3/8/06 – Israeli / Hezbollah Conflict – FTH steps Up

As Hezbollah rockets begin falling into Northern Israel, FTH contacted Pastor Guy Cohen of Katzir Asher congregation in the city of Acco, just 12 miles from the Lebanon border.

Of the 900 Ketusha rockets that landed in populated areas, 200 found their way into the homes and streets of Acco.

FTH has quickly wired funds for the purchase of food and supplies to help hundreds of families who had no choice but to remain in the city and live in bomb shelters for weeks.

Plans are also intended for distribution in Southern Lebanon.

3/8/06 – Israeli / Hezbollah Conflict – Ps. Guy Background by Email

“Shalom, my name is Guy Cohen and I am pastor of Katzir Asher congregation at the city of Acco.

We are located on the north of Israel as you know those days we are under rockets attack from Hezbollah.

One of our goals at Harvest of Asher is to reach the lost sheep of Israel. The Lord showed me that through humanitarian aid the heart of the sheep will see his face.

The reason that am writing to you is to ask your help, especially during this time. There are a lot of people now forced to live in bomb shelters; there are old and young mothers, and fathers that cannot even leave the shelters.

People here cannot even buy food because all the stores are closed. Work places are all closed because it is so dangerous from the rockets.

Everyone who has the means or ability to leave has left, the elderly and poor here have no where to go and no money to get there, so they must stay at the bomb shelters. It is required that all the children must always stay in the shelters too.”

Pastor Guy Cohen
Katzir Asher (Harvest of Asher).
Acco Israel

6/8/06 – Israeli / Hezbollah Conflict – Ps. Guy Update by Email

“Shalom Stefan,

It was good to talk with you last Friday. Sorry for being so emotional, it was one of the harder days for me and my family because so many direct hits came into the city… I was thinking how I could lose my mother, sister, aunt, uncle, etc.

The ministry is still on and the work is continuing as we distribute in different areas here– food boxes for the people in shelters and hot meals to old people for lunch time and on Friday we give out Shabbot boxes for the shelters and families.

In addition to food, the shelters need fans (it is very hot and stuffy), mattresses, and games for the little children would help get their mind off of things.

This is what we are purchasing: milk, sugar, canned tuna, flour, cooking oil, cookies, rice, instant coffee, and canned corn, beans, and peas.

Thank you for giving attention to us.”

Pastor Guy Cohen
Katzir Asher (Harvest of Asher).
Acco Israel

15/8/06 – Israeli / Hezbollah Conflict – Ps. Guy Update by Email

“Hallelujah, it is quiet here.

With out you we would not succeed to stand in all of this hard pressure. More then 4000 rocket hits in Israel; 5 of our civilians just died but in all of our sorrow, we must still say “God will protect his people”. A lot of miracles have happened, we were under sirens in the shelter, heard the rockets explode near to us, and even seen the bombs.

In the attached picture of one of the bombed cars, I was driving right by this area 10 seconds before it hit and killed five people. My mother and sister and close family saw it explode.

Thanks to God for hearing your prayers and sending his angels to protect not only my family but also others in the nation of Israel who are standing during this hard time. I pray that these hard days will be over.

Pastor Guy Cohen
Katzir Asher (Harvest of Asher).
Acco Israel

16/8/06 – Israeli / Hezbollah Conflict – Ps. guy Update by Email

“Shalom Stefan,

We have quiet time here in Acco thanks to God but who knows how long it will last. I know from the bible that we will have harder times here in Israel, my eyes is only on Yeshua he is my Shelter.

I am so grateful for your supporting love even you don’t know me personally you refresh my spirit in the hardest time of my life. I don’t know how to thank you and the ministry of Feed The Hungry. I can tell you are all doing a holy job that continues to warm God’s heart.

We have gone to the people at the shelters to be a light for them through the food and gifts for the children and more.”

Pastor Guy Cohen
Katzir Asher (Harvest of Asher).
Acco Israel 

25/8/06 – Israeli / Lebanese Conflict – Live Video Report from Acco

Brian Bush, the Middle-East correspondent for LeSEA Broadcasting and regular guest on THE HARVEST SHOW was able to travel and speak with Ps. Guy Cohen who has been organizing relief efforts.

30/8/06 – Israeli / Lebanese Conflict – Thankyou from Ps. guy

—–Original Message—–
From: Katzir Asher
Sent: Wednesday, August 30, 2006 6:00 PM
Subject: summer time

Greetings dear brothers,

For the past month and a half we have witnessed the harsh times that the nation of Israel has gone through, especially the residents of the north. During this time the sound of the sirens was heard frequently, the rockets hitting shook our homes, our ears rang and our hearts trembled.

While experiencing all of this I felt a deep ache in my heart and I comprehended how terrible it is to see the face of your loved ones, your children, standing with faces full of fear, sadness and seriousness.

“Let the little children come unto me”. I feel that at this time Yeshua will come to his little children who live in the north, we are all his children. We were able to be a light to Israel during these trying days. We were involved in many ways of helping; we distributed food to thousands, more than five thousand hot lunches were handed out to elderly and young children, equipment such as mattresses and fans for shelters, and games. Along with a group of believers who were dressed up as clowns we entered bomb shelters and provided activities, entertainment and praise.

Had you not stood with us here in Acco, doors would not have opened for us. Our congregation has stood the test of war and thanks to you, we have been able to offer support to the city in this time of distress.

Please stand with us in prayer. Pray for:

1. The children of Acco, for strength and encouragement.

2. Strengthening of faith for the parents and that they will trust in Yeshua and not have a spirit of fear.

3. As a result of all of the hardships during the month, many faced unexpected expenses and loss of income. Please pray for financial blessings for the members of the congregation.

4. This is the time of harvest. Pray for open hearts and ripening for the harvest.

5. As we return to our schedule, we are reminded of our need for our own building here in the city of Acco. Pray about this.

I am so glad to have you cooperating with us and for the deep common goal that we share.

With love,

Guy Cohen
Congregational Leader
Katzir Asher/ Harvest of Asher