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Updated 8/12/06 Philippine Gov. Press Release


 16/12/06 – Relief Updates – Photos

COP church team members have been able to upload some photos from sorting, packing and loading of the relief convoy of trucks that headed to Bicol area.

13/12/06 – Relief Updates – Convoy Heads Out

Packed and loaded trucks yesterday. They pulled out at 2am so it would be light as they hit the NPA area. Several convoys have already been hijacked. We have a Colonel and 4 military with long arms as part of the convoy.

 8/12/06 – Relief Updates – Photos

Team members for the COP church have been able to send photos from the Bicol area. FTH is partnering with COP to provide relief to the stranded survivors in Philippines.

Photos show trees stripped of foliage and one particular train bridge destroyed by the Typhoon.

7/12/06 – Relief efforts in Philippines – Typhoon Durian

On Thursday 30th November a Typhoon with maximum sustained wind speeds of over 190km/h struck the Philippines. As of the 5th of December over 500 people are confirmed dead, with more than 700 missing and around 1000 people injured.

FTH in partnership with the Philippine Cathedral of Praise is sending food packs and aid to the Bicol area working across denominational lines with AOG, Baptist, Foursquare and other churches in the area.

Latest reports estimate 1.5 million people affected through 10 cities with over 75,000 homes totally destroyed. People affected by the typhoon, are stranded in their homes without electricity, food or water. Others are holed up in schools, churches and other temporary shelters across the Bicol region.

Fernando Gonzales, the governor of Albay has said, “Every corner of this province has been hit. It is a total devastation. Never before in history have we seen water like this. Almost every residential area was flooded.”

Rescue efforts have been hampered by the bad roads and the soft ground, forcing workers to wade into the muck to retrieve bodies. We expect to receive more first-hand reports from our team as our caravan of hope reaches the devastated area over the next coming days.