partner letter.

Download the partner letter here (132kb in PDF format.)

18/9/06 – Hope For Darfur

FTH has an unprecedented opportunity to go into the Darfur Region of Sudan bringing life-saving food and sharing the message of hope in Jesus Christ. Every dollar donated to this project will be multiplied seven-and-a-half times!  To learn more click here.

22/12/06 – Seasons Greetings

Australian and New Zealand Operations Manager, Benjamin, would like to thank the partners and friends of FTH for the tremendous achievements we have achieved together in 2006. Thankyou for your generosity and faithful support to help Feed The Hungry.

Benjamin has posted a review of the projects the Australian and New Zealand Offices have been involved in throughout 2006, and announces the intention to host a tour to Israel in November 2007 to coincide with the 20th anniversary of Dr. Sumrall receiving the vision.

21/12/06 – Typhoon Durian – Updates

Philippine Relief Partners, Cathedral of Praise, have sent some more photos from the preparation phases and the first distribution.

8/12/06 – Typhoon Durian – New Photos from Advance Team

Team members from the COP relief team were able to forward some initial photos from Bicol. COP is partnering with FTH to provide a convoy of food and relief items to the stranded survivors of recent Typhoon.

7/12/06 – Relief efforts in Philippines – Typhoon Durian

On Thursday 30th November a Typhoon with maximum sustained wind speeds of over 190km/h struck the Philippines. As of the 5th of December over 500 people are confirmed dead, with more than 700 missing and around 1000 people injured.

FTH in partnership with the Philippine Cathedral of Praise is sending food packs and aid to the Bicol area working across denominational lines with AOG, Baptist, Foursquare and other churches in the area.

Latest reports estimate 1.5 million people affected through 10 cities with over 75,000 homes totally destroyed. People affected by the typhoon, are stranded in their homes without electricity, food or water. Others are holed up in schools, churches and other temporary shelters across the Bicol region.

Fernando Gonzales, the governor of Albay has said, “Every corner of this province has been hit. It is a total devastation. Never before in history have we seen water like this. Almost every residential area was flooded.”

Rescue efforts have been hampered by the bad roads and the soft ground, forcing workers to wade into the muck to retrieve bodies. We expect to receive more first-hand reports from our team as our caravan of hope reaches the devastated area over the next coming days.


10/1/07 – 2006 Year in Review

The FTH office has just released a copy of the latest ANZAC edition of the Field Report. This newsletter gives a brief review of projects completed by FTH through 2006. This four page newsletter in PDF format is ready for download by clicking here.

15/1/07 – Typhoon Durian – Video Report

FTH Relief coordinators the Cathedral of Praise church in the Philippines have put together a 6min video report of their ongoing relief operations in the Bicol area of the Philippines – where over 500 people were killed.

FTH & COP are conducting ongoing relief operations.

15/1/07 – ACCTV shows Two new LeSEA programs in February 2007

Joining the cutting edge live music program Live from Studio B, will be two additional programs created by LeSEA Broadcasting:-

  • The Harvest Show – A dynamic one hour magazine style talk show with segments including healthy living, “Harvest Pick” book reviews, inspirational music, international news, author’s corner, interviews and stories about Christianity around the world.
  • Bible Prophecy Unraveled – With over 50yrs experience, Dr. Hilton Sutton teaches end-time prophecy without doom & gloom, and will actually inspire hope, joy, and victory as he sets believers free from an unbiblical fear of the future.

The shows are scheduled to begin broadcast in February 2007 check with the Australian Christian Channel. Check the ACCTV website for correct scheduling times.

For more information about the Lester Sumrall Evangelistic Association (LeSEA) click here.

31/1/07 – Partner Letter Released – North Korea

The February appeal letter has just been released, highlighting an opportunity to feed school children in North Korea.

Can you feed 8000 children today?

It’s easier than you think…

Click here to read the Feb letter.

1/2/07 – ACCTV – New LeSEA Broadcasting shows launched

The Australian Christian Channel is now broadcasting three programs produced by LeSEA Broadcasting: The Harvest Show, Live from Studio B, and Bible Prophecy Revealed.

27/2/07 – Hope For Darfur – Newspaper Article

Chuck Strantz (graphic artist for LeSEA) and Stefan Radelich (FTH international Director) were recently interviewed by a local USA newspaper on their return from a recent trip to Sudan’s Darfur region where FTH is involved in distributing food.

Chuck shares his experiences on the trip including washing the feet of the village head, and winning the hearts of little children who had never seen a white man before.

You can read the article here for free until 6/3/07.

1/3/07 – Hope For Darfur – A widow named Hajja

While at our Gir church distribution site, a widow named Hajja showed up with bucket in hand as the church team was unloading 20 tons of sorghum.

She was half blind, and was desperate for food. The leaders told her that the food would not be distributed until the next day but still she waited patiently.

After the trucks were unloaded, she started picking up the grains which fell from the sacks into the dirt– some grains fall from the tiny holes of the sacks. She collected as much as she could… which wound up being a bucket full of sorghum mixed with dirt.

Hajja was there the next day too for her allotment of just sorghum. It reminds me of God’s command to the children of Israel:

“And when you get in the grain from your land, do not take up the grain which has been dropped in the field; let that be for the poor, and for the stranger: I am the Lord your God.” (Leviticus 23:22)

Stefan Radelich
FTH International Director

6/3/07 – Mozambique – Cyclone Favio Disaster

IRIS MINISTRIES reports that over 300 of their churches have been destroyed in the flooding and winds from Cyclone Favio that struck Mozambique on 22nd February.One container holding 275,000 meals is nearby in Swaziland and they agreed to release it for Mozambique relief operations. It is hoped that the meals can sustain the people until our next wave of relief can arrive.

FTH has began preparations to send 10 forty foot containers into Mozambique to begin relief operations with long-time ministry partner IRIS MINISTRIES.

These containers contain food valued at AUD$633,000. FTH urgently needs to raise AUD$93,000 to cover the costs of shipping this food.

Click here for more information about the Mozambique disaster.

6/3/07 – FTH Partner Letter Released – Operation ‘Domino Effect’

Highlighting our ongoing work in nearby Indonesia, the March partner letter has been released and is available to download.

In May 2006, FTH sent funds through to an Australian Missionary couple in Indonesia to assist in relief operations for the Yogyakarta earthquake which killed over 650 people and left 1.4 million people homeless. This is an opportunity to help support a ministry which has led over 200 Indonesians to Christ in the last 9 months. Click here to download the March Partner letter.

8/3/07 – Mozambique – Cyclone Favio Disaster Update

“We are sending Gordy to Swaziland tomorrow to help clear the container. We have organized the truck to get the food to the people. Mercifully we have about ten four ton trucks of our own.

I have never seen such suffering as the camps in Zambezia. Today the INGC (disaster co-ordination organisation) told Iris Ministries, if we don’t feed the people in the camps of Zambezia they will starve. I am not sure how this is so out of control, but we are feedings thousands everyday and ministering to them all as well. There hearts are so open to the Lord.

Love in Jesus, Heidi”

15/3/07 – Mozambique Update – Disaster Relief Photos

Disaster Relief Partner, IRIS MINISTRIES has released over 40 pictures from initial relief operations.

You can see the change from despair at the hopelessness of the situation move to Joy as IRIS MINISTRIES brings food, shares the Good News and heals the sick.

3/4/07 – Solomon Islands – Earthquake Disaster

At approximately 7.30am, Monday 2/4/07, an earthquake measuring 8.1 on the richter scale struck just 40km away from the western island of Gizo in the Solomon Islands.

Although reports are still sketchy, it’s believed up 22 people may have been killed, many of them children, by waves measuring 3-9 meters in height – sweeping 500m inland. It is expected that over 2 villages, or 900 homes will have been destroyed leaving several thousand people homeless.

FTH relief partners from Rhema Family Church Whangarei – New Zealand – are dispatching a representative on the next available flight to assess the damage and the sort of assistance that will best suit the situation.

4/4/07 – Solomon Islands – Earthquake Disaster

Latest NDC reports have increased fatalities up to 21 confirmed dead, and 100 people injured. NDC now estimates that up to 15,000 people may have been displaced by this earthquake.

Transportation in affected areas remains an issue of concern. Many local water crafts were destroyed by the event. There are functional air strips only in two islands. The remaining areas must be accessed by boat.

FTH Australia and New Zealand has set aside funds for emergency transfer but more is needed.

4/4/07 – Solomon Islands – earthquake Disaster Update

The Solomon Islands’ recent unrest and its remote location make response to this disaster challenging. FTH will work closely with a NZ representative from our relief partner church, Rhema Family Church. They will assess the situation, current aid levels, and best routes to provide relief and recovery assistance.

Monday morning’s powerful earthquake has caused significant damage in the Solomon Islands and there are also reports of limited damage in Papua New Guinea. Tsunami warnings were issued as far north as Hawaii, and as far south as Tasmania.

“The earthquake has been followed by a series of at least 27 smaller aftershocks, though no further damage has been reported. The Australian Seismological Centre has warned that there is a high possibility of further large earthquakes in the days to come.

The National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) has confirmed 13 dead, 7 missing, 19 injured and over 916 homes destroyed in the affected areas in Western and Choiseul provinces. The NDMO believes that some 5,409 have been displaced.

The Government of the Solomon Islands (GoSI) declared a state of emergency on 2 April. Choiseul, New Georgia Islands and Shortland Islands in Western Province are among the worst affected areas. The Solomon Islands Police reports that the worst damage is on Gizo Island.

An assessment mission organized by the National Disaster Council (NDC) on Choiseul Island on 2 April reports an estimated 1,000 houses destroyed. An aerial assessment on the same day also confirmed widespread destruction. More detailed information has been difficult to obtain due to communication outages and difficulties with access.

The NDC has identified the following priority needs: Shelter items (tents and tarpaulins), Food and utensils, Water and containers, Medical supplies, Clothing and Tools.”

OCHA Situation Report No. 2 South Pacific Tsunami 3 April 2007

7/6/07 – FTH Partner Letter – Zambia

The June Partner letter has been released.

FTH is raising funds to send to shipping containers into Zambia. You can get involved right now for just $15… and feed 10 Zambian children for an entire month.

Click here to view the letter online.

7/6/07 – Solomon Islands – Update

Ps. Fredson Fenua from the Solomon Islands has been our local partner ministry on the ground coordinating with Murray Frew from New Zealand.

Ps. Fredson has conducted multiple food outreaches amongst the affected people and additional food distributions are planned.

More updates will be posted as they are filed.

8/6/07 – Solomon Islands Disaster – Update

Ps. Fredson our relief partner in the Solomon Islands has just returned from a second distribution amongst disaster victims. He sent a quick note by email ahead of a more detailed report which will be sent next week.

Thanks to Feed the Hungry of Australia and New Zealand for their continuous support that enable us to continue on to the mission field. Indeed the harvest is plenty but the laborers are few.

People are still unsettled… In terms of mission it is the great open door for the gospel. As a church we must get involve in the mission field while it is day… We must rise and believe God for daily provisions to serve in the harvest field.

Ps. Fredson’s update can be viewed in full by clicking here.

18/6/07 – FTH Download Section Update – JP Interview

FTH Germany Director, Jean-Pierre Rummens, was recently interviewed by the Alive Magazine.

This 3 page article was published in April/May 2007.

The same issue includes a feature article on Irene Gleeson and an orphanage she started in Kitgum Uganda. FTH supports the Amida Camp school as part of the EveryChild EveryDay campaign.

10/8/07 – Cambodian Outreach – Project Update

Benjamin Evans from FTH Australia & New Zealand has filed an update on the current outreach in Cambodia.

Click here to view the update.

Continued prayer is still being requested for the overall project as certain pressure and restrictions are being placed on Christians by the Cambodian Government.

Click here for more information.

14/8/07 – Cambodian Outreach – Project Updates

Several brief updates and progress reports have been posted on the Cambodia Project page including confirmation that the food distribution has been accomplished.

Click here to view all updates.

9/7/07 – FTH launches Cambodian Appeal

FTH is part of a multi-ministry effort bringing hope to Cambodia in July and August 2007.

FTH will partner with Billy-Jo & Sharon Daughterty to distribute over 500,000 meals and hold evangelical crusades amongst the second largest province of Cambodia – Kampong Thom.

FTH has received a donation of rice meals and soups – we just need to raise the funds to cover the shipping costs. With a donation of just $12 – you can help to send 227 meals to Cambodia.

Click here to read the partner letter explaining the project.

Click here for more updates .

27/7/07 – FTH Partner letter Released

The August Partner letter is now available for download and is being mailed to donors and partners of FTH.

This letter focuses on our Indian Ministry Partners Madhava & Nirmala. Mercy & Grace Ministry is feeding 1000 street children everyday in rural Andrea Pradesh.

Click here for more information.

21/9/07 – FTH Partner Letter Released – Cambodian Field Report

The September partner letter was released.

This ANZAC field report is filled with photos and accounts of the successful distribution of food in Cambodia and can be viewed here.

(6 pages, 572kb, PDF format)

This report also indicates that a DVD containing a ten minute report on the Cambodian Outreach can be requested for free by contacting the office.

Click here to head to the main Cambodia section.

27/9/07 – Disaster Relief – Hurricane Felix

FTH USA office has spearheaded disaster relief in Nicaragua & Honduras following the impact of Hurricane Felix. Over 175 tonnes of food was shipped in response to urgent needs.

 27/9/07 – Cambodian Outreach – Project Updates

Cambodian Outreach video content is now available to view online.

Archived content has also been updated in the downloads section.

 27/9/07 – FTH Shop Updates – DVD Previews

New previews for all three DVD’s have been added to the FTH Shop.

3/10/07 – ECED Update – 14,963 Children

In the last three months, over 6,000 new children have been added to the ECED initiative, to feed everychild everyday.

These children have been added from Zambia, Cambodia, Columbia, Peru and Liberia.

 3/10/07 – FTH Staff Interview – Daniel Skokan

FTH Czech Republic Director, Daniel Skokan, recently visited three ECED ministry partners in Kenya and Uganda. His travels are documented in the latest US Field Report.

Daniel visited ‘Aunty Irene’s’ Kitgum orphanage in Uganda and was interviewed on their PEACE radio station. Daniel shared his testimony of growing up in a Communist country.

9/10/07 – FTH Partner Letter Released – Israel

FTH will partner with a ministry in the Bethlehem, Israel. This ministry is responding to the needs of over 100 people who come to their doorstep every day for food and hope.

Click here to learn more.

17/10/07 – Welcome To The Mission Field Rambo

Our Thailand ECED Orphanage partner Charlie and Cathy Milbrodt sent their recent partner letter describing a visit to their area by the famous Hollywood Actor – Sylvester Stallone.

“Stallone noted that the Karen people have been especially hard hit by this repressive regime. Much of our ministry is focused on the Karen people that have been displaced by the Burmese military. We are currently caring for over 40 orphans whose parents were killed by Burmese soldiers. These 40+ children are among the 350 children that attend our Living Word Mission School that we have been operating for over ten years close to the Burma border.

“Sylvester Stallone gave an interview Monday, October 1st. “I witnessed the aftermath – survivors with legs cut off and all kinds of land mine injuries, maggot infested wounds and ears cut off. We saw many elephants with blown-off legs. We hear about Vietnam and Cambodia and this was more horrific.” Stallone went on to say, “This is a hell hole beyond your wildest dreams. All the trails are mined. The only way into Burma is up the river.”

My comments to this are… “Welcome to the mission field Rambo!”

Charlie Milbrodt Living Word Ministries International

19/10/07 – FTH On Emergency Standby – Indonesia Earthquake Alert

On Tuesday Oct 16th the Indonesian Government raised the status of a volcano alert in East Java Indonesia to it’s highest level and recommended people evacuate the area immediately.

Volcanic activity has slowed since yesterday, but a similar 3 day slowdown happen in 1990 before the same volcano erupted killing 34 people.

FTH is maintaining a close watch on the situation, and our relief partners in Indonesia have been mobilized. An assessment and intercessory team will be in the area later today.

2/11/07 – 20th Anniversary – Exclusive Video Release Premiere

New to the ministry of Feed The Hungry? Check out our new 3min introductory video here.

2/11/07 – 20th Anniversary – Exclusive ECED Video Update

Since 2005, FTH has began partnering with strong, established Christian Orphanages and ministry who focus on the daily care of Children around the world.

Our goal is to relieve these orphanages of the daily burden of finding finance to feed the children, to feed EveryChild EveryDay.

This video update shows just three of the orphanages we support.

 2/11/07 – Pakistan – Once Forbidden Now Forgotten

FTH Director, Jean-Pierre is spearheading winter relief operations in remote Pakistan, for survivors of the 2005 earthquake.

Some remain without permanent housing, relying on our emergency tents delivered after the initial disaster.

More information can be found in the November Partner Letter here.

14/11/07 – Six Dollars Equals 100 Meals What can you buy with $6 these days?

Did you know that with $6, around the cost of an average fast food meal, FTH can send 100 hot & nutritious meals all around the world?

Want to know more? Click here.

14/11/07 – Peter Sumrall’s Christmas Appeal

This Christmas your gifts of support can bring joy and reassurance to so many discouraged children. Orphans that rely totally on the generosity of others.

Peter Sumrall’s appeal to is to raise enough support to provide hot nutritious meals to 10,000 children, every single day in 2008.

28/11/07 – 20th Anniversary Of Feed The Hungry

To commemorate 20 years of serving, the FTH Australia website will host a series of exclusive web presentations.

Check back here each week for new content as it’s being released.

3/12/07 – December Partner Letter

Click here to download the December Partner letter focusing on our orphanage support program called Everychild EveryDay.

This Christmas we are setting a goal to raise enough support to add 10,000 children to the program in 2008.

21/12/07 – Office Hours over Christmas Break

Please be advised that the Australian office will be closed from Monday 24th December.

The office will reopen on Monday 7th January 2008.

Email will continue to be monitored and the online donation will continue to operate.

We appreciate your interest in Feed The Hungry,

and your support is bringing Christ to a starving world.

24/12/07 – 20 Years of Feed The Hungry

Click here to see a visual presentation of highlights from 20years of serving.


2/1/2008 – FTH Disaster Relief – Indonesia Floods

Indonesia has suffered torrential rains since December 25th 2007. This seasonal rain has exceeded the capacity of rivers and has caused widespread flooding and landslides.

Regrettably this has resulted in the deaths of 83 people and 39 people still unaccounted for. 20,387 houses and 9,324 hectares of crops have been affected in mainly central Java.

FTH will partner once again with Hana, our Indonesian Ministry partner.

I am sorry to trouble you again, but our resources are limited and Indonesian is like a ‘supermall of disasters’. However, we believe God is at work in our country. In spite of all this, he opens doors for us to shine His light and love. We need your support because I heard the need is great.” – Hana

2/1/07 – What does the bible say about feeding the Hungry?

Click here to find out more.

10/1/2008 – FTH Partner Letter released – Indonesia Floods

Click here to read the January Partner letter.

Click here for information on past projects in Indonesia.

11/1/2008 – FTH Project Update – Pakistan Winter Distribution

Despite political instability, and rising food costs, FTH was able to proceed with a planned food distribute in remote Northern Pakistan in early December.

Click here to read Jean-Pierre Rummen’s first hand report.

18/1/2008 – Online Donation Facility Upgrade

We apologize for the inconvenience, but the online donation facility is temporarily unavailable while Westpac upgrades it’s service.

UPDATE: The WBC upgrade has allowed FTH to add some capabilities to our payment gateway. We expect to have the new payment facility up and running by January 25th.

Please contact the office for more information.

6/2/08 – EveryChild EveryDay update – North Korea

Our friend in North Korea feeds over 5000 school children everyday. Click here to find out more.

6/2/08 – International Day of Prayer for partners – Feb 14th.

Feb 14th marks the birthday of our founder, the late Dr. Lester Sumrall.

On this anniversary, the ministries and organisations Dr. Sumrall founded have sent out a special invitation to their partners and friends.

The invitation to send in their personal prayer request, for our staff to pray over.

A copy of the prayer requests will be taken to Israel, and according to Jewish custom will be placed in the western wall of the Temple, and prayed over by Peter Sumrall and the staff of FTH.

If you would like to send in your personal prayer request, contact the office.

6/2/08 – February Partner Letter Released – Angola

Our friends in Angola, Joint-Aid-Management, feed over 200,000 children everyday across the country. Unfortunately in recent times, they did not have enough supplies to feed up 70,000 children.

We prayed for a solution to help our friends, and it was answered by two anonymous donations: one for 9 million pounds of beans; and another partner for the actual shipping costs.

We need your help to be the final link in the chain – to repackage the beans to meet international customs requirements.

Click here to find out more.


6/2/08 – Youtube Interview – Viewer from Pakistan

During the December 2007 outreach in Pakistan, FTH Germany Director – Jean-Pierre Rummens, was able to meet with a viewer of “The Harvest Show” from Pakistan.

A FTH video report from the outreach is imminent, and will be made available here soon.


6/2/08 – Automatic Debit Facility Available

FTH is pleased to announce that automatic donations can now be taken directly from your bank account as well as your nominated credit card.

6/2/08 – Online Donation Facility Upgrade Complete

FTH is pleased to confirm the new payment gateway is complete. Donations by Credit card can now be made directly through this website by clicking here.

We apologize for any inconvenience during the downtime.

15/2/08 – Day Of Prayer – completed

Thank you to everyone who sent in a personal prayer request on the anniversary of our founder, Dr. Lester Sumrall.

Your heartfelt requests were prayed over today as scheduled. A copy of all prayers received will also be taken to Israel and inserted into the Western Wall in accordance with Jewish custom.

Personal responses have been sent back to all participants today with notes of encouragement relevant to their prayer requests.

5/3/08 – Partner Letter Released – Help is on The Way!

Returning from a Christmas 2007 distribution in Northern Pakistan, FTH Director Jean-Pierre Rummens has identified a need for a mobile clinic.

Jean-Pierre has volunteered to drive an ambulance from Germany to Pakistan, over 6000km away.

You can read more about it in this month’s partner letter here.

5/3/08 – Day of Prayer – The Harvest Show

The Harvest Show program, produced by LeSEA Broadcasting, participated in the international day of prayer on the anniversary of our founder Dr. Lester Sumrall’s birthday.

The following week Peter Sumrall, President of Feed The Hungry took a copy of all prayers received and placed them in the Western Wall of the Temple Mount.

5/3/08 – FTH Project Updates – 23 Countries

FTH is active across the world in 23 countries:-

Angola, Benin, Brazil, Cambodia, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Liberia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Niger, Peru, Sudan, Swaziland, Thailand, Uganda, US, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

5/3/08 – Cambodia Update

“I am very grateful for the Fund which has been given by the Feed the Hungry. The workers and I are very happy because through this program we can see some changes in the lives of the children and their families. For the children, we can see about 60% come to know the Lord Jesus Christ and accept Him as their Lord and Saviour. For the parents, we can see about 30% of them come to know the Lord Jesus Christ and accept Him as their Lord and Saviour.

Actually we don’t just give them only the Bible Story from word of God, but we teach them about health problem, hygiene, how to pray, and how to live a healthy life and how to obey and respect their parents and older people. They are very joyful to come to learn every day before we serve them food. So up to now they know how to pray and some can memorize some verses and know how to live a healthy live.”

Love you very much,
Sokhon and Esther

5/3/08 – Kenya Update – Just in Time!

Two containers of food and medical supplies bound for Ps. Chris Okumu had arrived in Kenya in December 2007. Thankfully the containers were cleared through customs just in time!

Several days later on the 27th of December, the country erupted in civil violence as people protested the general election result.

Ps. Chris was able to ration these supplies for the elderly, the sick & infirm and those abandoned in the chaos and confusion of what had previously been known as the one of the most stable African countries.

Ps. Chris runs the Soweto Academy as part of the EveryChild EveryDay orphanage support initiative which enrolls 1300 children in Kenya.

5/3/08 – Angola Update – 70% Complete

Thank you partners and friends for your support to repackage beans bound for Angola.

To date we have 7 containers en route, and over 20 more containers packed and waiting for loading onto a second ship.

Just 12 more containers need to be repackaged.

You can help feed 70,000 children each day throughout Angola.

5/3/08 – Sudan Update – Eden Keepers

FTH will shortly begin working with Dr. John A. Nyikako a Sudanese returnee who escaped during the war & achieved a Ph. D in Agriculture from a German university.

Dr. John, came back to Sudan after the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in 2005 to rebuild the country. He hopes to create an Agricultural School to raise the productivity of the farmers in South Sudan (while ministering the Word of God to them).

Please remember Dr. John and his workers in your prayers.

“I thank God so much for having connected us in His own ways to make a better impact in this nation. I believe the Agric Project is going to give hope to the people in this nation so that they may give God the glory as they see and test of His goodness.

Dr. John A. Nyikako Eden Keepers farms (Blessed working hands building Africa)

5/3/08 – Uganda update – Destiny Boarding School

During a recent Trip to Uganda, Ps. Solomon from King Solomon’s Academy in Kampala introduced our team to Destiny Boarding School.

Located about 90mins outside the main city, this outreach ministry rescues street children and brings them into a full-time care facility.

They have 677 children right now, but are desperately under funded. They had been only able to feed them limited corn meal and some beans. As a result of this very poor diet, many of the children had distended bellies, reddish & thinning hair.

So moved at the desperate situation, Ps. Solomon immediately pledge half of the rice meal he had only just received to help this school.

Destiny Boarding School, along with King Solomon’s Academy and Childcare Kitgum Servants is our third Uganda ministry supported through EveryChild EveryDay initiative.

5/3/08 – Liberia Update – Rehabilitation of 8 Orphanages

Containers of rice meal and canned goods will leave our US warehouse next week bound for Liberia.

Following an assessment trip by Bob Boucek, a US church has agreed to fund the rebuilding and reestablishing of 8 orphanages across Liberia under the direction of Pastor Allan Klayee.

07/04/08 – Partner Letter Released – Orphanage renovation Rescue!

Following a personal inspection, FTH Logistics Director Bob Boucek has returned from Liberia with a list of urgent building repairs needed for 6 orphanages.

Click here to read more.

11/3/08 – Field Report Released – Abundant fruit of your labours

With updates from Uganda, Sudan and a Kenya Bike-a-thon you can see the abundant fruit of your labour.

6/5/08 – Myanmar – Cyclone Nargis

FTH is working on securing distribution through to our three church partners in Yangoon. FTH will begin bringing disaster relief that will help survivors of the deadliest disaster to strike South East Asia since the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami, and ensuring that it will not be subverted by government or military agencies.

Current estimates show over 10,000 people have lost their lives and over 3,000 people are still missing.

More details will be posted here as they come to hand.

6/5/08 – Zimbabwe – Where Everyone’s a millionaire!

FTH is preparing to send fortified rice meals, canned meats and vegetables, nutritional supplements and bibles into a land beset with the highest inflation rate in the world.

More information will be released over the coming days.

7/5/08 – 7.17pm – Myanmar Catastrophe Update

With communications established in Myanmar, plans to bring aid into Myanmar are well underway.

In response to ground reports, we are now adding chainsaws and other ground clearing equipment to assist in clean-up operations in disaster areas.

The latest information on the situation can be found here.

7/5/08 – 12.11pm – Myanmar Catastrophe update

FTH has been able to contact our church partners in Yangon (Rangoon) in Myanmar (Burma). Their 3000 member congregation is part of a strong network of churches throughout the country and places them as one of Myanmar’s leading churches.

Their facility is in good shape despite not having any power – they are fortunate to have access to a generator. They have the manpower, they have the facility and capabilities… but they have no supplies yet.

We expect more updates throughout the day. Contact the office to sign up for FTH Email Alerts and receive the latest significant news as it comes to hand.

We urgently need your best gift to help his nation recover from this devastating cataclysm.

8/5/08 5.28pm – Myanmar Catastrophe – Prayer Request

Please join us in prayer for this urgent need.

8/5/08 3.32pm – Myanmar Catastrophe Update

With support from fellow aid organisations we continue to pool logistical information to best bring in relief supplies into the Disaster Area.

Prices of basic food supplies are escalating as some people take advantage of the surge in demand. The bulk of relief supplies will be brought in from Thailand.

Click here for more information.

8/5/08 3.09pm – Partner Letter Released – Zimbabwe

The May partner letter focusing on an opportunity to bypass the Government in crisis and bring food and the Gospel into the hands of a ministry that has operated for the last 20 years in the midst of Zimbabwe.

9/5/08 2.15pm – Myanmar Catastrophe – Video Appeal

Click here for more information of the Myanmar Disaster Relief.

13/5/08 – Chinese Earthquake kills over 7000 people in Sichuan province

A Magnitude 7.9 earthquake struck the southwest China province of Sichuan, killing at least 8,500 people. The state-run Chinese news agency Xinhua reports an estimated 900 students are buried under rubble in a high school near Dujiangyan. The New York Times reports this is the deadliest quake to strike China since 1976.

FTH Hong Kong office is assessing how we can best assist survivors of this disaster. More information will be posted as it comes to hand.

14/5/08 8.12pm – China Disaster | Sichuan Earthquake Update

FTH HK is coordinating relief efforts through a church in nearby Chengdu, as it continues to become a focus point of relief as people from nearby areas stream towards it. A partner church in Hong Kong will send medical teams to assist the Chengdu church.

Click here for the very latest news from our HK office.

14/5/08 5.48pm – Myanmar Catastrophe Update – New Cyclone Alert

“The United Nations’ weather centre has identified a tropical storm in its early stages which is likely to become a cyclone, according to Amanda Pitt, spokeswoman of the UN humanitarian relief programme in Bangkok, Thailand. She could not give any details about the likely size or location of a second cyclone.

But the Joint Typhoon Warning Centre, part of the UN’s World Meteorological Centre said on its website that ‘the potential for the development of a significant tropical cyclone within the next 24 hours is good.’ It said the building storm was moving towards the same Irrawaddy delta region which was hit by Cyclone Nargis.”

Please pray for the storm to weaken and dissipate.

14/5/08 11.42am – Myanmar Catastrophe Update – On the Ground.

FTH is pleased to confirm that Stefan Radelich is on the ground in Yangon coordinating relief efforts with a local Church. More information will be available shortly.

Myanmar is undergoing a severe crisis, and the outlook is bleak. Please do not underestimate the seriousness, nor the desperation of this situation. I urge you all to contribute to relief efforts for Myanmar – whether it is through FTH or some other organisation.

Please… send your best gift to help end this catastrophe.

Click here for more information on the disaster

16/5/08 4.06pm – China Disaster | Sichuan Earthquake Update

With secular reports fearing the death toll from Monday’s earthquake could rise as high as 50,000, our FTH HK office is working at full capacity both with partner churches in Hong Kong, and churches on the ground in Sichuan.

Surviving the initial disaster, these churches are now standing as beacons of light in the midst of confusion, despair, and the growing terror that missing loved ones will not be reached in time.

You can help empower local Christians on the ground with a donation that will buy critically needed food, water, basic first aid and emergency shelter supplies.

Help Chinese Christians deliver a message of hope that is reinforced with a helping hand and your act of kindness.

Click here for more information.

21/5/08 – Myanmar catastrophe | Photo Updates

Stefan Radelich has updated our Photo Gallery with new images of from his recent time in Yangon, Myanmar.

FTH Australia has now almost 100 images online from the Myanmar disaster.

24/5/08 – Myanmar Catastrophe Update | Death Toll Doubles

On may 16th the Myanmar Government released new official figures listing the confirmed death toll and people still missing presumed dead. This figure was double the previous amount, but experts continue to predict a far higher number will be reached.

The combined number of dead & missing has now reached 130,000.

FTH continues to partner with local Yangon Church members to distribute food to survivors in the Irrawaddy Delta region. While reconstruction efforts in the Yangon Province have already began.

26/5/08 – Myanmar Catastrophe – Media Updates

FTH has updated several items to the media section of the Myanmar Disaster Relief Section of the website.

Stefan Radelich is featured in several pieces. Two audio interviews from Myanmar, and two video appeals from our U.S. Headquarters in South Bend USA.

Click here for the latest information about relief efforts in Myanmar.

2/6/08 – Myanmar Catastrophe – Logistics Update

Every second day, FTH relief partners on the ground, are purifying 1800 litres of pond water, into clean drinking water thanks to 4 portable water purifiers.

They have distributed 3000 bags of rice to 40,000 families. Our partners are gaining more access into the Delta region where most of the deaths and destruction occurred and more food and relief supplies are being prepared as we speak.

A medical team of six doctors, eight nurses and six pharmacists are treating over 200 patients every day.

250 church families had lost their homes in the Cyclone and have been prioritized for first phase of home construction. We’re glad to report that 31 new homes have already completed. 58 more are under construction thanks to the donations provided by partners and friends of FTH. You can help the remaining 170 families get out of the rain and into homes by making a donation today.

Although areas close to the capital Yangon are returning to normal quickly, the Delta region remains in an emergency phase.

“The condition of people in the IDP camps in delta is getting worse, refugees are trying to flee into the forest, begging for food and cloths etc.”

6/6/08 – Myanmar Catastrophe – Souls Saved! People Fed! Homes Provided!

Our Pastor on the ground emailed us last week to joyfully inform us that many people have given their hearts to the Lord, and that the central church building is more full than it’s ever been.

Over two weeks, 275 people have accepted Christ.

Our logistics coordinators on the ground are estimating that perhaps 20% of total aid is being distributed in Myanmar is through our church partners.

17/6/08 – Myanmar Catastrophe – Ongoing Relief

FTH relief partners on the ground continue to provide food packs to survivors of the May 3rd Cyclone which killed over 130,000 people.

For every $42 received, FTH relief partners can provide a family of 5 with enough rice, salt, cooking oil, and tinned meats to last for three weeks.

17/6/08 – Myanmar Catastrophe – A new Season

Tim Higgins, a Queensland representative for Touching Asia, has a long friendship with the senior pastor of our Yangon Church, and sent these updates on the impact of the church.

“Again last Sunday, two days ago, the church was so full of people that the pastor was afraid that the building would collapse. The main hall was full and so was the overflow room across, and so was the hall above the main hall as well as the office area below.

The stairs were again packed with people and hundreds of people prayed to receive Jesus as Saviour. On Saturday they baptized 61 new converts, but more than 100 wanted to be.

17/6/08 – Burundi – ” My Redeemer lives”

Stefan Radelich (FTH Int Director) has began to blog some of his travels as he brings Christ to a Starving World through the ministry of Feed The Hungry.

Stefan is traveling with Peter Sumrall through several African countries and was privileged to meet and fellowship with the President of Burundi. Here is a snippet…

“We had fantastic meetings with the President, His Excellency Pierre Nkurunziza…

“His Excellency and the First Lady are both people of great faith toward God and love toward the people of Burundi. Some of the attached photos are of the President leading worship at his residence on Sunday night…

“We were invited to attend this meeting where he & his cabinet and invited guests thank God for the things He has done during the previous week, to intercede for the people and nation, and to thank God for the things He will do in the coming week.

“The President’s favorite song is My Redeemer Lives (Hillsong) and boy did they get to dancing on that one! The choir is made up of former fighters who stayed with him in the bush after he was shot and left for dead.”

Click here to read his latest blog entry.

17/6/08 – China – Sichuan Earthquake Updates

June 1st marked the first of what could be many bitter anniversaries of the survivors of the Sichuan Earthquake tragedy. June 1st is known as “Children’s Day” – a special holiday where all youngsters are especially spoilt with trips to the park, ice creams, gifts and every treat they could ask for.

With an estimated 11,000 children perishing in the earthquake, and many parents involved in the one-child policy, it was a time of deep sadness and anguish for parents as they gathered at the collapsed rubble of schools to grieve and mourn.

FTH will take part in the rebuilding formed from churches and Christian NGOs in Hong Kong and China. There is an urgent and important need to stand with those without homes, those have lost close relatives and friends, those need medical attention.

FTH will work to empower registered churches and the local governments in earthquake affected areas in Siuchuan Province with financial and human resources to respond to relief and rehabilitation needs. We invite your partnership!

17/6/08 – USA Disaster Relief – Midwest Record Breaking Flooding

Feed the Hungry dispatched a 48′ semi loaded with emergency food to help the hundreds affected by Indiana’s worst flooding in modern history. These severe thunderstorms and flooding have affected 29 counties, as farmers, residents and businesses are trying to cope with the flooding. These items arrive Wednesday (11/6/08) at noon at Morgan County Fairgrounds in Martinsville, IN about 32 miles south of Indianapolis

The distribution efforts will be coordinated through Gary Page, of Hoosier Harvest Church in Martinsville, IN.

A variety of ready to eat items will be shipped including: canned chicken, dry soup cups, canned soups, noodles, crackers, cookies, pasta, along with tortilla chips.

17/6/08 – USA Disaster Relief – Iowa Tornado

Feed the Hungry dispatched a 53′ semi trailer loaded with food and clothing for the hundreds affected by the deadly tornado that ripped through Parkersburg, Iowa. These items arrived in the evening of Wednesday 28th May, in Parkersburg at The Hope Reformed Church.

Parkersburg was struck by a deadly twister which destroyed one third of the homes in this northern Iowa town. Pastor Neal Ooms said the food would be a great blessing as the town’s sole grocery store had been destroyed.

A variety of ready to eat items will be shipped including: canned chicken, dry soup cups, canned soups, noodles, crackers, cookies, pasta, uhc milk (boxed-no refrigeration required), along with tortilla chips. These supplies will be distributed in partnership with the local churches.

17/6/08 – USA Disaster Relief – Oklahoma Tornado

Feed the Hungry dispatched a 53′ semi trailer loaded with food and clothing to help the hundreds of affected and displaced residents of Oklahoma. These items arrived on the morning of Wednesday 14th May in Picher, Oklahoma at the First Baptist Church.

A variety of ready to eat items include: canned chicken, dry soup cups, canned soups, noodles, crackers, cookies, new clothing, blankets, diapers, pasta, bottled water, uhc milk (boxed-no refrigeration required), along with tortilla chips.

These supplies will be distributed in conjunction with the local LeSEA Broadcasting affiliate channel, KWHB –TV 47 in Tulsa.

2/7/08 – ANZAC Field Report Released – Myanmar

Myanmar Catastrophe

Over 130,000 killed or missing. FTH rushes to partner with local Myanmese church to bring emergency food and relief items into this devestated country.

Download – 0.8mb PDF

2/7/08 – Myanmar Catastrophe – Precarious Position

MYANMAR: Cyclone assessment reveals critical

food, water shortages

BANGKOK, 25 June 2008 (IRIN) – An estimated 46 percent of families in Myanmar’s Ayeyarwady delta have less than two days’ worth of food, according to an initial post-disaster assessment…

Food shortages were just part of the preliminary findings, with 60 percent of households reporting inadequate access to clean drinking water, while 22 percent reported being under psychological stress…

And while the region’s resilient villagers have rebuilt some form of shelter for themselves, those are mostly fragile bamboo structures, with an estimated lifespan of just two years, far worse than the sturdier wooden houses they had before.

“They are building back worse, not building back better,” Blewitt said.”

2/7/08 – Myanmar Catastrophe – Photo Updates

FTH Australia has now over 120 images online from the Myanmar disaster relief operations.

22/7/08 – True Stories – Families say thank you for new homes

Our church partners sent a brief report on some of the families that have already moved into their new homes.

Most are overwhelmed to move into a home better than they had before.

Click here to read the update.

5/8/08 – Partner Letter Released – Burundi President Leads Redemption of Nation

The August partner letter focuses on an opportunity to support the Born-Again President of Burundi and his decision to provide free education to primary school aged children in his country.

This program will soon become unsustainable if organisation such as FTH do not partner in the provision of lunch feeding programs.

Click here to read more.

7/8/08 – LeSEA Broadcasting Welcomes C3 to World Pulse festival

Ryan Smith, Joe Pringle and other members of C3, the praise and worship team from Christian City Church Oxford Falls under Senior Pastor Phil Pringle, will be performing live at the World Pulse Festival on August 16th.

WPF is an annual event attracting over 50,000 people held on the grounds of the South Bend Indianna headquarters of LeSEA Broadcasting.

Joining C3 this year are Mandisa, Skillet, Toby Mac, & Casting Crowns. The event will broadcast live via the web, and a 2 hour highlights show will be aired on the ACCTV at a date to be confirmed.

While visiting South Bend, C3 will guest on the Harvest Show and record a show for Live from Studio B program. Both recordings will be broadcast on the ACCTV at a date and time to be confirmed.